Holiday Health Tips 12.1.17

on average we gain two to seven pounds every holiday season so what do we do that's not on the script why do you keep saying that because that's what is the fact I'm about truth oh not fake new things says holidays like holiday kale yeah look there are some little turn it ends to keep the weight off really yes really Carla I'm sure about that yes and it includes kale Carl we're gonna talk about holiday healthy eating when we come back go back just for Carlos I'm gonna say it again during the holiday season the average person is gonna gain two to seven pounds so we asked one of our friends a registered dietitian and nutritionist Katie DeLauro from the Tri City Wellness Center to come in and give us some alternatives good morning this is the thing I mean the holidays are full of cookies and cake and delicious food but that also means weight gain exactly and it may not be significant weight gain but over the years because most people don't lose it over the years it can be significant two to seven pounds over five years that's a lot that's a lot of weight it's hard to get off so here's acting let's talk about what we can do to try and curb that weight gain absolutely look this is not fun Katie for a holiday party but it's a necessity right well so recognize your triggers and if holiday parties are a trigger because of the cheese the crackers the all the baked goods and gooeyness take something with you that's a healthy alternative so it can be something like this which I just picked up at the store put it on a plate made it look pretty so vegetables you can take a salad you can take a healthy entree instead of taking a dessert you can take a platter of seasonal vegetable excuse me seasonal fruits persimmons are delicious they're a treat and apples are always good this time of year pomegranates add some nuts maybe a little bit of cheese in there right um if you are in the habit of baking for people friends family neighbors I definitely do that yep and then you end up eating it yourself right so maybe you want to switch to some alternatives like this was just a quick olive oil that I got put a bow around it and it's a great game it is a great gift if your like homemade you can infuse your own olive oil put some peppers put some spices in there and you've got a great homemade gift I love that one of your tips too is just keep it out of your like line of sight yeah that's half the battle right when it's in front of you you're like mmm is your licious you'll most likely get treats from someone right somewhere it'll probably float around the office put it in a drawer put it in the cabinet put it in the freezer so that it's not sitting on the counter calling your name right also um I like that the the idea that you have here to just let everybody know hey I'm not into trying to like be good yeah please don't bring it you know bring that stuff in my direction absolutely do or in the holiday it is because some people are offended by it at the same time you don't even have to say that you're trying to lose weight right where that you're maintaining your weight you can just say that you're aiming for a healthier holiday all right let's talk about what we need to be doing at a holiday party okay I love these tips because it is they're so they're so simple yet it really could help keep the weight off okay so one of the things you can do is eat before you go if you're starving everything is going to look good right eat a nice snack like I said bring something healthy so you have a safe alternative for you I love where you should not be standing at the holiday party don't stand by the appetizers they're hors d'oeuvres the dessert table plate your food and go sit down and choose smaller plates right so we have our regular size plate and then we have our small plate choose your small plate plate your food so you can see how much you're having and go sit down and just because you plate the small one doesn't mean you can put them out small and that defeats the purpose that's my one practice proper portion size make half your plate vegetables a fourth of your plate lean protein and the other fourth whole grains okay um the other thing which is very you know typical of any holiday party and part of the season quite honestly is a delicious cocktail yeah but those cocktails often especially around the holidays have like heavy creams in it or milk or some syrups so you have an alternative so right here I have a mocktail no no alcohol and this is low in sugar I put pomegranate seeds and I didn't even do the work to peel the pomegranate I already bought them just the seeds I put a little bit of pomegranate juice some sparkling water and a sprig of rosemary it's a beautiful mocktail absolutely and it gives you and seekers half the battle is like you know you're walking around the party you need to have some in your hand yep you know so why not have something that is not gonna cost you any count you know really calories make sure you drink water also plenty of water because you can mistake hunger for water if you are going to have a drink wait till you have your meal so that it doesn't be two or three before you even sit down to eat and then your decisions are gonna go to by the wayside anyway well Katie thank you so much for coming in come Cheers happy holiday cheer all right we'll be right back with more good morning San Diego after this

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