HIIT Home Workout for beginners

I'm Joe wix2 body coach welcome to my beginners hit home workout video I'm going for a little warm-up a 20 minute hit session and a 5 minute cooldown this is my home this is my workout wash let's get it done oh sorry you caught me mid warmup it's really important to do a warm-up before you do your hit session we don't want to get injured so don't skip this part of the video make sure you do it starting off that we're going to do 20 seconds of just gentle tug on the spot getting our heart rate up before we crack on with the intense stuff good so from the side just lifting the knees up gently another 5 seconds ok then we're going to go into some sumo squats which is basically a nice wide stance we're gonna sit really low open up our hip joints all that was low 1 2 we're gonna do 10 reps 3 4 good nice and low 5 more reps and we're getting there good 6 7 I can count to 10 hey 9 final 1 brilliants then we're gonna do toe touches so nice wide stance with the feet and you've seen the basics to come down side side touching the toes good it's gonna get nice and limber for the hip then we're going to do some walk outs ok basically gonna have a nice straight legs touch the ground use your hands to walk out if you can do a press up do a press up if not just walk back keeping the legs straight so you stretching the hamstrings the old hamsters ok so walking out keep them going through a few of these if you find your legs Bend like this just take them wider ok you want to stretch so walk out slowly and then walking back brilliant so we're now going to warm up the legs and the hip joint again so we're going to basically pull the knee to the chest stretch lunge and change so stretch lunge and change I love lunges stretch lunge good to do a few of those in each leg well they gonna go down onto the ground open up our chest basically nice wide gap between the legs one hand in the middle and twist round love doing outdoor workouts you're starting to rain as well which is always a bonus all right so few of them and now I reckon we're almost good to go do a few twists on the spot side to side and one more just three arms and shoulders big circles backwards wash right that's it that's our warm-up down so we're now gonna get straight on with a hip set hit training session let's go so warm-up band we've limbered up it's now time to get on with a hit session I'm gonna be doing 30 seconds of work 30 seconds of rest if you feel you need more time to rest take 45 seconds to a minute that's fine just work really hard during that 30 seconds high intensity it's all about elevating your heart rate burning some fat so we're gonna start okay this is going to be the bell it's going to go off every 30 seconds we're going to start off by doing higher knees running on the spot okay sound three two one let's go so get this all at the speed okay lifting those knees up as high as you can pump the arm as well straight back good so from the side we've got 15 seconds to go coming up knees up last little push three c1o so as you can see my heart rate he's already up so I'm having 30 seconds rest before I do the next exercise you could take longer it's not a problem we're going to do burpees okay so hands on the ground kick back jump up so again hands on the ground kick back keep a nice straight back don't dip like this and up so 32nd than this one here we go good come we're doing as many as you can in 30 seconds we've got ten seconds to go 3c1 brilliant so it's getting hard now but we're working hard burning fat all it takes no equipment no excuses so the next X we're going to do is power spots basically going to come wide it's a dare oh ok so feet come together so wide closed hands not the head and we're doing that for 30 seconds we're starting in five okay so a nice straight body come wide one okay so let's speed back straight get low hit your elbows on your knees good little leg boner so from the side good in the nice little view from the back five seconds to go awesome so that's our third exercise another 30 seconds rest final one's going to be mountain climbers which is hands on the ground don't have your barf in the air press that position knee to the chest I'm blowing so we're going in five seconds 30 seconds amount of climbers grounds a bit we're all right it's all about speed and keeping it going just 30 seconds we got 15 to go last little push getting tough five seconds three two one Oh so there's your four exercises as I said if you don't want to do one of them you can do another one exchange it for another one just make sure you do 30 seconds on 30 off repeat that that's round number one complete have a quick drink we're going to go straight back in with round number two the same thing we're repeating it again so 30 seconds on 30 seconds are it's gonna get a bit more intense we're going to go again as hard as we can starting in five seconds with a high knees three two one let's go good so come with warmed up now give it some 30 seconds on this all the way through 15 seconds to go come on knees up last little push five seconds oh and rest brilliant so we're gonna be going in for a second set of burpees in 30 seconds time so your heart rate will be really high we're trying to bring it down a little bit during the rest so you can stand dead still if you want just a gentle jog on the spot so we're going again in five seconds time for the burpees here we go hands on the ground jumping up but halfway five more seconds is due on what birthday huh one more get up on any corner up what that's it whoo so next exercise again is going to power squat thirty-second remember we're going to go from here to here for 30 seconds if you wear a heart rate monitor don't be obsessed with the numbers in case you should what about working hard to forget about that just work as hard as you can for 30 seconds all that matters so we're going again in five seconds time then we go low it's a closed brilliant just keep that speed drop down low push fast we've got ten seconds on the clock so from behind again get really low good work Oh grab a drink we all need a drink have a drink in between it's important and then we're gonna do the pour from final exercise the mountain climbers again so recover I don't talk too much just get your breath before we start this is the hardest one in my opinion we've got five seconds to go all right let's go if you find that your arms are tired you know you can always rest a few seconds and straight back in just make sure you do 30 seconds on the exercise we've got ten seconds to go five seconds leads to the chest three two one whoa good work so that's round to get a quick drink and it's straight back in to round number three we're going again in 20 seconds time this is all you need four or five rounds of this a day that's it you're gonna get your fat-burning cardio levels go through the roof you're winning so five seconds back in with high knees let's go keep the back straight get the knees up and keep working hard getting tough now so come on 15 seconds don't let the knees drop keep them up that's whether f it is three-second right stay with me it's getting hard now that we're gonna keep it going do not stop if you need to have longer rest pause the video take 45 seconds to a minute before the next exercise whoa so we're going in for exercise too I would choose the burpees we've got five more seconds before we go in oh let's do it go probably want speed so 1 2 3 1 see love burpees hit game you've got 10 seconds brilliant no a quick drink it's hard with a 30 on 30 off so try and keep up but it's too much rest a bit longer we're running our breakfast for our lunch so we've got another 10 seconds and it's the mountain climbers hands on the ground knee to the chest right here we go it's getting hard even I'm slowing down let's keep going you've got 15 seconds left really got my heart rate up now come on last ten seconds four three two one and rest oh so that's three rounds I'm gonna be doing a number four and calling it a day but if you feel fit and you've got an extra one in you do five rounds and that'll be your workout done reaaargh work them bloody maddening clamors so we're back on again fourth round running on the spot high knees ready for it let's go three two one ah struggling now 15 seconds Oh someone's Oh laughs one huh knees up so while I'm rest it's a really good little workout it is even when you're super fear or a beginner it's perfect for exercises now equipment not excuses hit workout so next one's going to be the bear peas we're going to get in five seconds few deep breaths and then we're going come on burn that's fat burn that fat right keep going we've got fifteen seconds ten seconds three more three two more – that's one wicked so whoa two more exercises and we're done we're going in with a power squats gotta catch my breath hold tight hold tight for the power squat right we're going again in ten seconds with a power spot I missed down together let's go to hit those knees with your elbows get down up down up 15 seconds to go come on laughing Rep five-second three two one and rest Oh so the final exercise for me and you is the mountain climbers 30 seconds hating these mountain climbers now absolutely hating them right we're going again in ten seconds time press our position start down here sky get ready we're starting in three seconds let's go come and lost that speed up good stuff 15 seconds don't slow down Cohen knee to the chest ten seconds five four three two and one that is a decent little workout that really is so I've just done four rounds that's 60 minutes if you've got one more in the tank do a fifth round yeah 20 minute hit workout that's you done so well done for completing the hit beginners home workout we're gonna do a little warm down now it's important to have a little loosen up little stretch so just to finish things up here so just do a little 20-second jug on the spot just nice and gentle just bringing our heart rate down that's a good little sesh so well done for that okay then we're going to do a few stretches for the first stretch the back of our legs bend the knee straighten this leg and just stretch down feel the stretching the back your hamstring and carve so hold each one for about 10 to 15 seconds good and then change hand on the bent knee get a stretch so this is the beginners workout I'm going to now do a advanced hit worker so if you find that's too easy hit the YouTube channel and look for the advanced hit workout then we're going to do quad stretch so balanced stretch the front of your quads okay each one stretching the front here hard to balance right good then we're going to stretch how hip flexors yes so just put one knee on the ground and the stretch forward into this muscle here feel it there get on the other one so the stretch brilliant and we're gonna do one more stretch arms up nice and high I can them in the zoo side-to-side get in front on the stretch up low stretch to the side good work well done guys thanks for joining in and taking part in my hit home workout video I hope you enjoyed it will get more videos coming up now I've got the camera on the tripod and the mic no excuses YouTube team lean TV have a good day Cheers


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