Hip Flexor & Abductor Strengthening Drill – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey guys, what’s up?
It’s Mitch here from Stick Mobility. So today we’re gonna go through
a little bit of some hip strengthening, with two sticks, so double stick half kneeling.
So we’e gonna work on or driving up of the hips. So you’re gonna get some active mobility in the hip
flexors as well and just the overall hip complex. But we’re gonna add some strength to it by driving down
on the sticks and then also driving the leg into the stick. So your set up is double sticks right out in front. Somewhere along, you know, midpoint of the foot,
out in the front because you need to be able to get to it, so you kind of have to measure that. I’m going to say probably from the heel to
towards mid-foot would be your best option. First thing we’ll do is go through a couple
levels of just starting to drive and irradiate. So say we’ll go at like 50% and then just
do a little lift off, not maximum height yet. Lift off a couple seconds and then start to go
to a small Captain Morgan, and push…. and drive. Come back. Trying to always come back
at the same level. Don’t let the leg drop. Each rep we’ll graduate a little bit more, a little bit more
tension. So say, drive a little bit harder a little bit higher. Pushing, opening it up, boom, back down.
I’ll just kind of keep working it. And then we’ll kind of find, once you get to like your
max range here, then do a couple reps and really drive it. Start pushing. And then from there what you can do is,
we can always start to open it up a little bit, so we can go a little bit more, right? You might
have to adjust that stick to get the whole leg there. But again you’re looking for pillar strength.
We don’t want to start hunching over to create that strength and drive down.
So it’s pillar strength, get the hips locked in, driving that back foot,
back toe into the ground, boom, pull up, push down. Set these scaps down to back pockets from the drive
and then open and you want the whole leg, so foot up to like the knee or
upper thigh pushing into that stick. And then basically trying to bend the stick and push it. So then we get some nice
strength in that whole complex. We’re working on down leg actively opening up,
so we can work on separation between legs and hips and then getting some nice active strength
into external rotation with that top free leg. So basically just combining your lift off
with a Captain Morgan, and there you go. So good way to strengthen
your hips and bulletproof those hips. Till next time! Stick Mobility.
Movement made better.

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