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what's good everybody welcome to be a biceps again now on all my videos for vegetarians I keep stressing on how you should keep changing up your protein sources and today's video recipe is based on exactly that concept if you're a vegetarian trying to build lean muscle mass today's recipe is your best friend today we're making a vegetarian version of one my all-time favorite non vegetarian recipes the Kitchener so let's go sukkah Rach a vegetarian homies let's get one thing straight if you want to build lean muscle mass you got to keep changing up your vegetarian protein sources so in this case we can take a variety of dogs just to make sure that you change it up starting with toward our next coming to chana dal which of course I have soaked in water for about an hour to next Masood all my personal favorite and finally coming to moong dhal so basically all the yellow dolls in the pantry and finally coming to broken wheat pot Dahlia or lopsy yeah it's a little extra carbohydrate but it gives an amazing flavor and an amazing texture to the entire dish so I'm just taking two tablespoons of each doll and four tablespoons of this nopsi now we are making Indian food boys and girls so it goes without saying the next ingredients are garlic and chilli according to your own things okay now if you want to get this kitchen already really fast you definitely need a pressure cooker you can cook it in a simple you know vessel but I feel a pressure cooker just hastened the whole process and gives you a better result now the beauty of the kitchen are lies and how simple it is to cook so I'm going to start the cooking process by selecting Chile's like this and just dunking it in our cooking vessel next we can go in with all the garlic now I'm going in with four cloves but this again is according to your own taste if you like garlic you can go in with more next let's go in with all that protein soldier remember in all my vegetarian videos I talked about how you need to bury up your protein sources it's that important if you're trying to put on lean muscle mass as a vegetarian so from this meal you'll be getting all the protein from that doll and a bit of carbohydrate from the doll and some carbs from this gorgeous lab scene okay next step you got going with a generous amount of water not trust me I'm talking from my own experience I've mucked up this dish too many times by putting too little water so make sure that all your ingredients are completely immersed and even if there's excess water that can be fixed later so go in with all that water next let's go in with just half a teaspoon of turmeric for flavor and for color and then half a teaspoon of cumin or jeera and we're good to go so get your pressure cooker covered and just get it on a gas on full whack so fast flame and keep cooking it till you get three whistles from the pressure cooker okay golden rule for pressure cookers the longer you cook anything the mishio it gets now personally I like my kitchen are all nice mushy and homogeneous that's why I took it as far as five whistles but three whistles will do the trick for you so three whistles of the pressure cooker ten minutes of dress time and your kitchen ax is ready if you don't mind it a little texture II personally I like my kitchen are smooth and velvety so I'm going to go in with a whisk and just break it all up all those deadlifts are finally coming to use and finally we get a smoother texture like this so bash it till the texture you want season it generously with salt and finally your Katara's ready you can serve it up with some lemon on top some mint leaves and some burnt onion or barrista this balance of flavors is what makes kitchen are spectacular oh yeah you


  1. Where the fuck is rice

  2. any one?

  3. Guys go with oats den lapsi…it's healthy

  4. This is like 500 calories per portion for 20g of protein and the rest all carbs. Useless video no macros.

  5. Kutta ki katiyi marzi na bus bachari batha ha kyA Kara kutta ha

  6. But how much calories and carbs, proteins it gives???

  7. We don't have to crush the garlic?
    U didn't crush the garlic bro
    U just put it there
    What i have tu do?

  8. Whers the salt???

  9. Making fool and earning money through youtube…he knows potty bhi karega to itne views mil jayenge logon ke expectations mein

  10. Yuck

  11. Can we add oats instead of that broken wheat for carbs?

  12. (mix+jao+wheat)patanjali daliya, soya chunks, brown rice fried with spices and veggies…..this is my khichda ingredients with mix 3 days grown sprouts and some salate😇 this is my healthy lunch 😋

  13. No salt …..

  14. How to make whey protein in home? Is it possible? Please make a video

  15. india ka ho k hindi m bole kr

  16. how many calories.. it will give

  17. Salt??

  18. bro 👌🏻👌🏻 wht a recipe for building muscle which is healty , rich in protein and also tasty 😋. I had never thought of a vegetarian recipe rich in protein like that

  19. First wash all dal for clean cooking

  20. Macros?

  21. Guys, don't forget to wash those dals and Lapsi before cooking!!

  22. why you are not giving nutrition value.. like its useless without know it

  23. Where the hell does salt goes

  24. Rip gabbar😢😢😢😢

  25. This recipe is my today's lunch thanks bro 🙂

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