oh hey I didn't see you there it's talking up here I don't know if you guys noticed tank top I'm wearing these are new on Shaw string comm I know I make it look pretty good – the fact that I don't have a tan so I need to work on that but anyway tonight we've got another deadlift training session so I don't know exactly what deadlift we're gonna have at world Strongest Man they've given us kind of a overview of events we might have and deadlift is one of the events but that doesn't really help due to the fact that it could be a deadlift for refs it could be a deadlift for max it could be a car deadlift it could be a you know the big globe deadlift they've had in the past you and any variety of deadlift they could throw it as so based on that I've decided to train some car deadlift for reps tonight because that's definitely something they thrown in – World's Strongest Man in the past and I haven't touched the car deadlift in a while so I'm just trying to train everything and get after it here now the bad part of training car deadlift tonight is the fact that when I move the gym over to this new location I managed to misplace the charging cord for my big platform scale and that's what I was used to actually figure out the exact weight that I'm lifting so I'm gonna have to fly blind tonight and just kind of work up and see how these weights feel but my goal is to work up to a couple sets of around eight reps with the last set being a fairly challenging weight for me so I'm just gonna have to kind of feel it out I don't even want to really give you guys a number but I'm sure it will be a pretty pretty decent bar weight so I'm kind of looking forward to this and having some fun with this training session hopefully you guys enjoy the video [Applause] [Applause] here you going [Applause] [Applause] like that [Applause] eating shit come on yes yeah good perfect alright guys so I get a lot of questions from all you about what I drink during training and for me it's really basic my goat cheese our cluster bomb from red com1 this is actually the carbohydrate source that I use it's a cluster dextran really simple carb 25 grams of carbs per scoop I will typically drink between 2 and 4 scoops of that every training session this is unflavored so you can mix it with anything you know anything you want and then grunt is just essential amino acids this is one that I love it's a Tigers blood flavor but mixing those two together is what I always sip on during training and really is easy to drink really taste good and you know just simple basic so that's my go-to z' to answer all your questions if you happen to be interested in trying these products right after we put the video out they're actually running a buy two get one free sale Friday and Saturday so all you have to do is click the link below head over to redcon one check them out and you know I'm loving all their products really high quality stuff so check them out and hopefully that helps you guys out [Applause] [Applause] come on keep workin just like they would make a lighter beat come on barn they ready for this one run what wrap-up get the all-day win for you come on [Applause] let's go come on [Applause] I don't want to take it to complete failure alright so quick update here finished up the deadlifts I felt pretty happy with that overall it you know it's been a while since I've touched a car deadlift and you know that leverage lift is something a little bit different but I felt like with this it required a tremendous amount of work for my hamstrings to engage there and fire that up and it all felt great so that is really exciting because I feel like that was a decent weight you know as I said at the beginning I'm not sure exactly what weight is on there but you know I feel like it was a good amount of weight that I was working with there for my last couple sets so really happy about that and then after the deadlifts I decided to throw in the the side handles here and you'll do a couple holds I have uh the reason I'm throwing these in is I've seen some other guys won't name names but training a deadlift hold now was that announced the events no it was not but you know there's I think there's still a chance that it could be in there based on what I've seen so kind of sucks that I'm getting some of my training information from watching other guys train but it is what it is and you know like I've said in some of these training videos leading up to world Strongest Man I just want to be prepared for anything anything they throw at me I want to be ready for so it's it fits in well especially doing the card endless throwing the side handles in so just add a couple holds there I didn't want to go to failure with the grip but um you know so get under a decent amount of weight and hold it so I can get a feel of this so I'll probably keep it mat a little bit until I know for sure that this event won't be in the contest but so like I said if it's well within the training so I decided to just go ahead and throw it in and and to be fair it actually was pretty fun to do that so we're going to move on get this unloaded and keep Rocking right [Applause] so [Applause] finish it up the training session tonight I feel really good about how this went I was really able to attack the car deadlift which was my primary goal if I'm honest with this event you know with the bar being a little bit higher on the car deadlift setup it really puts me in a spot where by off to engage really really hard with my hamstrings and glutes to fire that and to drive that bar up so it's basically the biggest test I mean really with with regard to the deadlift it's one of the biggest tests that I could possibly do with my hamstring so definitely felt good with that felt really confident you know really wasn't thinking about it a whole heck of a lot you know during the the movement and thankfully it didn't really bother me at all so that's a really really positive sign I feel like you know the weight that I was able to work up to there was was a good weight you know I think it was you know definitely very very close if not at competition weight what we would potentially see in in the car deadlift event if we were to have the car deadlift event so I feel good about that you know cart deadlift old it's not something I've done I can't even remember the last time I've done that so you know it's kind of fun like I said to do that with a grip one thing that that I've learned over the years is when you're trying to get good at an event like that you don't want to go to complete failure so if your hand starts to kind of open at that point put it down come back to another set or or two but you know when you're trying to build your grip up one of the worst things you can do is go to complete failure because those muscles don't react very well to that and sometimes you can pull them really easily strain them a little bit and that will then hinder your training in your progress so that's kind of jumping into that tonight my goal is not to go to complete failure just do a couple kind of you know 30 35 second holds is what I ended up doing with a pretty good weight on there as well so I feel like that is a good kind of starting point again you know I feel like I keep saying this but it really sucks going into a world Strongest Man not knowing exactly what we have to do I mean it it's really crazy and and frustrating you know I've done this contest for a long long time and you know it seems like this same thing every single year where you know the events are a guess and you know I'm watching out for what other guys are doing and and you know it sucks it really does you know I feel like everybody should get the information at the same time you know and and everybody should be able to train prepare and then come in ready to bang and see who's the best and you know sometimes unfortunately that is not the way the game is played so just got to be ready for anything right now and and come in with that positive mindset ready ready to attack whatever is thrown at me with the world's strongest man contest so anyway I hope you guys have enjoyed the video and for now go out and be great and we'll check you guys later


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