training we don't like we just go to failure for this yeah but rather than counting the reps but yeah we still try to do when they call the 15 grand and then after this we'll go to more like a compound to get a shoulder press medic today we're gonna be Fargo all that we do dumbbell but if you're down to do barbells and yeah I'm not [Applause] so I don't know what this movement some new but he's gonna show me how to do it but it's almost like a sumo slug yeah and then you rotate backwards stop going all the way down we're just working like like mark [Applause] so we've been training we haven't even touched arms mostly shoulders arms and they do super high volume training and I think the work the family of Jack bass brothers usually I feel that one or two exercises like couple reps and I'm done we did ten I don't even count they just keep going and then over their shoulders they all got big shoulders oh this one sets of 15 and 15 and 15 and 15 [Applause] yeah so what exercise so we're gonna do just a couch starter I'm working out and just kill the arms we're gonna see bridge that we need a cable extender cable curls when like a little bit like to get EZ bar almost and then we really said that would use some Dumble normal dumbbell curls know what girl you love you probably is like we're gonna aim for like 15 to 20 so we'll see how it goes because like once you get your like flat set you're really fatigued and we're starting get a full range of motion so maybe we'll drop the rep range down to like whoa you go like all you're up to you kinda like by feels cuz i powerlifting they have to hit like their numbers and stuff yeah I mean a lot of time like you go up a feel like if I'm trying to look heavy then I'll see how many traps I can do but and but I usually with my bodybuilding movements where I'm focusing more on like the contraction in the feel D Terry's muscles down I'd like just go off feel than just the time yeah she's a professor so you just finished does the bicep superset and it's very short just very very simple and now we're going to tricep pushdown or extension when they eat the bar table and then we're super setting that and that's absolutely killer like you won't be able to kind of wait for that because you try settling there stretching yeah [Applause]


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