what I've got me and pleat here will be sitting in the same crazy two weeks out both of us had had a lot of scheduling complications I was sick for like three weeks with the Japan and went there why steps on the spiky things I stepped on the stair there's no stairs and it cut your villainy I like rocks dude so he had a little injury but we got hiccups but we're still gonna compete no matter what you don't call it it's not our lifter but he's pretty simple you know we love the sport so we still always want to compete and always want to do our best at least once a year um the workout went okay I wanted to hit 430 that's 325 and hit 495 500 and the squat for some reason my first 405 felt really weird it got kind of wobbly but then I came back hit 425 felt pretty good and because the four and five kind of threw me off I think I might've had 4:30 today maybe even 4:35 I don't want to push it because I got a squat again in two more days so I was like you know what can call it there and I went a little bit heavy on my back offset usually I do with 365 to 380 but I was like hey 425 moved pretty good so let's take four or five and I hit it for three and that's pretty good have you in general just because Ron Bulgaria on it for five days of being stolen squatting squatting been cheating better than five days a week squatter of grid are getting through my normal warm-ups you know I got the bar 135 185 and after that I did 225 and after two hundred fives when it gets you know gets to my 80th 90th percentile so from there Bart instructed me to hit 235 first and four to forty goes to 40 with my top single debate but you want to take you through a flat first so I hit 235 a little slow and Bart told me I was still going up so so we went ahead and went for 240 I felt light I'm racking it and spotted it oh good but then we went over the bench Ranchester feeling probably the best for me you know the usual warm-ups hop into about 155 that's when I usually get into my 80 98 percentile once again smoke 155 and then went to 175 175 smoke 175 – does that felt great so really all right I even pause 175 by the way pause I've never paused 175 so that was amazing so I was doing great going into 185 I'm ranked 185 belt light went down try pausing it and I couldn't finish it got off my chest black curtain finishes are launching it out I'm not mad because today's Monday so two days ago on Friday I hate 185 for a touch-and-go so I'm very very happy I was able to pause and get it off my chest and that's the goal to positive for a third third a tenth to meet on bench I hit 315 but I slid all the way across and I was like you know what maybe I just don't have it in me today and I have to keep the pace up because I had crazy traffic and then right after I've to go into some meetings so I couldn't rest the way that I wanted to rest and not skip these movements on my you know lunch call at 3:15 and I did a background set at 275 which is still school and then I finished off with deadlift and I hit 495 on one single and I think I kind of my hip shot up too fast so I ended up stiff leg stiffly in it so I was like you know what my forms gonna fall apart I better check my ego so I went down the 405 and pulled two more singles and just did a couple of like quick accessories because I have to be out in like the next ten minutes then this hasn't the hardest lift for me just because it's a shoulder convention and I have longer lives in general today it just felt great you know one plate to plate 245 ever pull up that quick then we jumped into 265 and that went up pretty quick too and then we went to 275 which is like the number but mentally it's the number that I hate that I have failed before but I've also hits before but Nats told me you know stops getting in your head right and stop taking so long and warm up and just pull it with confidence I did exactly that you know I was able to pull it he was even faster than 265 and as light as 275 ever felt in conventional and yeah overall it's very very happy considering we're two weeks out consider how much to a wedding this weekend yeah I'm ready for me


  1. dying channel because all the content is just everyone making excuses as to why they’re not strong lmao

  2. You guys are weak as shit

  3. When squatting is it bad to rest the weight directly on your shoulders or is it that you are more comfortable holding it on your back?

  4. Respect the hard work. You guys are gonna kill it this month! GL

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  21. That's so dope I am excited for you guys powerlifting meet on June 29th and June 30th I am coming to support you guys while I am doing some volunteer for the powerlifting meet. Let's go Bart and Brandon (bchoi). You guys can do it. Believe in your guts. 👍🏋️💪👊 #BarbellBrigade #BartKwan #BrandonChoi #Bchoi

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