Heated Chemotherapy Treatment: How It Works

Ipek is done in conjunction with with cytoreductive surgery or which means just removing the tumors that patients have so the three primary tumors that we do HIPEC for now are patients with appendix cancers patients with colorectal cancer and then patients with tumor called mesothelioma which is a tumor that arises on the perineum itself once the perineum the nominal cavity is is exposed to to tumor cells these tumor cells essentially are disseminated throughout the whole abdomen and they can grow every little crevice in the abdominal cavity you can Harbor these tumor cells and so we know that if we go in and just remove the tumors that we can see we're probably leaving behind a lot of microscopic tumor cells as well so the surgery involves removing all the tumors that we can see and then after all the tumors have been removed we bathe the abdomen with heated chemotherapy because we're a large HIPEC Center we have we have a lot of experience in this in this disease the experience goes into working the patients up maybe they need some other imaging tests or maybe a laparoscopy as I mentioned though our staff ICU nurses the floor nurses are used to this kind of procedure and used to the types of issues that can happen and then also their follow-up is often if not performed at UCSD we can help direct it and help the outside physicians you know decide what kind of follow-up plan they should have the ultimate plan is to have multiple new therapies or research protocols in terms of treatment that patients can have and we're developing some right now both in colon cancer and appendix cancer you know we have a lot of phenomenal world-class basic scientists here at UCSD that are developing all kinds of new therapies for lots of different cancers it's great to have them in our back door and then down the hall from us to be able to talk to them and to use some of their expertise with these with this challenging disease you

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