HIIT – 35 Minute Cycle Training Workout – Hill Training

hi I'm Paul and welcome to my TCN indoor cycling session I would take you on a 35 minute cycling journey the variety of intervals along the way we're a track or progression with a graph and on the bottom of the screen throughout our session together we'll be riding in and out the saddle and changing our hands to keep sharp we will finish with a stretch session but to start with let's warm up let's work hard and have some fun just pulling up in nice and easy and efficient one and relax your shoulders let's focus on tournament patterns all the way round like this place you're pushing all the way down and pull all the way up as well okay nice cool circle during sensitivity that's really good guys not even a bit more resistance if you want to focus on that change keep it nice and easy okay couple minutes to go for the law it's over let's keep those legs turning just increase the resistance bit by bit making things even more challenging for you let's get ready to work today couple of minutes shoulders turn hunched and exceeding relaxed elbows in hands nice and light let's not have white-knuckle risers keep it nice and easy sat on a little bit more resistance just starting to heat up sign of water again those muscles nice and warm did a good job guys here we go gee that Kate is nice and smooth all the way around the nice time you won keep it going slide your hands out to number two add another little bit of resistance McKee that caters he that caters noisy important today to keep hydrating keep drinking all the way through 35 minutes Ernie is gonna get hot later on we're in a position to make sure they're hunched up let's go knock you down that legit focus on the bottom half down keep your abs strong license so for your cool 20 seconds to go okay guys stay there time to victim number two we're going to see it flat here we go no yeah just gonna keep working first of all he that K is nice and cloth we need to provision number three – metalrat smile they're ready here we go winding up in 30 seconds five 3qy easy said I'm reducing run little bitty recovery rabbit great we didn't say me and 30 seconds on 30 seconds off number one here we go in ten seconds move to position two position there you go to one angle so Overstreet had a little bit more resistance looking forward shoulder cam good job guys fifteen seconds to go ten seconds three two one Jesus up Peto hind edition one he's been in recovery good joke five one more in five reading consider one two three up here ready second up to one let's go Kevon the control 10 seconds five four three two just everybody here that body nicely sitting inside along with a head around the resistance – 1 cup windows finally I didn't anymore this is you can still warming it up I rewarded here finally thank you nice tiny large aerated wrong changes and addition to even need a recovery good job position two she's gonna start a crime to visualize climbing up a hill so it's gonna get a little bit steeper the resistance is gonna go on add it on start this breeze it on roof is easy to visualize it's tough climbing zero out there training right key the floor no guys squeeze a little bit more slow down the lake we slow down the cadence one little bit more we want it be great find that rhythm figure that climb right they're ready to three quite a little party yeah everyone cannot see the heat here that's a without Joey sit down the resistance harder finally I [Applause] why me very sorry dark on top dry [Laughter] elbows in shoulders down keep breathing minimal resistance okay the pattern pumpin fifteen centers quiet down Worman being secondary sit down no one touches it ready here we go five seconds I'm position 2 here we go we're getting steeper again into the mountains and mountains climb so find that peak get with everybody and position to work right 7 7 a half-hour test so the next speed is slow down visualize that mountain just a little bit more resistance good key without feet don't tight enough see take on guys staying seated sit back in the sack in the other forty nights are still a little more resistance the air is cleaner the Sounders getting steeper guys he the body still described as a line is drawn find that pinky with it stated time positions here relax in the hell along their defense control get on that screen wall nice long any time anymore for me at it on started working on a type of warm out of it see that body still focus on those paddles maybe more resistance one more good job come on breathe relax one large position two – ready stand up it's a short course Callahan one more notch keep climbing keep trying to get those legs burning it's getting steeper add another one I don't know once red star cater buddy one option they're only spinach keeping the beat one-two-three-four bitch do 1,000 I'm busy she's three key – what are we go right watch out it's hot again III let it go three two one she had in position – kinda hard working hard working on to the top different guys this is Ben your recovery grab a drink okay this is gonna be horrible I'm not going to lie okay give me nice and quick in scope position three everybody had the resistance on anybody like John on bass no good one okay just fit we prepare to go up very quickly so the resistance still on or not easy now I'm still climbing it's tearing that mountain range pound position three a little bit more resistance here we go to one top nice light feet dancing on a pair of guy keeping this guy's kidney breathing lefty left behind ready Joe day without water grateful real resistance if you can that forty nights until meditation work to lose that beetle anyway that's why I can guarantee then we're gonna be going jump we're gonna sign up and sit down it's going we're gonna sit down in ten seconds no one's gonna touch the resistance ten seconds teamwork keep the arms straight let me shove it straight to one down good give me oh yeah in five so it looking hold on 10 seconds three two one sit down spoon good recovery position two here we go again position three up in two one go two minutes ago guys give you that who's moving out now oh yeah that one more than take one let's work out can you pour three two one by setting up again good guys holding together breathe five second sitting down one pound give it a face innovation hold on variants that cannot pin down bring one down the country pinchers recovering grab a drink everyone relax three good job let's suppose Detroit an idiot at Jersey City done we're getting a 60-second standing pop then a 30 second recovery back down okay imagine we're not mark have an issue right now okay it's gonna be quick still an incline okay they're not having it flat today can we go already pound position three a little bit more resistance who's got 60 seconds in them stand up it's gotta be quick atomization third over Twitter look at my feet give me that one two three four good concentrate papa time little heat in a speedo guys come on keen working on 22nd Stanny effort you reroute their then the backdrop he knows it straight you going five seconds gonna sit down position one pop spin ready to run down these take a little bit off boss the company spin those legs get ready to go again now it's ready fifteen seconds start a creamy resistance hardware your resistance had it on bit by bit then more I'm position three ready up we go poppy cool guys live anymore me harder keep that beat keep me putting steel elbows in get it that's word together half a notch more thirty Seconds to up three relax keep the 40 nice and still fifteen seconds come on let's go Hey seconds come on keep on keep working pendants off we're gonna sit down in three two one is this until a recover five flex breathe take a trip on board nicely breast 30 seconds recovery then we going again one more ten seconds over the resistance squeeze it on day 5 in 5 seconds 3 prep time division 3 up we go laughs tiny mini gun you see that mechanic anymore this is legs turning keep this switch door the whole time good light with Johnson on the pedals keep me going 37 to give that body still no rocket elbows in hands my god lightgrip 20 seconds in 10 seconds we're gonna sit down we're not going to touch the resistance so we had a room for 30 seconds in position 1 here we go – one down good working harder kickboxing into me for the next leg time position one good let's cook faster than the big guy fifteen seconds keep pumping elbows in looking waiting yelling time to go five three two one recovery dude position two easy spin good job good job hand position one everyone have a drink we're just gonna spin it out for the next few minutes the heart rates coming down hey guys good job everyone hand position number one you spin this get a cadence back up hundred off the entrance flush out all the lactic acid just wind it down good Ricki that came inside we're just getting the breathing going it's really important off to a spin session you spin it out other way it's gonna be put elastic let's get rid of it that cadence nice and quickness keep waveform let's keep sliding and these new life at a good time good job otherwise he's paying positions wrapped up grant me jump on they distract me together [Applause] fighting resisting guys doc he's trying to slow it down dude then when you're ready hey let's go father [Applause] exit the vehicle very campus [Applause] today when you're ready let's put in with a cold stretch and keep great posture throughout the stretch session they change sides nice your posture shoulder back looking forward [Applause] [Applause] they find an innovative space come down touch your toes wonderful one four five read chapter alone the departure toll [Applause] you you


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