HEALTHY WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (Quick & Easy Meals) 2019

hey guys good morning welcome back to my channel my name is Taylor if you're new here for today's video I'm going to be showing you guys what I eat in a day I do typically try to eat healthy for like the most part obviously I'm not perfect but yeah just gonna show you guys what a typical day of eating looks like for me so yeah let's get it okay so I decided to make some avocado toast it's just super quick and easy I'm just using this Ezekiel Sesame it's floralis sprouted grain bread it's freakin good and I'm gonna you know put this all together make some avocado chest ice but not least we're gonna put some crushed red pepper on here just reflect I love spice and this is just such a great combination okay damn this looks so then but this is definitely a go-to breakfast of mine just because it doesn't take very long to make and it's freaking delicious I freaking love this so much we can some coffee I cannot survive the morning without my cup of coffee I will probably murder somebody alright so I'm just gonna sit down and enjoy my cup of coffee it oh my gosh my cat it's been crazy yeah I'll check back with you guys for lunch by the way what do you think of my mug isn't it so freakin cute it's just a little minion I freaking love it it's adorable what's up guys it's about three o'clock right now so I'm about to start making some lunch finally getting hungry so yeah let's do that okay so I'm thinking about making some chicken and then having some a sweet potato mochi with butter and sage with that I've never tried this one I usually get the cauliflower enoki but they're like completely out of it when I went to the store yesterday so yeah it looks pretty good so I'm sure it will be then also on the side I'm gonna have some kale chips oh my god I thought I was open and we're gonna spill okay yeah let's get this done so I'm gonna make the kill tips up with some olive oil some garlic powder some salt and also a some but black pepper and you get a doughnut throw it in the oven and let it cook for like I think 12 minutes okay so I was just cooking and I look out and I freaking see this look how cute my chat is today these are her clothes I can't handle you right now you're just too cute okay so we got everything cooking and this is a sweet potato no Kedar she looks really good and then over here we restarted the chicken I just seasoned it with onion powder pepper salt and garlic powder okay can we just take a minute to appreciate how good this looks like damn hey guys so I'm gonna make dinner in a little bit but first I'm gonna have like a little snack it's super light so it's not really gonna be in that filling but it is this organic Oersted teriyaki seaweed it is so good I'll show you guys once I open it what it looks like so this is what it looks like it's literally looks like seaweed but it is really crunchy so it's almost like we have to kind of not really you're also just the perfect snack if you're having like a salty craving so yeah I'd recommend checking these out I freaking love them these are not cute to use this is not cutie I've literally tried to ignore this like many times I'm having dinner is totally right now but that's okay it happened but yeah I'm gonna make something super simple because pretty blazing it so yeah we're just gonna make something quick and easy and I'll show you guys what that is so I'm just making this rice cauliflower some garlic shrimp and asparagus this will all be really quick and easy to make this one like cooks in the oven for like 10 minutes this one cooks on the skillet for like I don't know like six minutes and this one also goes on the skillet just like to heat it up and yeah it's gonna be it slippin on me and easy to make oh I just put the asparagus in the oven I just put salt pepper and garlic powder and then toss to that's very good and olive oil so yeah that's cooking it takes about like 10 minutes I would say and now we're just gonna start cooking the shrimp and cauliflower rice so so I just got my shrimp cooking in some butter and now I'm gonna add in some minced garlic just for that you know garlic a shrimp next we're gonna add some onion powder just for more flavor also going to add some garlic powder dinner is served and this looks so a freakin fire okay I'm kind of feeling like I want something sweet now so I'm just gonna enough tonight having a few of these dark chocolate covered pretzels these are so good I would say that's like a healthier option for dessert because it is dark chocolate and then it's just pretzels obviously I'm not perfect I donate healthy 24/7 but I do try to like 95 percent of the time yeah I do have my auntie days but that's totally fine I love living my life like in moderation and I just think that's like a great way to live anyway I hope this video gave you some good ideas for some healthy food options eating healthy doesn't have to be like so I'm crazy like cooking show like most of my meals that we take like under 30 mins to make you know what you're just kind of find foods that you like and you know figure out the little shortcut to eating healthy and yeah we can do it together and it'll be great what I really hope you guys enjoyed this video I had a great time filming it so I'll definitely not force you subscribe for more if you did enjoy this video and make sure to give it a thumbs up and really appreciate it and also leave me a comment down below on your way out yeah so you guys are right next video thanks for watching bye


  1. hey girly loved this video and the other ones I’ve watched 🙂 I would love to become friends as I am a new YouTuber looking for friends to experience this journey with 🙂 let me know if you’d like to!! I subbed 💜💜

  2. Why does every girl eat avocado toast😂😂

  3. I’m dyingggg at the seaweed snack part 😂💕 awesome video I always need meal ideas!!

  4. Great tips😘👍🏻💕💕

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