Heart Disease Prevention with Lorena Kaplen

hi my name is Lana Cap'n I'm the regional dietitian for heb and today we want to help you shop the store for your heart health now here at healthy at heb we want to make sure that you're getting all the nutrients you need and when it comes to heart health you really need to think about three important things are you getting enough fiber are you choosing lean meats for your protein and are you choosing healthy fat I'm going to show you a couple of things around the store today that can help you get your basket full of heart healthy items will start in produce so for instance citrus is a great weight not only to get vitamin C it's going to give you fiber but it's also a great substitute for salt so make sure you're reducing the amount of sodium when you're having your meals and citrus is a great way to do that use these on top of salads or you can even put them inside a vinaigrette so lemons limes oranges are all going to be a great way to lower them on assault you're getting you don't want to forget about your leafy greens as well these are loaded with nutrients and vitamins and these are going to give you what you also need to get your fiber so make sure you're including these in your salads look for things such as a Swiss chard these are great to actually make a lettuce wrap and also going to give you all the nutrients and vitamins that you need a heart-healthy diet is also going to include healthy fats in your produce section you can find nets that have no salt added and that are natural that's the way you want to make sure you're getting a good source of healthy fats but remember portion size one quarter cup is going to do all you need to get the benefits of those healthy fats let's head over to our market and we'll find out which lean proteins we can be looking for for a heart healthy diet seafood is a really important part of a heart healthy diet in fact you should have about two servings every single week a great choice is going to be salmon going to give you a great source of omega fatty three acids as well as protein now let's look for some other lead protein choices look for extra lean cuts of beef certified by the american heart association in your market by looking for this symbol a heart-healthy diet is going to include healthy fats and a really great example of a healthy fat is going to be olive oil not only is it low in saturated fat but it's a good source of your mono and polyunsaturated fats those are our healthy fats do you want to have your olive oil cold so have it in vinaigrettes or maybe an herb season dipping oil now let's take a look at some good cooking oils a good cooking oil is going to be a grape seed oil again it's low in saturated fat and is a good source of your mono and polyunsaturated fats but the great thing about grapeseed oil is that it has a high smoke point allowing you to cook at really high heats so a stir-fry even a quick sautee would be great with grape seed oil another good cooking oil would be canola oil a taste gray it's inexpensive and really easy to use don't forget about your portion size 1 tablespoon of oil is going to be about 120 calories so make sure you're not using too much now let's go look for a good source of fiber for a heart-healthy diet you're going to want to include a good source of fiber it's easy to look for good source of fibers in our isles by using our nutrition tagging system at the shelf you'll be able to see if foods are high in fiber low in sodium low in saturated fat or overall heart-healthy so make sure you look for those tags right by the products whole grains should be included in a heart-healthy diet in fact they give you a great source of fiber don't forget you need about 25 grams of fiber per day and our central market line is going to give you a good source of fiber in fact it's easy to cook only takes 10 minutes and they come in a variety of flavors pasta can be part of a heart-healthy diet as well make sure you're picking your whole wheat varieties or even a heart-healthy multi grain pasta with plant sterols this is going to give you seven grams of fiber per serving that's an excellent source of fiber so there you have it tips on shopping for a heart-healthy lifestyle make sure you're including plenty of fruits and vegetables whole grains healthy fats and lean proteins these are going to be all part of a good heart-healthy diet thanks for shopping with me today don't forget to pick up your good newsletter this comes out every single week you can find recipes nutrition tips as well as coupons you

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