Heart Failure treatment approach at Northwell Health

at northwell health we're 61 thousand people who see healthcare differently and this is how we look at heart failure as a diagnosis heart failure can be devastating but patients are told they are now a part of our family the ultimate goal is to repair someone's heart however there are patients that there is no way to fix their heart we want them to know we're in their corner and that we're here to fight this illness with them some hearts fail to pump enough blood to the body when medical management isn't enough cardiologists call us the only way to fix those hearts is with a palm alongside a heart so a ventricular assist device is a heart pump that assists but does not take over the function of the heart it's implanted surgically into the lower pumping chamber of the heart this may be your first time dealing with heart failure but our team has the experience to know that every heart is unique patients don't come out of textbooks and nothing is cookie-cutter about what we do we want to make sure we're looking at them as a whole I think that Elva therapy is the premier example of multidisciplinary care because it involves a team approach while the physician is in charge of finding the appropriate medication regimen we have nurse educators we have a clinical pharmacist we have a social worker we have a behavioral psychologists we've had our team help patients with transportation issues changing plugs in their house to be three-prong outlets to allow equipment in their house this is a hospital which is well known for compassionate care that were able to really take care of these patients as if they were our own family members northwell health look north

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