[Applause] hi I'm Megan I'm Sierra and I'm Mikey and we're from the gymnastics – welcome to TC Tuesday today we're going to be doing hide-and-seek in the gym so any self-explanatory we have like three billion cameras okay not that many guys but we're going to have a lot of cameras just to make sure that it's like easiest and most fun for you guys to watch maybe kind of seem like you're here with us so the seeker which is going to be me first is going to be wearing a gopro chest mount thing yeah so that way I can like look for them without having to hold a camera and then then we're going to have this big giant DSLR camera and then Maggie's DSLR camera stationed I just like points in the points and the gyms as like an overview shot and then Maggie and Sierra are each going to have their own separate vlog camera whoever's behind yeah boy I turn to find people and so that way like when I'm not in here they can be like blogging what they're doing a vlogging maybe where they're hiding and then like if I'm like around and they're like have the courage to vlog then they can do that I think it'd also be really fun if you guys kind of played along maybe whoever's hiding you're like I'm like team Maggie this round I don't think she has a good spot at all something like that I will you can act like you're like hiding with Maggie but you be like like we're hiding in such a good spot I don't I think that'd be fun okay so basically with all that in mind I'm gonna go first you guys are fighting first and let's go ahead and get started I don't know where to hide behind these things like um I'm thinking we can't go behind curtains or in like different like it's like the bathroom or anything you will see I thought it should be able to see me though another Tamil track honestly waiting really laughs and I'm like two seconds before you came in here the door open music so we just finished round one hopefully you guys are teams here on now and oh yeah I have a rough thing like my thing completely fell over what am I so good if you freakin wanna have fun ya know so me and C are going to be hiding this round and then Maggie is going to be seeking she's got the GoPro so we're gonna send her out into the lobby and we're gonna get tiding alright good night I'm going to it win this round I'm gonna find a really really good hiding spot honestly I'm kind of thinking it this nice so squishy that like if I could hide in a wedge she might not be able to see me I think I'm gonna try and lay behind I don't know if I can fit in the woods it's called a loose euro way okay this is not happening okay I'm gonna help that Maggie is like not very good at paying attention to stuff so I'm going to flip this up and then Siri get a shot of me and my thing but look at me I can't Megan okay this is not it's not as I was hoping it'd be something you wouldn't know that they were like that baby she back there I feel like she's not she's not that was really good okay so last round last round I mean I already pretty much won yeah whoa this one's just for fun between you guys see I had a really good hiding spot that time I think I have a good idea about this ten now so no mines gonna be better what if we're thinking the same hiding spot I'd um here okay so we're gonna census your out into the lobby let's see if since I'm the best hider will I be the best seeker probably okay so it's officially you laughs around it's your last time I'm trying to five here I'm going behind you now you just disappeared on me I don't know where she hid um I would like I'd know hiding behind curtains good night yeah I mind yes [Applause] okay last one well I guess I'm the ultimate loser I'd be better at this you guys I don't know mister geometry so we just finished our hide-and-seek video I'm the clear winner many holds millions a visitor Maggie was if you guys liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs up we are always listening at two years your guys's ideas and you can't stem below so comment more video ideas how many thumbs up will do hide-and-go-seek flashlight tag flashlight hiding your seat in the dark well that'd be a little tricky we'd figure out a way if this gets thirty thousand thirty thousand this gets thirty thousand we all do behind seek flashlight Ashley I didn't you yeah in first to subscribe to our channel either press the red button down below or you can press our icon over there also subscribe to Maggie's channel and TC do extras we're gonna start posting a lot more on those channels and also check out our merchandise by clicking the t-shirt over there and if you and watch a last video you can click it right there and I'll see you on Friday bye


  1. Did anyone notice they were on the banners behind them Edit: Megan and Cieria at 1:20

  2. 3:48 did I just hear Maggie first swear? Wow

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  7. Hi I Love

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  9. Any one ever notice them in the back in posters cause I just did 1:08

  10. Megan: Ciera get a shot of me and my thing
    Ciera: what?
    Megan: look at me!
    Me: Megan you are such a brat 😂

  11. Do they have a private gym or something?

  12. 00:12 i see maggie and ceara's name on the bored. What is thar for?

  13. That looks fun

  14. Do more of these

  15. I think u should do if the Easter bunny was a gymnast and didn't know where it was until I saw a big flag and team Maggie last for first team Sarah and middle Megan :)😍

  16. at the start of the video you can see them in the background, how have I only just noticed

  17. play truth or dear

  18. Ciara

    Who I think are going to win
    Sry for not having faith in you Meagan

  19. How to you get the comferdence to do your ARIEL?

  20. Please leave a like on the video I really want to see flashlight🔦 hide and go seek

  21. I can see ur last name in the background of the intro

  22. I love you guys! You guys helped me land my back tuck 😂💞

  23. i won

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  25. Did you notice Megan and ciera on a board in the beginning of the video

  26. Team Ciera

  27. Did u notice in the intro when they are sitting on the tumble track on the wall u could see a picture of them with their last names

  28. Someone should have hid under the vault behind the tumble

  29. Is that them in the background pics like if it’s them

  30. Youre on the posters in the back😂😂

  31. anyone realize that Meagan and Ciera had posters on the wall in the intro???

  32. does anybody else see Megan and Sierra on the wall but not Maggie sorry if I spelled your name wrong

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  35. It’s my birthday so can I have 10 likes?

  36. You should make a video in the gym were your gonna play "What are the Odds"

    Like so TC2 can see it ❤️

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