High Protein Bodybuilding Deep Dish Pizza | Healthy Low Carb Recipe

what is up guys welcome back to my channel in today's video we are going to making some healthy protein bodybuilding deep-dish pizzas cool say that three times fast that was my seventh attempt getting miss bar film so we're doing good I know what you're thinking Reddington how will the world can a Pete to be healthy especially deep-dish pizza I'm telling you you watch this video to the end and you will see how we can take feature additional pizza mantra and flip it on its head your difficult pizza loaded with fat will loaded with carbohydrates with very minimal protein this is going to completely reverse that high in protein low in carbohydrates and extremely low in fat I'm telling you guys this recipe is a game-changer so if you guys are ready and as always you know I am let's do in typical recipe fashion I'm going to go over all the ingredients we're going to need really quick starting off with our toppings we're going to have some pepperoni I opted for turkey pepperoni is that our regular B just because the fat content is lower so use whatever toppings you want but for this one we figured we'd keep it classic Pico style and do some pepperoni about 30 grams of this in our recipe you're going to need yourself some pizza sauce I'm using ragu just homemade style pizza sauce macros on this are pretty good you can find some lower carbohydrate versions but I'm telling you this recipe even when it's all said and done it's so low-carb but it doesn't really matter use whatever pizza sauce you'd like we're also going to need some oregano I'm going to be using about half a teaspoon of this along with a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder in this recipe we're going to need 150 grams of a fat-free cream cheese high in protein no fat going to help make our crust and we're also going to need two bags of fat-free shredded cheese now you can use two mozzarella with two Cheddar's or do what I'm doing a mix of the both I'm gonna mix these together you'll understand more once the video starts on how this will work but I'm telling you guys it's going to be good so two bags of these and then moving over here we're gonna need three large eggs and then you're going to need three baking sheets we're going to be splitting this recipe into three different mini pitas pieces that we've also meal prep with this too guys so I'm telling you eight ingredients sounds pretty simple right doing I'm glad you degrees with me let's do it the first thing we're going to do is get our crust ready so that's going to require the mixing of these ingredients you see right here before you starting off we have our three large eggs we're going to go ahead and break them into our mixing bowl here rack them right in there help add some protein how about some help fats to this there we go next up I have our 150 grams of fat free cream cheese I already weighed out we'll go ahead and put that down in here as well and now I'm moving into the next ingredient we have garlic powder and oregano I'm mixed up and weighed out in this container here so just dump those in and the next up this is the part where it's a little bit of personal preference so we have our two bag the cheese here and this cheese is going to be used for the toppings as well as the base so what I recommend doing at this point is putting in as much in here as you want you probably at least three quarters of this down in here and then saving the other bit of cheese for the toppings of your pizza like I said all personal preference really but I feel like that will be about the optimal amount a little bit more food I like things cheesy and then I figured for the finally married and I had this in the fridge so we might as well use the old food scale and implement it we have some Parmesan cheese we're going to using 30 grams of this as well to add some flavor go ahead and weigh this out here perfect 30 grams now we're going to need to blend this up you can use a fork if you'd like or smooth I'm going to go ahead and use my little mixer here and barely just any use so we might as well use it now going to get all these blended together and there we go guys as you can see we have it all mixed up it should be the same consistency throughout so now we're just going to go ahead and take our dough mix here and easily distribute it between these three mini pans it will go in and put some in here some over here there we go it's actually smells really good guys lots of cheese lots of cheese all right there we go now we'll go in here and make sure we flatten these out alright those look even and flattened out enough to me let's throw these guys in the ugh I went ahead and placed these on a baking tray to place in the oven and the oven has been preheated and is now set at 375 degrees we're going to throw these in there for about 20 to 25 minutes grab these here put them in here that's going to cook our crust and then we're going to add everything else we need well timer 20 and boom I'll see you guys when you pull these out boom 20 minutes is up go ahead and pull these out of here Oh baby look good so the crust is officially done you can touch it and it's not quite cooked all the way through yet but that's cause we're going to put it back in the oven so now we want to add in our second layer of toppings so I went ahead measured out one cup or 252 grams of this pizza sauce and we're going to distribute it throughout these three containers god it smells so good I'm so excited to give this a try hopefully it is good I can be having pizza every single day then there we go get this in here take a spoon go in and we'll distribute this across all of them let's hate for this to be any less delicious than I already think it's going to be so we'll make sure we do all this stuff perfectly there we go next up we'll take the rest of our cheese and do the exact same thing we'll distribute it amongst all of these containers here nice dump this on here perfect distribute this as well make look all pretty because I know my mom's watching she always critiques these cooking videos so we got to make sure this looks appetizing for everybody and then I also weighed out our 30 grams of pepperonis we'll go ahead and put those on our pizzas as well and there we go now once again we're going to place this back in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes or at least until that cheese is melted and guys this will be good to go look at that man I'm excited I am excited go ahead close you will set one more time er 20 minutes we'll check it then if it needs five more then that's what we'll do guys I'm super pumped I will see you when we yank these out here we go guys look at these pizzas that could not have turned out any better if I tried twice as hard and I really could have tried any harder today look at this oh man that just looks absolutely delectable and the thing is we ran one right now for a taste test I get to save two for tomorrow and boom meal prep baby milk prep all right let's get down to business this smells so good guys I'm so excited to give this thing a try check that out isn't that just gorgeous poo okay guys I really hope this is good that way I can start making these more often enough talking let's get down to business you guys ready go in here and get a nice bite there we go the bottom layer kind of hard to see out if you can see underneath that the bottom layer kind of turns into a crust pretty cool it's like steak down in there wouldn't you know all right guys 3 2 1 oh oh Tobin okay okay we got a repo tongs we got to get rid of the cheese strings we go up daddy long strings okay come on here we'll double do it spaghetti will do the spaghetti style twist it up up technical difficulties okay let's try this again three two one this is absolutely incredible I am not even kidding with you this is easily what you might imagine is easily a double seal of approval recipe for sure boom-boom literally tastes just like a mini pizza you might buy at the store and cook in the oven you can like see here guys look the bottom line early turns into a thick crust like consistency this really seems like an authentic pizza I'm telling you I might even I will consider this in my top three recipes of all time hands down telling you try this out guys all the ingredients are pretty easy besides the fat free cheese not to look a little harder for those but mmm I'm sorry put that up oh and let's talk macros now I did some awesome macro math off the macro math about I did some macro math and figured out the calories in the entire recipe the macros and then if you split it into three so when you're reading off of this here because it's a lot to remember and it's just not a peer yet so we're gonna stack like I'm not doing this okay so in the inside recipe there is 31 grams of fat 194 grams of protein and 79 grams of carbohydrates which equals a whopping 1371 calories now I don't know if you heard does macros right if you see how much protein was there 194 grams of protein in that entire thing is crazy right hold on here's what happens when you split it into three so in one of these little pants of pizza there was only 10 grams of fat we have 64 grams of protein and 26 grams of carbs that all equals out to 457 calories we can get away with that boom but think about that guys and one little thing only 10 grams of fat for a pizza only cheat sheet 26 grams the carbohydrates that is nothing in your macros and a whopping 60 fulcrum grams of protein that is crazy you could literally make this entire recipe eat it all in one sitting and still be well within your macro guidelines for the day so if you are creating a pizza as I am that you need to give this recipe a shot I'm telling you I am telling you it doesn't sound like it work but boy it does and it does it well oh my only suggestion would be at the bottom of your pan spray nonstick cooking spray because this has a tendency to stick to the bottom you learn from my mistakes guys you learn from my mistakes Wow you don't need to make this to need to comment below and tell me now what'd you think of it cuz I'm telling you this is AB sin Sain so I'll have those sake double throw them in a blog and I will eat them until they already eat it as well so mmm God with that I'm out of here hope you enjoy this recipe video try to find good recipes they give you guys the feeling like you're cheating not actually cheating the goal this is simple stuff on the 8 ingredients for this entire recipe keep it at macro friendly and keeping it family friendly family fun funny family a will go with Matt so thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video hit that like button there those are you wondering today these new shirts just arrived we have a few new styles on the website so go ahead or do fit apparel comm check them out if you want to grab one show some support for the channel then that would be awesome I would appreciate it so very much a plus you get the rep really cool shirt awesome design really good printing even custom tags I believe you can see that but I'm telling you premium quality so with that I'm out of here thank you guys so very very much comment below of ideas for future Etsy videos and as always don't forget the smile remain positive and paste on the compliment because you never know whose day you could make it better with that I'm out here this is Betty her week to J's production and I'll see you fine ladies and gentlemen at the next video see you guys



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