Hip Flexion and Extension Strengthening Drill – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey there! So in this video we’re going to
work flexion extension through the hips. But we’re gonna give a little bit
of a bonus with the mini-band. So it’s the yellow mini-band which is typically the
lightest resistance, so make sure you start there. Also another caveat to this is, don’t do this unless, without resistance, you can
actually get that hip flexion past 90 degrees. So if you have problems getting the hip
without resistance up past 90 degrees, just avoid this for right now until you
get that much strength in the hips. So Neal’s feet are together. As you can see
the strap is around the front of the midfoot. Right where the arches are. He’s going to place
the sticks at 11 o’clock and one o’clock. Bottom of the sticks angled towards him. From here is going to push into
the floor at about 50 – 60% tension. Lats are engaged and then he’s going
to split one of the hips up into flexion. So here he’s going to work right hip flexion. He’s got the resistance of the band and his left glue is talking to him. And he’s going to feel this left hip really
working to maintain that extension. So we’re looking to maintain a straight leg. We don’t want to see any compensation through the body. No manipulation or different patterns. So we want to take a nice tall spine, we want to see ribs
to hip connection, glute activation, hip flexor activation. Hold that for 10 seconds or so and
then ease off and then go ahead switch legs. And you’ll quickly find out which leg
doesn’t like extension as much as the other, and which hip isn’t as strong in flexion as the other. So we’re looking for a nice tall spine, if you were up
close you can see there’s a lot of shaking going on. He’s really accessing that deep front line. Making sure that he breathes also. So no holding
your breath when you’re in that activation phase. So go ahead, enjoy this one. Give it a try.
We’ll see you guys later.

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