Hillary Clinton Proves She’s in Good Health


  1. It was definitely RIGGED

  2. the dislike lol

  3. thats 🚫not🚫 how you 💪 open💪 . a. can of … 🍆pickles🍆…there's ❌no❌ 🎉POP 🎊🎊🎊 when she👩 💪opens💪 it … pop🎉………. you POP🎉 them open. you POP🎉 them open. you POP🎉 them. POP🎉 POP🎉 POP🎉 POP🎉 POP🎉 them. you dont❌ TURN🔃 them 👍like👍 its — peanut butter🍴 or jelly🍴 or something. can we zoom👀 in👀 on this ? you pop🎉 it, ladies👩 and gentleman👨. you have to pop🎉 it. pop🎉. its pop🎉. its vacuum sealed, its vacuum sealed. pop🎉 pop🎉. you 💪open💪 it by pressuring💪 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ down⬇️⬇️⬇️ and popping🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉. 👀look👀 at that, i cant❌ even really get it 💪open💪 cause my hands are wet💦. i cant❌ even 💪open💪 this, this is really happening. I CANT❌ EVEN 💪OPEN💪 THIS. worked up a 💦💦💦sweat💦💦💦 there .. i couldnt❌ 💪open💪 it.

  4. He took the pulse with his thumb…

  5. No cure for Parkinsons…Jimmy, quit playing the fool.

  6. Picklegate exposed by Alex Jones

  7. She a senator, she was First Lady, she wanna be president, and now she wanna be pickle boy too. She doin too much!

  8. Wow! She turned a lid! Someone give this woman a medal and build her a statue out of solid gold. She is truly a prophet among us..

  9. My god the alex jones bots

  10. This is hysterical, not because it was a funny bit. But due to how biased and irrelevant sissy Kimmel has become.

  11. That was so staged I mean it was definitely but that jar was already open any idiot could see that she was realy concerned she couldn’t open it

  12. Lol she's just not presidential material lmfao

  13. You don’t take a pulse with a thumb…

  14. Dat downvote ratio tho

  15. She never answers his question, "Are you in good health?" She goes round and round about other people, but she never answers the question.

  16. I can never forget that day that Hillary molested me on national television.

  17. There’s no pop

  18. YouTube is not allowing me to dislike this video…

  19. The fact that people don’t get that the fact that this is a joke on how dumb y’all are and the fact that y’all are taking this so seriously is proving their point. You’re all idiots.

  20. You gotta pop them

  21. She opens a jar of pickles to prove she's in good health, yet it was faked and pre-opened. I guess that means she's in bad health. What a dumb show.

  22. She needs to see Dr. Borstein and his wife.

  23. Hillary: opens a pickle jar
    cHeCK mAte AlT RiGHt TroLlS

  24. No pop

  25. half of the hillbillies calling BS on this wouldn't know which way to turn the lid.

  26. She almost shat herself even after the lid was completely off.

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