Healthy Vegetarian Meal Prep! – MUST TRY!

hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be doing a meal prep video and I have never done this on my channel before and it's because I'm kind of new to this whole meal prepping thing but I never ever tried meal prepping it just wasn't something that I really felt like would benefit me but it wasn't until I was eating lunch one day and I was like Kara you eat so bad at lunchtime I eat so much processed stuff and it's usually because I don't have a lot of time or I'm just really really lazy at lunchtime and I was like you know what maybe if I just meal prep a whole bunch of vegetables and stuff I can just one mom up in the microwave and I have nice healthy meals every single day at lunchtime and I don't have to worry about cooking every day and so I tried meal prepping and I loved it so if you're somebody that wants to kind of change your lifestyle maybe eat a little bit healthier I definitely recommend this vegetarian since it's gonna be a vegetarian meal prep but it's really good and really healthy so I hope you guys like this video if you want to see more meal prepping videos let me know but the meal prep we're gonna do today is actually one of my favorites this has two of my favorite vegetables which are cauliflower and Brussels sprouts so I think you guys are really gonna like this it's my favorite one that I've done and I just kind of wanted to share with you how easy it is and how nice it is to have fresh food that's healthy to eat every single day so I hope you guys enjoy this and I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys the ingredients all right you guys so the ingredients you're gonna need are cayenne pepper minced garlic garlic powder olive oil curry powder cumin salt and pepper of course cauliflower Brussels sprouts carrots couscous and garbanzo beans all right so we're going to start off by preheating the oven to 425 degrees and then we're going to prep our vegetables so we're gonna be putting three different types of foods on this tray and we're gonna cook them all together and this makes it so fast and so easy so you're just gonna line a pan with some tinfoil for easy cleanup and then you're going to take your garbanzo beans and you're going to open them and drain them and then you're also going to rinse them under some water just to get the juice off and you're going to put it on one half of the tray so for the spices we're going to be using mild curry powder and cumin and you just want to generously sprinkle the seasonings on there and I also sprinkled some salt and pepper on there as well because I put salt and pepper on pretty much everything so just going to sprinkle those two ingredients on there and then kind of mix it up with your fingers and that is basically it for the garbanzo beans so now we're gonna be doing the cauliflower and I love cauliflower it's one of my favorite vegetables I could literally eat like two heads of cauliflower a week but you're just going to cut it up and then break it into bite-sized pieces and put it on one half of the remaining part of the tray and then we're gonna go in with carrot as well I decided to do carrot you could really pick whatever vegetables you want for this but I did two full size carrots I don't bother peeling them I just make sure I wash them really well and I cut them at an angle so each piece is a little bit bigger so now we're gonna go ahead and season these vegetables with the carrots I decided to just do salt and pepper I feel like that's really all carrots need to be good to be honest and then for the cauliflower I just drizzled a tiny bit of olive oil you can skip the olive oil altogether if you don't want to put it on there but I just feel like it helps the seasoning stick a little bit and then we're going to be putting some garlic powder and then a little bit of cayenne pepper just a little bit it depends on how much spice you want but I do cayenne pepper and then salt and pepper as well so now we're just gonna pop those in the oven for about 15 minutes and when the timer goes off you just want to stir the chick piece a little bit so you can get them brown on all sides and then just set your timer for another 15 my biggest tip is probably just to watch the vegetables I don't really have a set time for them but I would say about 30 minutes give or take and then we're gonna be doing the Brussels sprouts so you want to rinse them of course and then we're gonna cut the little stem off and then cut them in half now sauteing brussel sprouts is like the key to Brussels sprouts it makes them so good and you really want to make sure that you basically burn them and it just makes them a million times better I love really really charred Brussels sprouts so we're going to put a little bit of olive oil in a pan turn up the heat to about medium-high and just throw the brussel sprouts in and the key to them is to not stir them too often because you really really want them to get that like dark crispy kind of brownish black color and it makes them really good so when you feel like the pan it's kind of like starting to dry out a little bit just throw in a little bit of cold water and this is gonna help the Brussels sprouts kind of cook all the way through you don't want to add too much water just a little bit here and there and then also salt and pepper but you are going to see after a while that the Brussels sprouts get that really nice charred black look and it is so good just remember not to stir them too too often but this is probably my favorite part of the meal to be honest I just love them all right so now we're gonna be doing it the couscous because I love couscous is one of my favorite like carbs but if you are watching your carbs you could definitely do like quinoa or something and quinoa is really high in protein so that's really good if you are like working out and you're trying to get more protein in your diet but I love myself some couscous so I'm just gonna make this and my little secret is to put pumpkin seeds in your couscous now I put pumpkin seeds and everything to be honest I think I talked about this in my last video but I do put couscous on everything but it's really really good in the quinoa so I just kind of mixed that in there and it adds more protein which is always a plus and that is it for all of the food we've got our chickpeas that are really nice in season we have our spicy cauliflower and our carrots and then the Brussels sprouts and the couscous also delicious and when you put them together they're amazing so to plate this you just want to get a bowl put the couscous at the bottom and just sprinkle all of the different vegetables on top one thing that I really like to do though is use spinach as another side I don't cook the spinach I just eat it raw but I do put that on top usually I just didn't have any on hand at this particular day but usually I will add spinach because it is really healthy and that is basically it it's delicious and then I always feel like it needs a sauce so I use these craft Aeolis when is Chipotle one is garlic these are really really really good so if you don't want to make your own sauce if you're too lazy I highly recommend these they are full of flavor and I just find them really delicious so that is it guys for the plating and I'm telling you it's so satisfying so to plate these up or I guess to package these up to put them in the fridge I just put my couscous into its own separate Tupperware and then I have this really cool Tupperware here that's kind of separated and I just put all the sides in there and I just stick it into my fridge and it's really really easy and this probably will last me three to four days you can make as much as you want it's totally up to you it just depends on how much food you want but that is it guys that is the meal prep I hope you guys like this and if you did please let me know if you guys want to see more of these because I'd be happy to do them and I will talk to you guys in my next video


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