Help Protect Small Businesses from FDA Tobacco Regulations

hello YouTube pipe community and all other onlookers the diabetic man here from the basement of you least aback oh and milwaukee and i'm here to talk to you today about the fda regulations that were revealed on May 5th 2016 and look to be implemented on August 8 2016 now I'm not only here today to talk to you about them but to tell you how you can get involved please be sure if you don't watch from this point on to go to the bucket below so you can click on the letters that would go to our Congress people to ask them to help small retailers and consumers like yourself so the regulations that are going into effect on august eighth 2016 will bring with them exorbitant fees these fees are going to have a large impact on small retailers these these fees will in effect put such a burden on retailers that I do not know if small businesses will survive so what are we saying here we are not coming out here saying please let's not think of the children please let's ensure that a whole slew of people under the age of 18 smoke tobacco products no we're asking is for the FDA for our congresspeople and for you Americans who enjoy freedom to allow us to have our freedom and to protect small businesses the FDA regulations will have a greater impact on small businesses than any other place that they will have an impact the the regulations on premium hand-rolled cigars pipe tobacco and vaping products will impact immediately hundreds of thousands of individuals who work for thousands of small businesses these regulations will not have an impact on cigarettes other than most likely the cost so anyone who is pro the FDA regulating these tobacco products because they do not want children smoking cigarettes be warned more children will be the more children smoking cigarettes will be the logical outcome of these regulations should they go through as they are currently worded so what I am asking you today I'm asking you to click on the link below in the bucket to send a letter to your Congress you're congresspeople your Senators and you're in your congressperson asking them to delay the implementation of this regulation so that the effects on small businesses can be reanalyzed and amended a place like you is where I work would be required to pay 330 thousand-dollar fees fees poral in order to be able to provide people with pipe tobacco because we would be considered a manufacturer of pipe tobacco LJ peretti a manufacturer of pipe tobacco let me give you a picture of what this is what this is like so we we get a tobacco product and we sell said tobacco product the tobacco product we received has already passed testing that the FDA requires for that product to be sold we then sell it they want us to test it again they also are looking to regulate pipes as the distributor of the already approved tobacco product that has to be reanalyzed and reapproved if you decide to sell at once you've already bought it to resell it follow me alright so what the FDA regulations do is in effect pretend you're a stay-at-home mom or dad and you decide to make your child a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch the stay-at-home mom or dad would be required to pay for the testing of the bread the peanut butter the jelly and the knife and good heavens that they put it in a plastic bag the plastic bag required to pay fees for all of that not only is that unacceptable and illogical it is going to be completely devastating to our freedoms and to small businesses and you're still with me I need you to sign the letter below many lobbying groups have gotten behind this letter other individuals have gotten behind this letter we are hoping that this letter will tell Congress and the Senate that what the FDA is doing is destroying small businesses again this regulation cloaked in let's protect the children will do nothing to protect the children it will only encourage children to go to cigarettes a chemically ladened highly addictive drug that's what this regulation will do and it will devastate small business and it and that is what we are looking to protect small businesses which provide law-abiding taxpaying adults their freedom to enjoy a product that they are fully aware of the risks that follow in enjoying that product please if you love freedom if you want to help support small businesses sign this bill or sign this letter and hopefully we do see a bill that our Congress people will put into effect thank you so much for your time guys have a wonderful day


  1. FDA and stick it to a retail with two violation in one inspection – failure to check ID and sale to a minor. 6 violations in 48 months over $11k in fines. Go after the minors and leave the job creators and lowly paid cashiers alone. Plus large companies can afford electronic ID checkers.

  2. Excellent video, I'm new to the ytpc and have seen buzz about all of this but your explanation helped a lot! Is there an update because I know this video is older and I've heard some people say it is pushed back to 2021?

  3. Letter sent! Great job!

  4. Thanks for the link and information my friend. Letter sent.

  5. I'll send them a letter at the ballot box when I vote for freedom.

  6. Thank you my friend. I sent in my letters. I also plan on writing my own version. Hope this shit gets destroyed!

  7. Done.

  8. Sent!! I'll spread the word. Thanks !!!

  9. More power to your elbow .

  10. Done. Has anyone contacted Glenn Beck or even Fox News?

  11. Done!

  12. Did my part

  13. Done brother thanks for your wisdom

  14. done. thanks for putting it together!signed both

  15. Thom=please shoot me a PM-We need to talk about the letter/e-mail I just received from my congresswoman Dianne Feinstein of CA.Thanks,

  16. Done. I like how they say what they hope to protect and accomplish…then the bill and regulations have nothing to do with it. We want to protect the teens and children…by putting restrictions on the adults. What! ugh

  17. Looks like big Brother has arrived.😒

  18. done. Good job. Keep fighting brother.

  19. We have felt this burden heavily here in Washington for the past decade. A 50g tin of any pipe tobacco averages about $30, before taxes (yes, for one tin). God forbid if you need to find a tobacco store. They are far and few because no one can afford to pay that for tobacco. Get this, you can buy cigars online, but not pipe tobacco. On the other hand, you can go to your local pot dispensary and buy a few ounces of marijuana though (of coarse, expect the heavy taxes though).

    I talk to the Boswell's shop about this new law and they feel that the law will likely have little to no effect after the big lawyers for the cigar companies get involved. I tend to believe that the law is actually after vaping myself. I hope I'm right. Just to be safe, sign the god damn petition lol.

  20. My letters have been sent! nice work on all the specifics Thom!!!!

  21. Done! Thx for supply the link… Passing the word to all of my cigar/pipe buds…

  22. Send it to President Trump.

  23. How will pipes be regulated? Is there an age on pipes that are grandfathered in?

  24. What about pipe filters and pipe cleaners? Should I start stockpiling those as well?  I know I sound crazy but the FDA is going crazy and overstepping our freedoms.

  25. Done and done. Thank you Thom for all your hard work on getting this response pulled together. Scott

  26. oh and done. signed and delivered

  27. wow absolute bullshit, I had written to all my ridiculous Congress people to just be hands off and leave pipes and cigars alone, why did I even vote?! I am so ashamed of our "democratic" process.

  28. Done. Thanks so much for this video and the links 🙂

  29. "The law is like a spider web..only small flies will be caught by that"
    this law will only affect small businesses. the capitalists who own these kind of companies (specially cigarette companies like marlbro) will continue their work and will fill their pockets and of course people will not stop smoking and the effect of this on children will stay the same. hope you Americans do something about that..because I think this regulation will affect all the pipe smokers around the world

  30. Right on! I'm on it.

  31. Wish I could but I'm in Canada so can't help but I'm behind you in the States 100% in Quebec as of August 23 tobacco products of any kind that as flavours in it will be able to be sold as well as vaping will be allowed

  32. Well done – thank you. Spreading the word …

  33. thanks..your a power of example!!!

  34. It only took 30 seconds to zip this off.
    Thank you NATO.

  35. Done! Thank you for doing all the leg work on this sir. Hopefully Congress will listen to the will of the people.

  36. I'm so sharing this on Facebook

  37. Great video. Thanks for all you're doing get this information out there I will say that's the peanut butter jelly analogy should go even one step further. the absurdity of what the FDA wants to do should also be Illustrated by saying "once you've paid for the testing on the peanut butter, the jelly, the bread, the night, and the plastic bag, then if you use all of those items to make a sandwich, you now have a new product and that also needs to be tested."

  38. I'm a parent of a 3 year old girl… my question is. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!?!?! Stop your kids from doing what you don't want them to do, be a parent! I want to smoke my Dagner Cob!

  39. Done and done. Thanks for this!

  40. Done.. Did it now… They are all corrupt liars….

  41. done

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