HEART ATTACK: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

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from my facebook do Kanaka money hire a new new BD and come oh come on you and you're not my dad so yeah so it's in Kabul and in coma yeah Bob a fictional idea in here papa na whoosh am part money via for Nia many fans say echo super idea man pimping we are not even paying Nessa won't see the better you yochien' Safra Yadav oh yeah Yanina doctor piping and in Ukraine me Munna Regina booty and crater nah I told sumit now hospital yeh yeh my watching ye now or do multi Robbie cancer Canada yeah nadie Mecca what's weighing anyway to beta decay hello Cara Darcy and Siena next year you and they are seeing suffering I said yeah yeah yeah led in yeah yeah yeah heart attack oh man nah I ain't nothing I ng miss Unwin see no mommy more cry baby and mother better you saw about myself ah nanny do my morning so we think we know what shavod you know na a coupie ah ho for youtube name me a subscribe button a so oniel become you know a drama not send me a sub you let's just say and what they cut the better you ever see I know this is a Bri Bri a bit snotty see no we had first best night and the bone higher and on to me uncle dr. ho and I said you know why it's a pea pod ah yummy I do baby boy was sick ready not just a Miami collection on me on a missing alt you you you and you know and yes sir my yeah come watch some nya Jennifer and the other food and I ETA know your heart attack ad na na yeah did you see annoy a baby sauce a deep are not a heart attack he ever yo maybe maturity for new BB are our che a better you program muscle back to a question or say Hatter takeda body Bravo kizamu no yeah kind of myocardial infraction and when he had a tracker my big winner in my news news now simple word near how to talk very myocardial infraction I say cuz I had to talk her my you cut myocardial haibach show me factional action in fact a faction yeah different from infection eye infection yeah heart attack on I said myocardial infraction a daring idea a related to the Hat or coma mmm Reebok amano and yuno some problem problem when you're small problem a big problem Yoshioka mana until anomic mono say museum as a block wa now if we didn't immune supply mana with Madonna not video a moment in time in Bowie in shavasana Nachman into mini ajumma Nia Castlevania had attack it's hot attack mode usually Rebecca said so ah come on whom to me no more block on it Emma come on into mininum a year and I cast away Nia heart attack now wouldn't you say yeah do you not I'm gonna wanna it's me too why not say yeah watch me my opinion more treated me free oh crap yes I had to talk my a a very serious man hey idea is serious pay ye a bit more ha say heart attack me about on moon nescience I'm not seen since via even wanna say beyond Madonna Oh minashi will be so hot hey a gradual process yo some signs and symptoms via Abba moons awareness a heart attack Amon now a newbie say if ya boo boo I ought to say like shopping I wanna come on oh boo say usually a mobile Mikasa sigh hey oh yeah oh no or ADT Elko on my left shoulder like Pinot FSO hormones are becoming soft blue oh hi Auntie Mame shortness of breath on me and easy so these are the signs it wants a business or has a name is Sabrina or while I call in one short of a cell of one meaty no no no not chest pain these are the major science math ability up boo-boo on SWAT Oh whose offense will cry and when I said woman he even a very dangerous man sighs me BAE so when is Barrymore say woof woof free when you sue brew oppa Sophie the major one upon what I complain about hey the pain in the left shoulder no hope in a war left side of your chest know what happens mr. Paine already T afro Castle to your chest and I said the back of your neck he does Abaco kimochi and I said once I become dishonor Pino a very reason like I see me and I said well you should brew sonakaille you know and I say unto me who me shortness of breath Ohama Ohama cryin to me is so these are the major signs our Bureau heart attack not like a tight shoe and your number means I am L comma PI and my debates are useful and instant weather why I dream dream we had attack yeah yeah give me now your doctor Frank and we ain't changed I know what's the science nobody breathe now say yes and no ma it's a heart attack he yo my dad said mommy your new ma who do be Bria and this I had to talk you back a new my new be to say or more smoke you know who's Mookie tobacco a very dangerous to the heartburn so you'll be all tied smooth yet effective in a Walkman is a Obermeyer in a son spasm Acosta spasm I said why come on who in Torino a muchacho maybe new market to maybe say abanazar mujin into Mindy Africa by alike intamin Co my boom CSI manaphy dharma had tissues no he there is no custard to buck wouldn't say to Baku new continued some chemicals these chemicals animal cumin 1 2 mu a mu cotton a vehicle to maybe a very bad and gob Ozma cooktop aqua you stand a very high chance and I feel so I side up to bacchanal Libya OD fatty food and nom nom baby as raddion 100 is ready nama shred a nominal sum up idea but my achieve for my sari nominal album wanna that heart attack and I will be an exercise to cry yoo byung-eun SSI sir and also it's an a high chance of getting a heart attack and then my move our family history ABI oppa para on Miami and Ayana – ooh great-grandfather no only you BR know almost a heart attack nah he stand a chance of us ooh heart attack and I am obese too vicious mobian my hormone also because there is a buildup of cholesterol and effort in the our body no mr. no chance of getting that heart attack mode it's generally a discernible see you know and I had some of that respect that's not with me a heart attack oh and yes sorry number one I wouldn't know when yeah the sabia why yeah hey watch it fro know why she was so angry ago spectrum a man need to brighten so I'm 100 so to me I dressed you know yet so fine because I own idea about corner cop block a block Owens meaning and when I eat the beer is too much yeah body me handles and wobbly brenell whitney on Cockatoo a because mommy hang 100 Burma continue SC until Museum Oh joining to me in combat not video me yeah yeah me me who no yeah me see I ya know Acosta say ABI oh yeah for crack really been away yeah which media table spoon a very good year the the issue and they say en casa in you to oil cry modern sober use were in a moderate amount 1 tablespoon 2 tablespoon it's okay but be afraid not no machine anymore mom I'm on a dangerous new risk you know my daughter I want tablespoon to even 30 tablespoon crash a better you know you should see be awareness a heart attack he be now and we obey you know yeah nothing more feminine steps to be honest a and I'm on baina obituary to me I do every Saturday mommy take you a very good question for said una heart attack in episode 2 animal if reasonableness I how to take yeah you wanna my baby first of all in Aegina no man Anna removing a heart attack oh that's a nice lifestyle number blossom for lifestyle changes lifestyle you'd be a fool you – I'm gonna be Brad investor I'll sell for better so we will be our unknown always rather nama I mean cos a and we cry orbit yourself we will be a smoky and they're very dangerous like smoking and then using illicit drugs like cocaine mono I don't know he's done a very high charity so I saw you be are you free from at attack media and then enjoy smoking die and nama contain a lot of fat no drinking out saving crowd ornaments are crass right so now if idiot do a lot of exercise between you coach Jim oh no and I said well who fear no pastor with my wife as my set up and I running or bicycle be a bitch me de cochon Wamba this kind of exercise know will help bring your cholesterol level Dawa into ammonia lose heart attack no it's mommy is more or less like your life changes right right I bet maybe not oh not completely safe and uni hats no a Ania no no no a it it's me heart attack may be I now say and only idea thank you so usually we have a patient like a true I'm about complain easier more on more chest pain yeah better on a rocket racket troponin levels a bear running at attack Pinilla Bosnia yeah yeah enzymes video check a bit Muse a reasonable said we ain't that hot atacama into bunny Iran oh yeah yeah deuce test no new who said Emily was more for me and a heart attack it could be had a little problem banner any heart attack here intubating about so Anna some hats related problem be it could be the problem in the the vast like nah come on aside no he or some vast boom theaters problem with the valves and not necessarily say a heart attack come on ammo no no you bitch my ultrasound your best different different imaging testing yeah by ultrasound you know checking what is really happening inside the heart is a leaflet problem Sebastian there is problem no of us man I see a beautiful flow into a adduce test name it's my distinguished you say a heart attack and ask any heart attack if you have a problem inside the Hat and I say a problem outside the Hat it is OB banner or war chest pain depending on how he or she is presenting and the blue CBOE a heart attack on us and a heart attack cinema Deacon kayano say a heart attack now Abuk a subpoena kono kimochi Akane left arm our shortness of breath of filly business a bitch my distinguish a ever run a test amateur hit to Piniella was any other ever you see G you see G sell cause with laboulaye or some people electrocardiogram and Lucario grandma say yeah bet Jackie aw come on oh yeah the infidelities whoa come on oh so you didn't see SWAT come on oh so I would say some lines Vyasa customer neighbor from across from the buffer and no no yeah warpath baby are Circosta libre y who say when a heart attack on eronel st elevation i selfish near her panasonic and also HSA Oh heart attack among in CMOS an idea or some necessary measures I never moon drew nitroglycerin am one more on – herb you know macaws with llama named Andrea make a nitroglycerin and mana dare to attack romance a Nvidia the other medication and I my mommy here every bug women would be or more BP blood pressure or more more blood pressure and also almost a near risk of getting heart attack in something it that blood pressure on any heart attack yes black person is different so Siena to see so blood pressure on yourself BP no echo so usually nipa be on average lino beeping a hundred and twenty over eighty millimeter mercury that is normal but an individual beyond oh it's virus it is a operation across renew drew one th one fourth year now video and also a new Subaru now the difference between blood pressure no any heart attack nice a blood pressure near say the way the fossa walk Amano upon payment pokémon o kaiser upon pay ya occur tuna a B and C fresh aa fresh and Ibis queasy Mooji and a free walk Mahmoud echo obody nominal your friend systolic I myself come on Oh relax yet their friend diastolic idiot systolic me as I walk Amano at a casino an episode in Hebei 120 I myself come on also relax here if I saw in our Bay 80 between blood pressure on us a South force my Walkman educational circles Ramada 128 the suppression of culture and kasra risk a bonanza of blood vessels a by pi mu pea and ham aquino stroke in Aleppo bein honest a do not be riobueno be mu SE and insu idiot mean yeah I do you know a a danger zone PI was alternate what of that mommy and the day I had no no no serious my idea for because you Ohio mu Sullivan input Livorno almost a nominal lucky but the American si so Otis walk money your yeah don't hesitate call family doctor non checking mo because our come on idea a very delicate organ fire and to say my dog and I will attend a few so or not is of Okuma a bow Polly Polly we call it a petition Otis a phenol a war left chest near ADT aqua Miami and Rudy make a center panel now as I recall family doctor or NOAA checker because a to the be our own designs non-illuminated by obeah designs in Erbil dianna the better selves a call from the doctor was a soreness emergency you and Osama dr. Cady Jana happy now you're gonna say mood a mood of pine to me on corner yom kippur 490 demo betrayin site and Trussell and the antenna The Virginian Canadian Heritage Center the g CH c is a kenyan canadian voluntary nonprofit center affiliated with the Kenyan Association of Ontario this will be based in Toronto as one of its many purposes it will have a unique identity and then also run programs our cater to the interest of the Guinean community in the GTA and other Canadians of other backgrounds the GC HC will serve as a rallying point to bring different Canyon Canadian groups together to share their rich experiences with other Canadians for a healthy growth and for a better community within the GTA a higher grace ventures grace ventures fashion and beauty supply the anemia so what drew her with a bomb on some a Monica care it's unfair all designers knew my baby I wanted to see who celebrate yeah Oh Burberry ma I'm not some probably a bit Samia should be I'm a man who is a sinner who so common and Italian shoes in money ma'am I'm Papa lady's bags blazes sheds watches belt in my from Papua traveling back weeks a massive resilient hair won't submit to me a Judy no Maria was I you see a camel I'm a submissive I will be baby mineus America our dear Betsy annainsea and an ally for any extra or Papa grace 1834 Weston Road Nestle Ontario so Lorenzo an apocryphal six four seven three three one seven zero one one Missy six four seven three three one seven zero one one grace ventures for shouldn't beauty supply dear me Nia Adams WA Greg's ventures as cluesive lien unisex these ventures won't tell you another one blue custome pod yah-tchi you ever much limited new era much limited that one young effectively if it is a syllogism me by your a gallery go to me adjoining anybody cube Rekha Saddam Italy yeah I wanted to okay my home again between our spices always missing oh yeah Petronius top corner Santa Rosa for every new era much you miss it local to Julia for arts away from products to market our i real sewer where blood interfere I'm the attack G overreacted them net or new hearted really hope it's me Eddie I'm open I ordered and ink new error much limited and it over what one for each of your webmaster pickle Toronto Ontario no aeramax limited web chat asleep it's our policy actually of amusement and missus Nami and will form a stick seven four zero seven nine five five let me zoom boom four one six seven four dose up at night by five and knows your baby bear Pune iodine so miele Busan new era mod everywhere T maximum um oh good so cool up on here over a gigantic a mechanic and it out middle person would need I'd say no see a Somalia ma give me a pie dr. Frank an ER in G on the extreme come on heart attack I mama but so cry you know could've warned me I said be subtle doctor me more baby breathe a and Nehemiah atiba any sanction yeah yeah I did you say yeah yeah a heart attack you now yeah Shep complications know what combats sign can beam right now yeah would be better be bossy CEO Beck I am I not just say well who knew yeah sure complications na VI sure according to bits me are preventing complications now complication ed opinion how heart attack man Adam eg wakamono the complications know a bit me sudden cardiac arrest sudden cardiac arrest me to say oh ho Sanna feed Iwakuma not a jibe oh you will be Akuma Bolton when in sudden cardiac arrest no because a new journal intamin combine internal ohon itís a pokémon sec bakra and the type of job on the old machine monitor energy in hot atacama wok money boo but mujin in time incumbency there are some damages we ever bachmann by sudden cardiac arrest lady walk wanna play j bakra just say energy my view is condemn it more no more sudden cardiac arrest attack yeah and i do also a into sudden cardiac arrest me because there is damage to the heart tissue like pokemon oh no there is damage rate in t a mock my interview and then heart failure heart will i know like a fedora commando crying to me mobile pokemon into me ajumma answer to me regularly in twin boogie yeah abundance on NVIDIA muscle it leading to the arrests at sudden cardiac arrest in tomorrow complications an idea so you Nina fat attack on idea the nest and Shanghai now Akuma no any crime would be my video Freeman yeah no but this would be Dahlia won't sure I mentioned to me a heart attack cardiac arrest when and I emo and I feel the air so CV is severe to the stanza I'm Monica on HSN 1-9 bn1 Kashi and she remembered by really develop a similar Anissa so mean I deny Indiana I hate Giannini a lifestyle see a big guy smoking no never seen neon Edie and then some medications John yeah fun I'm makin so you be a okay the moon reduce once man even more come on I say yeah sure yay your journey gave me years and I can oil no I own and i iied no it was not just a bit me up way and I Oh beautiful Oh BP a high blood pressure master say uber control OPP know so all medications waffa waffa knife read they were come true and yes I'm a me heart attack and okra bit me I'm gonna beam stroke come on Watson billion or teen party will you be a water hot attack Libya Muccino gradually money if Rena chakra right yeah but me a treaty yeah very good question so you will be awareness a heart attack man you bitch me treaty in the initial stage know you're summing drew that they a depending on how severe the blockage you know it here cut attack on Pokemon until EB F Rahman on 17 of our kimono and only in T no se Tarantino du Midi DNA say if we do Walkman on with nutrients any Mucha and no oxygen a Markman oxygen Sarawak mono a bit Samia bo-beep assemblies will be HIPAA your family said before nee na r KU mana and my commander on TV before no ain't even it now my why I've been in Nam oh sorry I must say it mushiya Alabama buffoon I say I never my command I say the moment I say I said Vienna assailant in no mercy in cinema sia into me and supply walkman oh it's Mucha DualShock money here Mucha walk Monica's on Suniya Mucha ever Pompeii as any Mujib Yuma , the rest of the body in this a woman in Tunisia what – Minear maybe you a very simple gesture in Tina whoa come on oh no I'm in mercy they're quite personal about my my c-diddy your lifestyle your lifestyle the oil be Brad Amira Zuko let's draw for college Tirana be building up your kind of pluck fluckey I said buildup of fat and the cholesterol Nakul a cocktail a four vessels Manasseh Mundi no not with the Madonna Bantam you are blocking a block and why I don't know yeah you know just only pay beyond the one where were you yeah come be breed nah I'm saying a baby yeah now you're shocked when I bits me I prevent a cry a free yeah Bravo how to prevent and I'll stay away from heart attack okay for preventional usually a medication medication on your beat is a baby aspirin yes bring obeah what those family history not who beats me off a baby a sprain yeah beside that no I mean and we also do any better to Janice and everything was it yeah well in a battle for our sprint idea yeah come on yeah so oba oba good so yeah like what those family history now beat me half a dose baby yes you know a new bitch me up and yet those powerful ones by Mitchell said on for overdose of it nothing's were your lifestyle me it's all draws down to our lifestyle their life it's me create a lifestyle me and these are the prevention because even cuts a Kannamma druid and drew a druid new latina social lifestyle and your mom oh yeah but my cholesterol level across row no not do a lot of exercise oh good we're size before a black man apart into more more exercise no nature medication also would be our bps and I'm dick and I am Oh take your BP medication yes which makes me led mm-hmm it's one normal medication of abhi Pina a bitch me now Oh bitch me a heart attack on them Samina so okay not mania when you be crashes so no advice bear now or the Bama no the wannabe no usually a very serious in T the best thing I said so be a new in chair over a friend I want one now I call a median see because imagines you know Yabba Yabba Yabba run some tests yeah okay the outcome and I said senator Kirk I know so was print a nice a nitroglycerin and no no it'd be really was up in a war chest muscle then the the very best in my mister over hospital never honest and testable ECG test a vertical troponin any other Testament because I know sandy Boomhauer EBIT written Ultima Castlevania heart attack what no feel any and mister Almighty for an Oda just in case a a banana don't stay home and yes I am winner sudden cardiac arrest c'mon BJ bakra new do not see who you bina Musso a heart attack my intern Panna so go to the medians mean Iran yes I'm it's me moon you dr. Adel amoeba so churches sorry I mean it's a window sorry nanny a friendly heart attack and when you're in your own effing heart attack in pool and yoky and now we – well good energy so OB wha mi casa Oh heart attack no and a heart attack and a man Mui see it be aware a still heart attack regardless a woman assumed William a soul heart attack with me treaty yeah it's a treaty so you heart attack man in the early stage you know you with me a treaty I bet he never had the level of blockage no your head level of blockage my bitch me amount drew not afraid year at this overdose blockage a blockage blocking me yes come on I block it and then the big TV I just said welcome on my block hey we don't want your heart to be blocked the vessels new to me more the Ambassador blocky as soon as I it gets blocked man and I'll be honest attack sound block yeah you don't have heart attack it's a block here you have heart attack in Tibet my Ania mana moon blocky everything I any on the moon blocky mo son a baby before frightening you know I know you ha yes a block here in the fur my heart attacking oh yeah but I'm blocking yeah yeah yeah yeah a regardlessly you have to come and change doctor ask me a mood upon I'd also said we never powered by a battery and the emergency I mean Shaka Papa now you near my that's not kind of foreign oh yeah cholesterol cholesterol 100 your no not near my son emoney nyah it see ya next time Rebecca but cholesterol something a yeah affecting the equation above boomer Makabe cholesterol and see I always monster tuned to a better you none less time the back about cholesterol right right because of your mercy on us element you know and cholesterol you need yeah my sole crime will be crossing near and far whether you are rich or fat slim and follow your doctor Frank okay now you know yeah I know a church in Como and they were the better you so we are talking about hack attack and see new person doing a bridge anybody Namie of acid I am grace benches and they won't tell you what I did would blue say was so yesterday now you're faster WM say whaa mi Universal home improvements yeah yeah say that BM so as I am my dominion international shipping you're faster WM my new era I know my age ready again Nikki Nikki Nikki come quack @k you yes honey after that yes see I'm a black star fast shipping so no so a bit kind of who said my PI ad no other boy I mean it's I mean I said Morimoto anyone from my average MIDI and my Nemco so you and your not your best saying so I can say well by Albert higher who and why would I buy está bien está con carne de bois with me the opinion I share my muniya I no Beauty no no no swing it my dear so and facile Yamuna I said yesterday be my walk and see a paw Emma the check of Pentecost and it sorrento assembly a yamaki on and send a one DBA are to me a papaya papaya cuz they riding on coupon also i and so on my new ensure on you now and you can see a euro media say that my brother Frank I name honest Netaji and anna-marie yeah I said that being said yes am i Deutschland win armoire and a magic Maddie you need gave me a Canadian coin slamming on omakase vomiting pass over YouTube now are subscribing I'm a video I enforce oh dear Emma OPA I mean show no I know Casey median mommy Atena that's the name I am Connie ammonia your best side it's not see a drinking it does see [Applause]

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