Heart Disease Prevention with Plants

hey guys I wanted to make a video on a study that popped up on my facebook newsfeed in a day and I immediately read it liked it loved it so much I printed it out and I wanted to make a video out of it but i'll post it down below for sure a way to reverse coronary artery disease in the Journal of family practice and the principal author a number one author is is dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and I'm gonna be going through just the major points here but feel free to read it it's really it's a it's a really quick read but it's a great study with a lot of information packed in a coronary artery disease is the number one killer of men and women in the US despite surgical interventions and medications and even with these interventions little protection against future cardiac episodes so in other words it doesn't treat the actual disease it just treats the symptoms this study took 198 subjects who had some form of coronary artery disease they were put on a high-carb low-fat wholefoods plant-based diet whole grains legumes lentils and fruit and vegetables made up the bulk of the diet they had specific directions no animal products no fish meat foul dairy oils avocados which are kind of fatty no nuts no artificially sugary foods and no overt salts the study they followed these people for an average of three point seven years 21 participants 21 out of the 198 were non-adherent which that means through self reporting they said yeah I cheated I had some of the food you told me you we weren't supposed to eat but rather than throwing out their data and eliminating them they still they said keep going and they kept track of them of the 21 people who were not inherent 13 experienced at least one verse event including cardiac death heart transplant stroke stents bypass so sixty-two percent of the 21 people who were non-adherent had some sort of adverse effect so there's that and then of the original 198 177 were compliant they did what they were told based on evidence from the previous 30 plus years of alternative treatment research to coronary artery disease of the 177 there was only one cardiovascular event related to disease progression which was a stroke making the recurrent event rate point-six percent not six percent but points less than 1% point six percent in other words ninety nine point four percent of adherent patients to the dietary guidelines avoided any other major cardiac event in that three point seven years span in the discussion the authors they make some really good points about how you know eighty-nine percent of the patients essentially that 177 we're willing to make a substantial lifestyle change in terms of the foods they ate and I think that's a really good point because if they if you ever read a study that said are we took two or three or four hundred or two or three or four thousand people and a hundred percent of them we're willing to make a change that's not realistic it's never realistic to have a group of more than 25 people all beyond bored and follow the rules to a tee that's not realistic to the real world so it's a good point ninety eighty nine percent is a pretty good number that's a pretty good percentage of people who hey they realize that there's a problem and they want to make a change further evidence that a high-carb low-fat plant based intervention may prevent halt or reverse coronary artery disease this quote has been validated with a high probability by epidemiologic studies end quote it cites two studies that had one had 31,000 participants the other one had forty four thousand participants with significant findings that suggests that nutritional interventions help with the treatment of coronary artery disease some other notable quotations quote we believe food may be the most important lifestyle factor in establishing the presence or absence of disease really good point end quote with this non-invasive treatment they say there would be less need for stenting and surgeries which have a very high probability of complications and side effects treating this way enables the body to correct itself and to heal itself without cutting it open and sticking something in it that's not supposed to be there quote while drugs have some effects on disease initiation and progression these interventions do not address disease causation most patients experience disease progression more drugs more imaging repeat interventions progressive disability and too often death from a disease of Western malnutrition end quote the present cardiovascular medicine approach tested beyond 40 years can neither cure the disease nor end the epidemic and is financially unsustainable end quote so from reading the study the answer should be very clear plants for the win eliminate animal products as best you can from your diet as a challenge to those who may practice or participate or recommend a high fat low carb diet like the Atkins diet and I'm sure there's there's a many more out there can you name for me a study that takes a group of people with coronary artery disease and treats them with a high fat diet high fat low carb little to no fruits and vegetables and legumes and gets actual results I haven't seen one yet and i doubt i will see one because it's those high fatty foods that are causing the coronary artery disease in the first place so why would you treat a disease with the foods that are causing it in the first place treat the cause not the symptoms if you eliminate what's causing the disease and give your body the tools it needs to heal you will get better and you will heal from these diseases thanks so much for watching again this study is posted down below if you have any questions or comments please leave them below thanks so much


  1. Plants ftw!

  2. New Study was just published June 2014 showing, yet again, that eating a low fat, high carbohydrate diet halts and prevents Coronary Artery Disease. Watch my pretty mug for the highlights.

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