HEAVY LEG DAY WORKOUT // Lean bulk episode three


  1. Love the car karaoke 🎤 🥳🙌

  2. I cringed when I saw you opening this huge box filled in with PLASTIC BAGS EVERYWHERE…. poor planet :'(

  3. Just had a similar red lentil curry for dinner. Love it! I usually have mine with brown rice and quinoa.

  4. Your squat is not bad, no doubt about that! And for your body weight, that's really impressive, so respect. But I agree that you should go deeper. Drop the weight a little, externally rotate more in your hips, so that you squat more between your knees. And keep your spine (lower back) neutral, its quite hyperextended – I tend to do that myself as well as many others. Squeeze your glutes in and flex your lower abs. And get some proper squat shoes, if not lifting shoes then at least a flat and solid sole (such as converse). Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Loved the video! PLEASE do a try on haul soon of all those new Gymshark goodies 😋

  6. Careful not to lock your knees out when you squat or do any exercises it's bad for your knees, just a tip

  7. Contrary to what everyone is saying your ass doesn’t need to hit the floor in order for your squats to be effective and right!! You are still getting a burn and building your legs. The only difference between squatting really low and doing squats above midline is stress on the knees🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyways I love your videos!!❤️

  8. I do the magpie thing too 😂

  9. Wow You’re so strong

  10. You are so funny..

  11. LMFAO the fox

  12. ‘Ian and Bosh’ 😂😂😂😂 dead

  13. when going heavy ''try going seated bench'' this will gauge how low your going and you still get the use of the glute muscles. Still a very impressive vlogg, and so pretty doing it.More please. big luv.xx

  14. That looks so yummy! Even watching it boil on the stove made me hungry 😂

  15. Love it! Have you ever considered using a decline bench for the hip thrusts? I find it far more comfortable and got an applause from another PT as he had never considered it before heeeeehe

  16. DO A GYM CLOTHES HAUL OF THE GYMSHARK GIGANTIC BOX YOU GOT!!! The lentil curry looking great! Thank you for choosing a vegan lifestyle.

  17. I can’t find ur blog :((((

  18. Love this series!!

  19. I love how real you are in your videos but boy I couldnt help but feel uncomfortable seeing you drive and licking the whipped cream xD

  20. Loving it!

  21. Hhh

  22. Love your videos! Wondering if you showed us your whole work out (squats, lunges, leg lifts?) and how long your session took you?

  23. Love this 😂

  24. i love going heavy on hipthrusts ie over 100kg and lighter on the squats. But now i think about switching it up to be be able to squat more weight😌 Your workout seemed great!

  25. No shade but change your personal trainer if he says those squats are ok

  26. Gymshark giveaway?? <3

  27. Omg I just finished a night shift and didn't go straight to sleep because I had this upload notification! What weight do you normally do on the hamstring exercise? I find it so brutal even at like below 20kg.
    This series is gold, so helpful with my fitness and food journey 💜

  28. Awesome video Stefanie I love gymshark girl its the best 🍑💪💝👍💖😉💜😎. Your videos are wonderful and enjoyable to watch honestly girl 💪💝👍🍑😉💖😘.

  29. Love this video. You’re hilarious 😂

  30. I love this types of video! Maybe you could mix full day of eating + bits of your workout to see a bit more of your bulking progress. I’m not bulking and not planning to but I love watching your videos haha <3

  31. Keep up the work lady. I'm coming off of a bulk. Trying to lean out….but chocolate😂

  32. HI LOVERS! I finally grew the balls to create my healthy living/ nutrition/ fitness instagram❤️ Please check it out and give some feedback!!!? @LIVCHRISTINEFIT

  33. Could you say things in pounds too?

  34. I would like to know your macros… how about sharing with us? 🥰 Best regards from Brazil!

  35. How on earth do you not use a barbell pad on your back for squats!?!? I'd be crying at that weight 😮💪

  36. your skin is GLOWWWIN

  37. other beach type items…. like a burkini. I'd love to visit dubai.

  38. Watching your previously bulk video made me realise, I always eat like I'm on a permanent bulk 🤣

  39. Lol you made me laugh with the 🦊. I’m the same way when I drive! And, yay for leg day! 🦵

  40. Please drive safely Steph! 👀

  41. Stefanie can you please do a video on mitigating gas and bloating on a vegan diet? I have been vegan for over a year now and I will for sure not stop being vegan but the gas and bloating I get many times is absolutely horrible 🙁

  42. I love watching your videos! I was so glad when I found your channel last year! literally a miracle to find a fellow scot and vegan! In all seriousness you've really helped me start on the journey of bettering my relationship with food and working out from a very obsessive and disordered outlook to a much healthier one! Im striving to achieve the balance and happiness that you have found with food, exercise while enjoying life. I hope you are enjoying your new married life!!x

  43. 100kg, that‘s so impressive!! And 80kg as working weight.. crazy 😀

  44. The Gymshark.. all of the gymshark… I'm so jealous right now. I wish I could afford that much gymshark. So jelly…. lol.
    Love the video

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