Hero Workout for Will Lindsay | Paying the Man Ep.021

workout of the day today is a good one I met I was in Utah doing a fit Expo and a guy named Evan walked up to me and asked me if I could make a hero workout for someone he knew that had died in Afghanistan on recently he was part of 10th Special Forces Group his name was will Lindsay I said I would be honored to be able to make a workout for him his family that they're gonna do it I want to say on at the end of May might be moment where they weekend I'm not sure but yeah so this this one that's dedicated to will Lindsay and me and my buddy Mason over here are gonna crank it out today so it's gonna be ten rounds three devil presses at 55 pounds if you don't know what those are will show you 22 lunging steps holding the dumbbells and then 19 air squats and we're gonna go ahead and we're 20 pound best for this so the the numbers significant is that this is the day dive was 3 22 19 so recent very recently so yeah these workouts are great it's really easy to push when you are doing it for someone you know who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country so I got to work with specialized when I was overseas on my second deployment so you know just honored that I get to do something like this so I appreciate Evan reaching out to me and you know hope this workout is good and you know everyone out there can do it in the name for a for all we'll Lindsay so let's get this party started how do you come out of the game wine wine and then a warm tone you know I'm here like that single day pickles three-year effect is really annoying not annoying but like you know like hurt you can complete the chamber let's go yeah yeah well they got three presidents and the water well the best doesn't heat you in the back of head at all so that's good so you can actually do sweeping step backwards so go here this point see step you take my merry flag always off that one yeah I thought it to go up the other one yeah I miss this oh yeah I'm right for this sir okay who's the shirt so I do typically attack longer round workouts something like ten rounds ten rats well this one you just go hard head down go hard hero workout right yeah this is just one of those grinder workouts right I mean it's not it's not really a sprint workout because you got the lunges and then the lunge it's just our lunges and then air squats and belt press is just a grind workout 10 rounds you know you think about it for who is for what you're doing it for you know it's a it's a memorial style workout and so it's easier to push when it really starts to hurt so for this I don't really have a plan of attack my plan of attack is attack I choose violence alright gotta keep this thing going alright [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah it's good hope the public onesie family likes to work out hopefully had dedicated it something to him so that he something you know they can keep special for them and keep will Lindsay's memory going on forever anybody who pays the ultimate sacrifice for all of our freedoms so we can live these lives we live and enjoy the amazing things where people's loved ones don't get to enjoy them anymore so so but hope it doesn't proud and hope hope lots of people spread the word here willing to voice his name awesome dude well hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you guys go out and crush neither do the workout for will Lindsey in his family if you do post about it like I said 10th Special Forces Group great guy Evan came up to me asked me to the program the workout so I did these workouts are easy to push through right someone paid the ultimate sacrifice so I could be here working out what's a good workout I loved it I hope that uh hopefully does the family proud and you know we spread the word of where Lindsey so do the things subscribe don't reach pay the man this week's episode brought to you by hello fresh this week's episode is brought to you by hello fresh hello fresh has been awesome it's basically delivered right to your door seasonal all the 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  1. Awesome tribute and will definitely spread the word around! Gonna hit it this week! R+L=1? Love what your about man keep up the good work! #paytheman #heroWOD

  2. Great job on this workout and helping with the Rouge invitational programming! #paytheman

  3. Awesome workout had to modify it for me but it was still good thanks for doing what you do

  4. Thanks for honoring our fallen soldier with this dedicated workout. Very inspiring and motivational. Can't wait to do this workout too looks tough! Bridges for President!!!

  5. Does anyone know what specific Nike armbands he has? I can't find them anywhere

  6. What a way to Honor A Great WARRIOR PATRIOT. BTW, best music on Crossfit. No sissy computer stuff, just real music.

  7. The knee feels good? Does that mean that we can hope for your return to the games?

  8. JB paid the man once again…..great workout, great cause….keep fighting the fight

  9. We need a hero wod for the Lord Jesus.

    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

    Galatians 1:3‭-‬5 NIV

  10. Great video and a awesome tribute for this wonderful man who gave his life for us .. 👊💪💖also been thinking about checking out this Hello Fresh so good lookin out..😘

  11. Awesome seeing you in Columbus, even if you only walked across the comp floor brother!!😝🤘🏽👊🏽buildingbridges

  12. Where can I get a set of those wrist bands Josh?

  13. Amazing effort Josh, you did your fellow forces hero proud. Well done!

  14. Awesome job mate! In Australia we remember our fallen hero's by saying…lest we forget.

  15. awesome workout, lookin forward to doin it asap! Thank you for your service this coming Memorial Day!

  16. Great video in Will’s memory. My thoughts and prayers to Will’s family and loved ones 😔.

  17. Much respect

  18. You really got CARISMA, Like always….incredible content, great WOD…im will do it tomorrow…paytheman

  19. That CrossFit workout I’ll never forget is number 1. Ball slams AMRAP intervals. Short on-ramp workout. EXPOSED how out of shape I’d become! That was two years ago…this workout sounds absolutely epic

  20. Doing this workout saturday

  21. SNIIIFFF the biathlon at rogue cossfit invitational. Meeeeen that was your event !!!

  22. Couple of our guys were with him. Thankfully they didn’t pass. I’m going to get this one in tomorrow. Thanks Josh.

  23. One bad mother lover of hero work out
    Till Valhalla 🍻

  24. Why would anyone dislike this?!

  25. @JB BravoZulu… Thanks for programming this special Hero WOD; the family of Will Lindsay will be filled with mix emotions, and maybe it will be for brief a moment, but I'm sure you brought them some happiness, as the Community honor's Will Lindsay in a Hero WOD as they go through these challenging times. You've done well brother! I'll attack this Hero WOD before EOW. Keep doing, what you're doing.

  26. 💪💪💪💪💪

  27. Mutha, uh, I thought at first, ok I may give this a run with 35's, then saw Josh at round 10 with the 55's and thought, piss this is hopeless

  28. The moment you put the vest on i wondered how you're gonna take your shirt of once you're going!? … but you were aware!
    Props! Gonna give it a shot tomorrow.

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