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  1. Annette, you just keep glowing more each week. Non-scale victory!

  2. Thank you for what you do for the betterment of our health❤

  3. Hi Doc. How can I help my daughter who is addicted to meth?

  4. My son fell 12 feet hit his head at the age of 3, fractured skull and concusion He is now 7- what is the best thing I can do for him?

  5. Just waiting for my preorder!

  6. Always amazing as usual. Hope your weather does a turn around soon. Everything is in full bloom in South Jersey. Time to plant here.
    Thanks for all your great work Dr. BOZ. JP

  7. My big questions right now are what is the approximate threshold between just eating less and eating little enough to trigger the starvation response? Some people who are doing the beef and butter thing are talking like 800 calories a day and while I don't think I would be particularly hungry doing that isn't 800 getting close to that point where your body starts to suspect the food might be running out and locks things down?

    Secondly, there is another "keto" doctor I watched recently that suggested that women must carb cycle 1 week out of the month to support progesterone production and healthy periods. Is this just another case of irrelevant carb brained logic or does keto really screw with your hormones that much?

  8. Dang, it took 15 minutes for you to say "I think we should start by…"

  9. Dr Boz you are invited to visit us I. San Diego

  10. For city folk…a sous vide cooker should do the trick! And if you use an insulated cooler it should stay warm for a good long time. And BTW I took up your suggestion and tried the float thing. The first time was a learning experience…learning I need needed to use more vaseline to cover cuts, thin skin areas etc. But the second float…wow. Such a deep relaxation that is totally different than massage relaxation. Such a deep level of relaxation throughout the muscles, and it DID make a 36 hour fast easier. It was only my second 36 hour fast, and I kept remembering "hey, I haven't eaten and I'm not even hungry". Thanks for the tip, Dr. Boz!

  11. Pretty

  12. I so appreciate all that you are doing regarding health. I understand your point about periods and lack iron however recomending birth control pills is very questionable. Please do more research. There is a strong conection between cancer and The Pill. Also it mess up my women's hormones which not easy to fix. The longer you on it the higher the risks. Please do more research🙏

  13. I became depressed and moody after I started my period and I was anemic and have been chronically anemic my entire life. My grades went down, focus was off and I had horrible cramps, headaches, nausea and super heavy periods. I usually stayed home the first day. At 17 yrs old, my Mom took me to a GBGYN who put me on birth control. Made things so much better.

  14. I’ll put my daughter on birth control if she is too young to be having periods or anemic.

  15. Pre ordered the recipe book!

  16. I am with you on the anemia, but the BC is a very challenging idea for me.

  17. I did an Epsom salt bath and I became so dehydrated! I was almost admitted. I had whole body muscle cramps. It was terrible! Took 2 weeks to recover.

  18. I have a question about gut Flora… After colonoscopy prep in October my gut hasn't been the same. I've been keto for over 3.5 years. Now I can no longer eat more than one serving of fresh vegetables a day… They go straight through me. Help!?

  19. Love This, thank you for sharing your knowledge. You make it so easy to understand!

  20. Can I fast using a weak BHB solution – 1/2 scoop in ~20 ounces of water ?????? Kiss My Keto BHB's taste very good mixed in just water – either mixed Berry or Lemon-Lime.. ~15 calories per glass may not affect the fasting cycle. Your valued opinion would be appreciated. Thx !!!

  21. I ordered the cookbook, I can't wait to get it and try the recipes. 😍My husband and I love you guys!

  22. Question, I went to Walmart and got a foot soaker/massager that’s heated. It was $39.99, is it not good? Cheaper than your option. I toss about a cup of epsom salt in.

  23. The doctors put my niece on continuous birth control because she is severely autistic, 22 yrs old and barely potty trained. Periods were a huge problem. She developed cysts on her liver and had to be hospitalized for several days when the cysts began bleeding and became very painful. How does one avoid the problems from continuous birth control?

  24. I think I preordered twice! But, that's ok! My Sister needs it too 😊

  25. I have a couple questions. I have followed dr boz for a while. Maybe October of last year. I have the book on audible, kindle and I have a hard copy. It’s amazing

    I was just kicked out of a fasting group because they don’t believe in keto. I was told it’s bad for the brain. I was appalled. I know better and that’s because of dr. Boz. So thanks

    I plan to order your book also. I’m not a recipe person. I eat meat and salads mostly. But so many people ask me and I’d loved to support you also. Your book sounds amazing. A good recipe is all people need. Some won’t budge without one.

    1) dr. Boz what do you say about a person who is not hungry anymore? Works out, is fit, does CrossFit, IF, anywhere from 16-20 hrs daily. But is not hungry and gets the shakes sometimes if the CrossFit workout was taxing. Breaks the fast early and is full way before she is done. Any suggestions. I hear some become so fat adapted that they only eat because they need to. Not a lot of hunger going on. She had been gay adapted probably for years.

    2) Jennifer I have tried and tried to learn more about the beef and butter fast. Is that something you still do. It let me request the group and I emailed regarding it. Is it possible to have my fb request approved. I’ve searched and figured out what it is but seeing a group of people doing it and their tips and ideas would be great. I requested a couple weeks ago.

    Thanks for all you guys do! It is so appreciated.

  26. I have been on keto diet now for 3 week and love it… but i am getting hammered with keto is not good for you it puts your body catabolic and it starts eating your muscles ? plz explain

  27. my hyper-vigilance went away

  28. Ferritin 6😥. Also a big problem if you have gastric bypass. Waiting for insurance to ok it. I have had infusions about 5 or 6 times over the last 10 years. I had to get 2 units of blood the first time because my H/H was 6/22. Post gastric bypass since 2001. I lost 100 lbs got to 200 never less. Started slowly gaining back over the years. I was back up over 50 lbs. started keto and I’m back down 75 lbs. 25 lbs less than I ever got with my bypass. Absorption is a big issue for the rest of my life now though.

  29. I use this for my feet soak. Has a built in heater that continuously heats the water.

  30. Wow, I can't believe you recommended stopping a teen girls period and and putting them on Birth Control , Birth control has so many nasty side effects, blood clots being just one of them, as someone that had a blood clot the first thing they asked me is was I on Birth Control, I am anemic I get my iron through IV's but I would never consider pumping that nasty Birth Control into my body.

  31. NSV: Was starting to get frequent UTI’s like never before! After week 2, all bladder and other symphony. No issues at all now! In week 8. Our new normal is so good!

  32. My liver enzymes went from 44 and 53 to 20 and 23 in two months!

  33. Looking forward to getting my cookbook!

  34. Can you buy your book as a book not an audio?

  35. I bought the book! CLT

  36. my budget per day is six dollar. there's no way I can eat healthy for two people.

  37. I am a 55 year old woman and suffered with anemia all of my childhood and had only one doctor that even addressed it. They knew I was anemic through blood testing but it wasn't till I was in my 30's that a doctor finally put me on a high dosage iron supplament. I had crazy heavy periods, horrible cramping, orange sized cysts on my ovaries and huge fibroids in my uterous. Even more to the story, but my question is why do doctors not do anything about this and let their patients suffer for their whole lives? We are basically at their mercy, especially when we are children, so sad and unnecessary. 😢

  38. Which cow tank heater on amazon did u buy ? Thank you

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