Heel Pain Treatment – Complete Exercise Program To Cure Heel Pain & Planter Fasciitis


  1. Hello Sir. Thank you so much for such a valuable video. I have been suffering from heel pain for the past six months. My x Ray shows bone growth. Tried medicines and therapeutic ultrasonography too. But nothing helped. But just by doing the simple exercises shown here, I can feel the difference in pain. And I hope, after doing it regularly , I can get cured of it permanently.

  2. es exercise say yeh thek ho jay ga ya full life yeh exercise kerni ho gi

  3. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis last year and my physician didn’t advise me any home remedies. I was only advised to take medications, utilize special orthotics, and visit a specific podiatrist. Fortunately, I found out about this plantar fasciitis treatment “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it), which allowed me to acquire the ideal outcomes without having to invest in pricey medicines..

  4. Sir thanks

  5. 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Dhanyabad me karugi 👌

  7. Thank u sir for good & right information

  8. I am suffering from heal pain since 20days doctor suggested to use mcr slippers. From today I will do this exercise and I I will share my result when I get relief from the pain. Thank you..

  9. Please Add English Subtitles, i m suffering from plantar fasciitis.
    Hw mny min or times – rolling , towel exercise and wall exercise cn be done.
    How many min massage ?

  10. डाक्टर साहब जैसी मशीन आपके पास विडियो मे नजर आ रही है (पैदल चलने के लिए ) उसे क्या कहते हैं? और कहां से
    और कितने मे खरीदी जा सकती है? कृपया जरुर बताएं मै भी घर पर रखनी
    चाहता हूं।

  11. High arch problem ko kay kara

  12. Good👍👍👍

  13. the pain comes back if i run or jump? how can i solve this issue???

  14. Thank you very much sir 🙏

  15. I just started exercises n zumba n having heel pain can I do exercise side side n ur exercise or I have to do only heel exercise which u suggested n I m diabetic too

  16. My heel is swelling since 1 week can I do these exercise?

  17. Thank you so much sir I will definitely try this… I am suffering this pain from last 2months but does not get any solution…

  18. Main 2 saal se Bohot bekar Baithi rehti thi depression ki wajah se mera weight thora gain ho gya tha maine achanak se skipping krne lgi 3 din baad Meri pair k talwo mein morning time pain hone lgga or thori swelling bhi Thora second baad Aram ho jata tha ab ye pain poora din rehta h Halka pain maine diabetes uric acid sab check krwa liya reports normal h kya Kru pain ki wajah se exercise bhi nHI kr pati kya kru

  19. Very nice explained I am suffering from nine years hopefully l am trying this thankyou very much

  20. Thku so much

  21. Pls make in video

  22. Can we do this in calcaleral spur

  23. Pairo ne ungili ko ka jo niche vala poerchin hota hai vaha pe sujan rehti hai

  24. I will try this n i will give u feed back soo n

  25. Thank you very much!!! Very informational and useful information. Appreciate your detailed instructions.

  26. Can you translate in English please

  27. Can we walk with barefoot at home if we have plantar faciitis?

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