Heel Drop Modifications | MUTU System Exercises

Hi there, I wanted to just give you a
quick video about a couple of suggestions of ways to modify heel drops
in Core Phase 1 for your MUTU online System and for many of you the heel
drops will be just fine and you’ll be able to tolerate them well if not if you
are finding that you’re not able to maintain that connection with your core
during that full heel drop here are two ways that you can modify that exercise
so I’m outside so you’ll hear noise out here I’m out with my dog who you’ll
probably hear as well to do the first one the heel slide my mat is very sticky
so I find that my heel sticks as well so I’ve just placed a cookie sheet it’s
actually a tray but you could use a cookie sheet and then a dish towel over
the top because that’s gonna make it slide a little bit easier if you were
doing this on carpet your heel probably was I’d just fine without losing the
cookie sheet so the first way that you could modify is a heel side coming onto
your back your knees are bent about hip width distance apart I’m using my
blanket as just a little bit of a prop for my head and my shoulders I begin by
finding neutral through my pelvis so that I’m not in that tail tucked
position and I’m not kicking my tail back and
creating too much of an arch I’m in neutral I’m going to use my mood to
breath on an inhale let everything go soft expand breathing in and then on my
exhale I’m finding it and as I find it that’s when I move and slide my heel out
and all the way back in on that exhale here at the beginning inhale exhale
that’s when I’m moving sliding my heel out on the exhale and then back into the
start doing about five repetitions on this side again staying with breath
inhale fine soft exhale sliding my heel out again I’m engaging and lifting
through my pelvic floor and hugging in through my abdominal wall one more on
this side inhale finding soft exhale find it lifted through my pelvic floor
core sitting in through my belly as I slide my heel out and in and then I
would switch sides so potentially if I needed to move the tray I would come up
to a seated position move the tray and then do the other side the other
modification is pillows or maybe you have a bolster at
home and what I’m gonna use the pillows to do is raise the floor up so I’m not
gonna do the heel drop but I’m not gonna go all the way down to the ground or to
the floor I’ve got the pillows here so it’s a shorter arc of movement and so
this is one another way to modify the heel drop and so with this one I’m gonna
come back down onto my side get myself situated again I’m using my
blanket I am going to find my neutral pelvic position and then rising on up
hips and knees to tabletop I like to be flexed through my ankle and through my
feet so I’m active through my lower body here I’m going to inhale find soft and on exhale I’m going to find it and lower my heel down to the pillow then I’m gonna inhale
here fine soft exhale engage and find it and lift my heel back up I’m just gonna
stay with my right leg here for starters inhale find soft exhale I’m finding it
lifting through my pelvic floor drawing in through my belly resting my heel down
I find my inhale relax and find soft exhale find it so I’m moving on my
exhale but again I thought the ground the floor up to my foot so as I do this
heel drop with my exhale I’m not going all the way down to the floor so it’s
one way to progress this exercise after I’ve done five on one side I like just
switch to the other side again using the same breath pattern it’s very sunny
exhale I’m doing my heel drop down to the pillow letting everything go and
then exhale engage and back up to the starting position again I would continue
for about five repetitions on my left side so that I even it out but again the
way that this is a modification is you’re bringing the round up so it’s a
shorter arc of movement so maybe doing this for a few days and then removing
the pillows to do then the full heel drop position let me know if you’ve got
any questions

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