Highlights | NZ Fitness & Health Expo

so I think it was amazing it’s a great
way to showcase what New Zealand has to offer all things fitness health and
everything like that we’re hoping it’s going to go really
well and from feedback from last expo has been a blast so looking forward to
it it’s out there on the market we’ve got a lot of new things coming out so
it’s good to speak to everyone and show them our new products and introduce to the
market I think that’s incredible I’ve never
been to one of these before so it’s actually the atmosphere it’s insane
really good yeah lots of fun lots of really good stores lots of free things
to taste and yeah really good energy heaps of fun things check out all the
samples are really great there’s a couple of guys I follow on and so I
guess Ronnie Coleman is going to be here so they’re looking forward to those too
there’s so many stalls and it was so fun seeing Ashley Bines I really loved

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  1. Awesome Video Recap! If your a tourist in NZ while this is going on, It's a must do!

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