HellFire Fat Burner, Review MUST SEE BEFORE BUYING (2019)

you what's up everybody right now we're about to go over innovative labs fat burner hell fire so just off the bat I did a video we're gonna drop the link below and compared the old formula to the new formula for the Hellfire fat burner but then it dawned on us hey we didn't do a video on the actual new formula so that being said here it is hope you enjoy so I want to start this video off by saying this is not your entry level fat burner this is you been in the gym for a while you diet for a while you know what you're doing you tried other fat burners and they're not doing it for you you need something more advanced I highly suggest at the very least you tried Hellfire I don't think they'll be disappointed due to the new formula it's stronger it's better and it's more effective I personally have taken it to try it for the energy I'm not taking a fat burner I don't need to so I can tell you that from the label speaking what they put in here everything is sound everything is good and it is all touted for really good effects free metabolism and thermogenesis but what I can tell you from personal experience is the energy you get is phenomenal so jumping right into what makes it phenomenal we'll start with you know the simple caffeine we all know what that does you're looking at 150 milligrams per capsule and that's a certain size just one capsule so you also have ephedra extracts now let me just stop right there fed drug it's different from a fed drink that drink is banned you're not finding it anywhere ephedra is a different version of the extract that is still touted to have some metabolic benefits and increases overall thermogenesis and energy albeit not as great as the ephedrine but that's why it was banned by the FDA so jumping into the proprietary blend so they call this blend thermo rx and extend rx technology and you'll figure out why in a second so it's very first in cinah Galia that contains the next you know four or five five too many got they got one two three four alkaloids in here are just that pe-8 alkaloids now instead of get into the science behind peña alkaloids there's four things you need to know about peña alkaloids one increases mood you want that when you're dieting when you constrict calorie or strict calories and restrict carbohydrates you're going to get a little cranky so we all could use some mood support even if you're not dying too it increases energy this makes sense what is calories it's energy you restrict energy it's nice to have some type of external energy going on in your diet too it increases your focus mean that your mind to muscle connection for instance is a version or a type of focus you studying your focus and your reading it increases your ability to stay concentrated on a text the last benefit is the ability for peña alkaloids to increase your cognitive abilities so now that extends outside of focus that's kind of like being able to come to a conclusion for instance on something reading comprehension so things like that you'll notice that your your overall concentration and the ability to decipher things is is improved that's what cognitive abilities pretty much comes boils down to so next this is an interesting component via felony hydrochloric now this compound opens up the bronchial tubes and Airways now if you know ephedrine that was also something that ephedrine did a Fed drug doesn't do it's that extent so they probably are trying to piece together the ultimate formula that mimics ephedrine the best and this compound is touted to have that ability to increase your air I guess diameter of your bronchial tubes to intake more oxygen which common sense will tell you that's a good thing when you're working out black tea extract that's something that's like a mild stimulant it has antioxidants it's good for you so next up is hydrogen amine hydrochloric so that one basically increases your overall focus and alertness it is going to work synergistically with the PDA alkaloids that are in here as well next up is Raul Thea which basically is part of yohimbine but it's always like Pocoyo combined but it's little better it's more concentrated and this kind of helped break down fat for energy in those stubborn areas especially like in males believe it or not we do have estrogen in our body and that contributes to weight gain in the chest and lower Abbadon region this helps target it I'd only like that word targeted because you can't target fat loss but it helps break down more fat in those areas based on how the body metabolizes it so that's always good to see in a fat burner evo diamine again it helps with this like a mild stimuli it helps overall focus and energy now here's another interesting compound ruta Karpin this actually helps decrease your tolerance to caffeine because it helps the body metabolize caffeine more efficiently it also helps to extend the effects of everything that is in here and I thought that was pretty cool it's definitely worth reading about it if you want to look it up peppermint extract you know I it's kind of like one of those things that if they're peppermint oil it's good for overall health and it's shown to have to be good for weight loss and metabolism and then the last thing is the black pepper extract whenever you see this this is only to increase the bioavailability of everything I just said so it basically makes it more potent makes your body be able to use it more efficiently so all at all everything in here has a reason it has a purpose there's no fluff ingredients like you like to hear me say when it's true and the fat burger itself seems to be pretty potent and on point in all areas so if you haven't tried an advanced formula you're trying to other ones you're not too satisfied give Hellfire a try you won't be disappointed so if you like this video hit that like button raagh to our channel any questions comments reviews of your own leave them below we'll address them as always thank you for watching


  1. I have q's, you mention Theophylline which i don't have i got 2-Aminoisoheptane HCI, can you elaborate? Thx

  2. How does this compare to radiate? The company sells both.

  3. hydroxyelite number 1 today i am not going to change this

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