you what's up everybody right now we're talking about Hellfire now this fat burner is one of our most intense stimulant fat burner this one is not for the new people coming right out of the gates looking for one looking for a fat burner oh let me take Hellfire no you don't want to do that this one is for your veteran or for somebody who's has a high tolerance to stimulants and needs that extra boosts compared to the other fat burners we carry this one does very well with our intermediate kind of gym goers or fitness enthusiast because they're already have some tolerance to these stimulants but today we're talking about the old verse new formula I want to tell you what they removed and then what they added and why they added it so what are they removed they removed be phenyl ethylene and methyl fennecs amine hydrochloric and they added phenylethylamine by itself no B dash in front of it there's a slight difference structurally chemically wise if you go online and google it they're very similar but the latter actually has better cognitive enhancement better mood support better weight loss properties and increase focus or a positive state of mind that ties in with that mood support so since they know that the federal often mean without the B in the front is a little better compound why structurally speaking and that leads to better effects they went with that now they also added something that a lot of these people are adding these days and for a really good reason Theo filling now if you know filling it basically boosts energy by increase in seat in now if you know anything about cm or Google net it's pretty much responsible for making glucagon and adrenaline more effective so when you have an increase in that you have an increase in the efficiency of your body being able to utilize glue gun and adrenaline it also helps relax and open the air patches in the lungs making it easier to breathe also stimulating both the rate and force of your heart contractions so I have tried both the old and new formula to be honest guys it's it's pretty much but that's a good thing because this was already great to begin with so sometimes fat burners undergo a transformation if a new formula and they come out sucking this is not the case of Hellfire it is just as good if not a little bit better from the ingredient list standpoint alone but by all means if you take them both where you haven't taken any you have more questions anything that comes to mind leave it below we'll address them if it's a new product you think it's better or is that something that we should check out let us know that too we'll do a video on it so if you like this video go ahead and like it subscribe to our channel so you can see the future videos we do again leave any comments or questions below we'll get to it and as always thank you for watching


  1. I did this for a month..also with 1,3 dimethyl pills and bronkaid pills..plus did 1hr brisk treadmill uphill walking 15% grade..and some machines strength training..5-6 days a week….I lost 30lbs in one month..185 down to fatless 165..oh..I stopped all alcohol and ate clean..mostly low carb veggies..and weight gainer shakes..Mhp up your mass cinnibun flavor..I did the old school one..and will buy the new one soon..

  2. I’m taking this for almost a week n feel nothing! Lost of money 😩

  3. can/should it be combined with modafinil or aniracetam?

  4. Did you take it once a day or twice a day? I know it says once after breakfast but not to exceed 3 times a day. So should I be safe if I take it twice a day?

  5. Did any of thermo properties get removed from supplement? Thx

  6. HydroxElite work better

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