Heart of Gold: Turmeric vs. Exercise


  1. Excellent! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Dr. Greger.

  3. "Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine." — Hippocrates

  4. Dr. Greger – how much Turmeric Curcumin?  I take a daily supplement of 1000 mg with food.  I had purchased the spice, but I did not care for the taste.

  5. Reply to Karl Mingus, one teaspoon turmeric (quoted by Dr G) is equiv to 2g, so that's 2000 mg. From quick google search, so don't quote me! :O)

  6. Excellent info, thanks!

  7. Always so interesting! I knew tumeric is good but not that much! From now on I won't feel guilty in my lazy days.. I'll eat tumeric 😉

  8. Love this channel 😗

  9. Wow awesome I am gonna add curcumin to my diet !! Thanks Dr.Gregor !!

  10. Good info. Cue the add black pepper comments.

  11. Okay fine! exercise and delicious turmeric every day, you've convinced me.

  12. no channel had convinced me to consider veganism as much as this channel has , , had dramatically decreased the amount of animal products  and increased my  fruits and vegetables intake ,  dont know when im gonna make the final decision  as meat consumption  runs strong in my culture.

  13. Such good info!!

  14. pair with pineapple for increased absorption…smoothie easiest way

  15. Great, I consume quite a bit of turmeric (in combination with black pepper) and I like to run and ride my bike. But is there a limit? I am doing stuff like 35km runs or 150km bike rides…

  16. Yeah! I use both. Turmeric and excercise. 🙂

  17. Thanks my friend, great video!

  18. Gotta get a bicycle or I'll die!  Literally!  In the meantime, I will eat more vegan curries. : ) Thanks for posting, Doc.

  19. Damn.. Turmeric has even made Garlic look bad with all these new studies lately.
    I mean have you ever noticed an Indian or someone who eats turmeric/curry most days of the week get cancer?

  20. All of that was already exposed in another video.
    But it was not specific to menopaused women. That's a very specific target, and that do worry me a lot : scientists often try like that to generalise very specific/occasional situations, knowing it won't do but doing it intendendly (with or without money at key).

  21. Thanks for the free knowledge

  22. سمعتو كثرو من الكركم

  23. I Thank God for this piece of advice, going to implement this today!

  24. Turmeric is seriously insane! Up there as one of the best foods we can eat.  What are some others? Flaxseeds, ginger, dark leafy greens, bitter greens (dandelion, watercress).  Anyone have more?

  25. I take turmeric in different ways. Because turmeric is so strong (earthy flavor), I like to mask the taste to receive the health benefits. I expect just flavoring food with turmeric to not be enough.  I blend in a 1 inch fresh turmeric cube with a green smoothie and that comes out well.  For powder, I take a 1 tablespoon shot. Definitely get fresh powder/root because there is noticeable taste difference!

  26. Calcium does not help in strengthening bones if it is not combined with exercise. Ask the astronauts. Turmeric or other drugs do not help you carry your TV up the stairs. But exercise does.

  27. Great information. I've been applying it to different foods including soups and scrambled eggs. Gives the eggs a nice color along with its benefits.

  28. woww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. even though I hate his whining , this is a good video

  30. 🙂

  31. Love your information Dr. Greger…………….I am a vegan for 4 weeks at 54 -I am my own science experiment for 1 year.

  32. Dr. What is the best way to get Curcumin into your body?

  33. Why is it that exertion in terms of exercise is "good" whereas exertion in terms of impaired endothelium is "bad"? Is it because the heart gets a break in terms of exertion in exercise, but not with the exertion in terms of impaired endothelium?

  34. Why cant this guy talk like normal people! Altho his channel has mostly good info (other than typical vegan propaganda) this man's voice and speech is fucking annoying.

  35. Does "Bob Evans" "Crispy Onion Petals" count for my veggie today?

  36. I'd MUCH rather eat turmeric than exercise, thanks

  37. can you talk more about vitamin c pills???

  38. Love the way this guy speaks.

  39. Does anyone know a easy way to take it? Like a pill? I heard it needs to be taken with pepper to help your body absorb it?



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  54. Very interesting! (Y)

  55. More disinfo. This guy is a shit shill.

  56. I just bought fresh tumeric and was wondering if I can chop and freeze it for smoothies? Is it still effective if I freeze it?

  57. I drink golden milk – whole fat cows milk, freshly cracked black pepper, powdered turmeric, and organic coconut oil almost ever day as I want not a stroke. Sorry, no exercise at all.

  58. Awesome. Be sure to add black pepper for better absorbsion.

  59. You should make a video about corydalis yanhusuo, I'm very interested in its pain relieving benefits because I tore my acl two meniscii and crushed my lumbar disc (l4-l5.) I think there were some studies about a constituent of it called THP (Tetrahydropalmatine) I have some but am afraid to use it because I've found nothing but pseudoscience and first hand experiences and like to be fully educated with anything I supplement my diet with. ANY INFORMATION about THP or corydalis would be awesome! Great video about turmeric I learned alot from this!

  60. 👑turmeric curcumin👑

  61. haha.Funny brilliant delivery!Yep,turmeric paste rocks!

  62. Better put it on my rice

  63. Ug jus tryed tumeric on my stew. Bleack. Guess i hafta work out

  64. The reason turmeric lessens proteinuria is that it mitigates endothelial hyperpermeability — e.g., Journal of Molecular Neuroscience
    October 2013, Volume 51, Issue 2, pp 344–351 | Cite as
    Curcumin Ameliorates the Permeability of the Blood–Brain Barrier During Hypoxia by Upregulating Heme Oxygenase-1 Expression in Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells – BUT if taken with pepper in people with salicylate sensitivity, endothelial permeability can be increased.

  65. thanks for the video i cud listen to you all day.

  66. What foods do I eat it with? How should I consume it?

  67. What foods do I eat it with? How should I consume it?

  68. Believe tumeric works. 👍

  69. So is he saying aerobic exercise is the same effect as anaerobic for heart health? The experiment was done on bikes. Running is better.

  70. Awesome. I do practice both now. Thanks.

  71. Thank you, thank you, thank you ,Dr Greger!!!

  72. before season with salt and pepper now adding turmeric!

  73. A vegetable is hardly the same as a fruit. It does not make sense to lump them together.

  74. Pepper……

  75. How much tumeric and how much excercise? Can we have graphs showing when more stops adding value?

  76. Just walk.

  77. Thank you, good sir. 🙂

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