Herbal Dietary Supplements

Oh hi my name is dill lane I'm a certified nutrition consultant and exercise physiologist today we're going to talk about herbal dietary supplement I'm a huge fan of herbs as a nutritionist I recommend in Austin if you would like more information about others you should find a certified nutrition consultant herbalist alternative practitioner in your area so when and why is really need herbs and what are some of the more popular Earth's out there that would be helpful for us one of my favorites is the verb milk thistle milk thistle is an excellent herb for the liver in particular it helps deliver to toxify our body from the toxin that were bombarded with every day so if you paint for a living or for hobby if you drink coffee or alcohol or if you have a job where you smell fumes every day day in and take out milk thistle might be something that will be helpful for your liver and getting rid of those toxic chemicals that are left over from that exposure another herb that I really love is valerian root valerian has a calming effect on the body with so much stress in today's society a lot of us don't sleep well and we need something that helps us relax at night valerian raises a calming neurotransmitter by the name of gaba this is the same very trans there that's elevated would be drink out loud so if you're trying to get the toxins out of your diet by using milk thistle and decreasing alcohol consumption but you need something at night to calm you down you may consider using valerian root now some contraindications for herbs there are some areas where we should not take herbs sometimes when we should not take thirds the first is input pregnant or nursing you should not take an herb if you're pregnant or nursing the second is if you have surgery planned if you have a surgery coming up you should stop your herbs about a week before surgery and resume them about a week after with guidance of your physician and lastly a popular girl that's really helpful for some when it comes to depression and limit management it's called st. John's work if you're taking the birth control pill however you should not take st. John's wort and then negates the effect or reduces the effectiveness of the birth control pill which is not a great idea and so you should not take st. John's work while you're on the birth control pill herbs are powerful there were ancestors first medicine so it's always best to seek the guidance of a certified nutrition consult with a nutritionist or better yet an herbalist if you're considering starting curves I hope this video has been helpful for you my name is Jill Lane

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