Healthy water for a healthy life: Havells DIGITOUCH

in India rapid urbanization has led to the pollution of rivers and water bodies more than 1 lakh people died of waterborne diseases every year and 70 percent of India's water supply is polluted with sewage effluent we all need clean drinking water to stay healthy and sustain our life we're changing lifestyles and environmental factors a water purifier is not just an option but an absolute necessity for you and your families Goodell in a market cluttered with similar products Pavel's is committed to making a difference in the consumers lives every day through our innovative products introducing a revolutionary water purifier from the house of a votes it is based on the philosophy that advanced technology and futuristic design when come together they create a delightful experience for the user it's forward-thinking design complements your kitchen decor and its simplicity is backed by the advanced technology that works relentlessly to give you safe and healthy drinking water always what makes Havel's water purifier unique is the fact that it has a powerful 8 stage purification process to remove all complex impurities it adds back wide spectrum of natural minerals and trace elements that are removed in the filtration process and makes it easier to absorb and hydrates your body the eighth stage purification process is divided into pre purification purification and value-adds membrane performance enhancer prevents the scale formation on ro membrane thereby increasing its life sediment cartridge removes visible and coarse impurities activated carbon cartridge removes organic hidden impurities and improves life and performance of the RO membrane during purification two-stage 100% water passes through RO membrane followed by germicidal UV purification to ensure absolutely safe and healthy drinking waters its innovative WV technology free circulates the purified water stored in the tank every four hours which enhances the level of oxygen and prevents the contamination of water tank to deliver safe and fresh water round-the-clock minerals cartridge senses and balances the pH of the water by adding wide spectrum of natural minerals with trace elements what's more it's silver impregnated taste enhancer it gives a sparkling texture to the water revolutionary revitalizer realigns the water molecules and makes it biologically active that improves mineral absorption and hydration these water purifiers are not just great to look at but also big on convenience our experts with decades of experience in water purification technology have developed them keeping the consumers in mind it measures and dispensers programmed volume of water in a glass or bottle free flow option for large containers just press the desired dispense option for three seconds to commence the water flow once the decide is dispensed press any dispense option to set the program of your choice it is truly smart with aesthetically designed and advanced indicators its starch family changes color from blue to green and amber which represent purification in process tank full and WV purification in progress respectively ultra diagnostic system diagnoses the performance of vital components to ensure optimum performance and display error codes in case of unlikely failure or error and stops water purification in case of an issue so that 100% pure water is guaranteed all the time whereas UV indicator blinks if something is not right with a UV filter its preventive maintenance indicator notifies periodic maintenance and service requirements it also monitors the cartridge life and gives alert when filter replacement is due but what makes it trustworthy is that it comes from the house of apples one of the fastest growing consumer durables companies in India with an experience of serving you for over 30 years these advanced water purifiers are set to sweep the Indian consumers by storm and change the game forever we are committed to help our consumers lead a healthy and active life Pavel's making a difference

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