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hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be showing you guys an example of what I eat in a day postpartum while I am breastfeeding so for breakfast I like to have a really big breakfast and I always start off with some type of a scrambled egg mix so I'm putting in this chicken sausage and it's the roasted pepper and Asiago flavor and I just used one of these chop it up throw it in a pan and I also like to throw some pepper whether it's green pepper orange pepper or whatever and I like to throw that in a pan with some olive oil and kind of cook that up for a little bit and then while that's cooking I chop up some organic cherry tomatoes organic baby spinach along with some fresh cilantro as well so then I'm gonna start on my oatmeal and these are just quaker oats i generally buy the organic ones if they are available but i usually just do four to five scoops of that and then some almond milk this is the almond coconut blend it's so good this one's actually my favorite but I can't always get that either so whatever almond milk will work and I just cover the oats and pop them in the microwave for two minutes so then I'm taking two organic eggs and throwing them in the pan with my sausage and pepper as you can see the sausage has started to brown up bless you good with you and then I throw in my veggies as well I like to keep the cilantro and do that fresh right at the end so I keep that a separate but then I'm just seasoning it with salt garlic powder and then I've been using this mrs. – onion and herb seasoning which is really good so I'm throwing some of that in there and then letting that cook up also some pepper and then I just kind of mix it around also if you can hear babe in the background he has learned to blow bubbles with his lips so he is doing that constantly lately but anyway I'm taking my oatmeal out and stirring it around letting it cool and then I'm actually gonna go ahead and add some feta cheese I don't always do this but it gives a lot of great flavor and I just do about a tablespoon of it and then throw in my cilantro and that is it my eggs so in my oatmeal I like to do dark chocolate chips I always buy the darkest chocolate that I can find and then whatever fruit I have on hand so usually some type of berry blueberry strawberry whatever I have and that is my breakfast I always have it with a vitae Coco coconut water the original flavor and yeah that's my breakfast so this day while I was out running errands I brought one of these kind almond and coconut bars with me they are so good I highly recommend this flavor and then I also got a Tim Horton's iced coffee with extra soy milk for lunch I had a chicken fajita type thing with a side salad so I'm just taking this chicken pepper and onion mix from the night before and throwing that in the microwave to warm it up and then taking a small corn tortilla and putting some Chobani Greek yogurt on it and I love using plain yogurt as a substitute for sour cream it's just a little bit better for you and yeah I always use a little extra since it's better for you I feel like I can use more of it so I'm using that and then throwing in my chicken and veggies along with some Frank's Red Hot Sauce so good and it really helps mask the flavor of the yogurt so then I'm just having the side salad mix of cabbage and romaine lettuce it also has dried anumana in it sunflower seeds in a sweet onion dressing so if you are a mom yourself you know they always become hungry right before you eat so I was just feeding and really quick and then I'm making myself a lemon water and enjoying my lunch so a few hours after lunch I was having a bit of a sweet tooth so I had these Orchard Valley dark chocolate blueberries they're so good in such a treat and I also had these with a Clementine so for dinner I was craving a caprese salad so I took some baby spinach threw that in a bowl along with some organic cherry tomatoes and I like to just chop those in half so I did that and then I'm also taking some fresh mozzarella pearls and throwing those in I love these because you don't have to cut it up they're so easy to just kind of reach in and sprinkle on whatever you want to use them for so yeah I did that and then I'm also using some balsamic vinaigrette I did not mean to buy the light version I generally don't do that because they usually have like fake sweeteners and things in them so I didn't mean to do that but I'm also using a little bit of olive oil and then on the side I'm having some simply naked pita chips and hummus so after I put the baby to bed I'm always a little bit hungry it's generally around two hours before we actually go to sleep so I've been loving this Stonyfield organic low-fat vanilla yogurt it's so good but it's not too sweet so I like to throw through on top of this today I chose to use strawberries and just cut those up sprinkle them over the top and then I'm also taking this fair naked granola in the cocoa and cashew butter flavor and I really just like to do this for looks I did not need the extra sugar this day I had had enough sugar but I just sprinkled a little bit over the top to make it pretty and a little extra yummy so yeah I really hope you guys enjoyed seeing this what I eat in a day postpartum breastfeeding edition and if you want to see more videos like this give it a thumbs up I love you guys so much and we'll see you in the next one bye guys you


  1. I like that you seem to eat plenty! I’m breastfeeding and I’m always so hungry. I’m trying to reel in my diet a lot more now that my little one is almost 10 months and some baby weight is hanging around. Some videos I’ve seen are unrealistic for me but this seems doable 😊

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  3. Everything looks so yummy!! I am breastfeeding and I eat a lot of stuff that you have eaten but my daughter gets bag gas pain a lot. Do you find you son gets gas or is it just a normal baby thing? I’m a new mom so just curious 😊 Also the baby noises are adorable lol I live in Canada so Tim Horton’s Ice Caps our life😋😋 Just started a YouTube channel and would love your support 🥰

  4. Wow, that's super healthy! I especially like what you made for breakfast. I should eat more like this!

  5. I usually do a giant breakfast too. Breastfeeding is hungry work and I always feel like my stomach is eating itself when I get up in the morning. Haha!

  6. More pleas!!!!

  7. Everything looked yummy! What did you season the chicken with that you put in the fajita? I’m inspired to eat healthier now. Very good video. Please do more like this!

  8. I love your videos ;; your baby so cute :please tell me calorie you take in the day

  9. Everything looked so good!! That chicken fajita looked amazing!! And yayyyy for
    Tim hortons! I thought that was only in Michigan and Canada!

  10. The baby noises were so cute ❤️❤️ everything looks so yummy and healthy!

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