Holistic, Integrated Approach to Mental Health Treatment for Asian Communities

I would like to have the opportunities to view the philosophy of caring person as a whole so it's not only taking care of their their their mind but also their body complemental health association was established in 30 years ago and at that time is a group of asian professionals including psychiatrist and casual worker and notice home folk it means in Chinese means health and wellness so we really I think that's a very important elements of Health and also its importance that then because of Sigma that people hesitate to say mental health or mental illness they will talk about health in general so home for is health and wellness and so the new project we are doing is some we are hoping to expand the deserve the target of clients and other than taking care of the kids individuals in their mind we are also focusing on the whole process that including the primary care so this is going to be a new addition to home for Asia we will be developing the clinic is called H F connecting health nurse traditional a clinic a lot of our consumers or clients they have been on antipsychotic medications for a long time they develop different forms of metabolic issues but not a lot of our clients they have access to primary care they may go to the walking cleaning or just think they have seen their psychiatrist that means they have all that medical care an opportunity come up from the Ministry of Health in Ontario they have a call for proposals to establish family health teams and also no traditional a clinic to improve the family care for Ontarians we also have a lot of community partners they were informed it when we do this submission for the nurse traditional and climate we actually get 35 organizations support for this clinic so they excited having us to get open we we are confident that we will get puppy differ from actual in for a lot of our partner in Genesis hospitals and then even internal that they have from KY anything and the family members still forget they have families so I think that request will go up the case alone and we also anticipating most of the new patients will be formation background and immigrants are immigrants so that will be our focus we want to address the social determinants of health to look at issues of poverty access language barriers so we will try to meet those are our needs for any new patients come to the clinic my my just imagination because we haven't started yet we will have a charge component they'll be done by the registered nurse and we think that if there might be an opportunity we identify as a definite issues related to social determinants of health that because of poverty or because of any stress issues that person may get benefit from having a counseling session with the social worker or there's issues about food or access for then we probably canal buffet a dietitian but if there's issues are more profound with more like issues like depression is clinically depressed so we will see maybe we can obtain psychiatrist consultation so for this particular client and that some person may meet a case management services that this person may be referred to home this is a Mental Health Service Agency so we will try to speed expedite that process so the person still under the thing moves they can get all the services they don't need to be referred out personally I think our because I have a long history what history in the community health I work in a community health center in downtown Toronto for over 17 years and then I have a move on to do a lot more work in mental health I sucker where x is with the assertive community treatment is so my advice to whoever is watching this video I would like to share a couple of key messages one is I think we need to be do a strong believer in collaboration collaborative because I don't think one person can do everything and it is good to be out our knowledge and share their I think challenges or share our resources together we will build a community so I think one thing is collaborations very important secondly I think we need to look at a person as a whole it's a holistic health because your physical health can affect your mental health your mental health also will have issues of physical health problems so they are very much interrelated so when we provide care for people I will really strong in our command to forget on holistic health holistic care and continual sounds so this is referring to

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