it reminds me of a chocolate that we have that's in the UK that often comes out at Christmas time called Terry's chocolate hey guys his guys welcome back to my youtube channel today it's another amazing meal prep for you these meal prep videos have been going down so well on my youtube channel I decide to decide to do another one and this one is a beauty I promise you it's hearty tasty amazingly quick and healthy meals I'm gonna do breakfast lunch dinner and a sweet treat as well so this will have you covered for four days I'm going to do 16 meals in total the reason I only do four days worth is because after that the meals aren't as fresh and what is tasty anymore so yeah let's get straight into it first up I'm gonna do the main meal because that that's the one that takes the longest but don't worry it's so simple it's all made in one pot roughly chop one red onion and mince three cloves of garlic roughly chop one stick of celery and a red patter as you can see I'm not cutting anything perfectly it's all quick rough and ready I'm going to get it into a pan and this gonna be great preheat a large saucepan over a medium heat add a touch of oil or water when the pan is hot add the ingredients add a pinch of seasoning and allow the mix to soften meanwhile Cubert some squash I'm using the bottom half I'm saving the top half for my lunch dish peel around the squash and remove the seeds chop the squash into small cubes add the squash to the saucepan then add two titles peels and cubed the next adds half a head of cauliflower florets give the ingredients a good mix then pop the lid on so I'm just gonna pop the little now and let it soften slightly and now I'm gonna get the rest of the ingredients for this one pot spanish-style stew ready first step add four tablespoons of sweet smoked paprika add two teaspoons of cayenne pepper squeeze the juice of one lemon into the pot and add the lemon itself so I'm going to give this a good mix now let the sort of paprika and the cayenne pepper coat each piece of the veg inside this pot I've added the lemon because it has a real zestiness there's so much flavor in the zest of this lemon and that's going to cook out nicely and just release all its flavor whilst this one pot stew is cooking make sure you put unwaxed lemons here don't buy that waxed lemons so I'm going to leave this cook for about three minutes before adding the lentils and the chopped tomatoes it's so simple we can then just forget about it pop the lid on and place it stew over a low heat add the chopped tomatoes a bay leaf and a cup full of rinsed lentils add around one cup of stock give the stewar mix and pop the lid on guys those of you that have been following my YouTube channel for a long time have seen me wearing white t-shirts throughout in loads of my videos and I've never got anything on my tops the day I'm wearing my new vegan 100 top for the first ever time when I managed to get some of the stew on it already I'm gutted so I'm gonna pop my apron on but I'm annoyed okay so back to it I'm just going to spiralize some courgette now if you don't have a spiralizer at home you can literally buy free sort of spiral eyes cause yet butternut squash and things like that in the supermarkets I tried spiralizing my butternut squash the rest of the squash that I had left over after this to my machine isn't very good so I'm gonna peel that but if you have a good spiralizer at home it'll be it'll do butternut squash absolutely fine but I'm gonna peel it and make it into a nice ribbon so I'm going to spiralize the rest of these three courgettes peel this and then we're going to blanch that off and make our lunch spiral eyes three courgettes butternut squash and you can even use carrots and other vegetables if you like every now and then check the stoop so this shoe is looking beautiful at the moment it's looking quite thin but the lentils and the potato will help this thicken up and it'll also reduce down slightly so it's going to get really thick and really sort of luxurious pre-heat a large saucepan of water add a pinch of salt so to go with the crunchy veg pasta I'm gonna make a really creamy sauce all is is so simple I've got some of my homemade hummus a little bit of almond milk a lemon some seasoning and some chili so I'm gonna get that into the blender now blend it up and once the courgette and the butternut squash is cooked we will mix in and that's basically the lunch done I'm going to serve it with a few nice little bits and yeah that's it so let's get on with it in a ninja cup add around five tablespoons of hummus add around half a cup of almond milk add a zest of a lemon I'm a juice of 1/2 squeeze it through your hands so you don't get any pips in add a pinch of chilli flakes and some seasoning just get the lid on and blend it up until it's smooth [Applause] the source should be nice and creamy if it's too runny add some more hummus add the courgette to the water if you have a small pan like me you will have to add it in batches cook the courgette for one and a half minutes check on the stew cook the squash around a minute and a half once you've cooked the courgette and squash check the stoop so the student oaken for about 25 minutes just looking great now we're just gonna add some fresh thyme just about a handful allowed this shoe to cook for another 20 minutes so guys my courgette and butternut squash is now cooled and I'm gonna add some chickpeas around about a cup just for I know the hummus is in there mass made from chickpeas but I just want something more substantial a bit of a bite to it so I'm gonna mix those in two then I'm gonna get the sauce in carefully stir the sauce into the veg once you've added the sauce get some containers and plate up your lunch add some spinach to the containers add some shredded red cabbage add some cherry tomatoes have so I've just added a small handful of nuts this lunch is very very light it can be eaten cold or warmed up really really tasty really refreshing the stew is quite bold and rich so I wanted something quite light for lunch it's full of amazing nutrients that are great for our heart our skin our hair it's got full of calcium and protein because we've got the chickpeas and the nuts and spinach really really good for us so it's a great healthy light lunch so now I'm gonna prepare the breakfast then the stew will be ready and I'll plate that up and then I'm going to make our little sweet treat so let's get on with the breakfast check on the stew so for breakfast something really simple a fruity sweet quinoa salad now you may not have had quinoa sweet before but it works really really well and I like to try and get quinoa into my diet as much as possible because it's an amazing source of protein for us vegan so I'm gonna mix this now I got over 2 cups of quinoa but the full written recipe will be on my website to it I'm gonna add some maple syrup if you don't have maple syrup you can use agave nectar and I'm going to add a nice drizzle of that add a cup of frozen berries add a sprinkle of coconut sugar for its nice spicy flavor some mix seeds give it a good mix spoon the quinoa salad into your containers so now I'm going to top this salad with some chopped mint and some fruit top it with whatever fruit you want take an apple with you you can do that on the day obviously because it'll go Brown but just top it with whatever you want top the quinoa with the mango I'm also going to add some kiwi and some orange I'm adding some orange to my salad followed by some coconut flakes so our quinoa fruit salad for breakfast it's nearly done they're just going to chop it with some mint and that's it but first I'm just going to check on our amazing stew it's ready now it's been on for 45 minutes turn it off and it's done so we're just going to finish off the salad and we'll get that plated up and then make our sweet sweet roll up the mint leaves into a cigar then chop right guys the stew is done let's dish it up this stew is one of my favorite thing to eat when it's cold weather but it's also really good in this oh my glasses Steve it's even good in the summer when it's warm because you've got those sort of Spanish II smoked paprika flavors it's so hearty as well just get it in so I've dis this up I've got some left for me to have now you don't need to add any carbs any rice or anything like that because obviously you've got the potato in it so it's going to be really really substantial all I'm going to serve it with because it's so important as vegans have lots of leafy greens and things like broccoli kale and spinach and they get lots of that I've just pre blanched some broccoli and some kale is so important that we get this for all the iron that it has in it it's going to get these into the containers and there it is that's the main meal done I'm going to sprinkle over some seeds for a little crunch it's really important we get some seeds in our diet also so good for you and that's it mamie all done now I'm gonna make a nice sweet treat I'm gonna make some energy balls made from dates I'm gonna make them a chocolate orange flavor roll them in some coconut and they're gonna be so tasty so let's do that now so those energy balls there's quick sweet treats into my Ninja Blender I add some pitted dates I've got two cups going in add the zest of one orange plus the juice of half add some raw cacao powder then blend it up right this is blended up now it's almost turned into like a thick paste on a ball up you wet in my hands between each time so it doesn't stick to me and then I'll coat it in some coconut flakes and that's the sweet treat done wet your hands then roll the mix into balls then straight into coconut give them one final roll then they're ready so there's little truffle e energy balls done trust me these taste good I know it's made from dates but you would never imagine it they're like chocolate orange goodness they're full of fiber they got sugars in there so we're gonna they're gonna energize us they're just really really tasty and nice sweet treat talking of sweet treats like I did in my meal prep for high protein I try and have watermelon every day for the hydration obviously I drink lots of water throughout the day anyway but a watermelon every day never hurt and also I'd like to take two bananas I got some unripe ones because they're going to ripen throughout the week so bananas to go with it as well so there we go there's my third meal prep done some really really tasty meals there feel free to Taylor Li's Taylor these meals to your taste they don't have to be exact like this just put whatever you want in them you can even keep the noodles raw if you want to but this is really tasty this suits me and I can't wait to dig in basically I am going to give them a try if you want to see my other meal prep videos click somewhere on this screen now and you can watch them but I'm pretty happy with myself one thing I will say to help your meal perhaps to speed them up basically just make sure you have everything prepared ready get it all all the ingredients set and then all it all you have to do is cook them it's simple this took me about an hour and the ingredients roughly cost me 18 pounds so which is quite good I think so for four days meals sixteen meals in total I think that's amazing thank you so much for watching I am going to give these a little taste now but I'm gonna let my amazing crew get some nice beauty shots by the way I just put my shirt on to cover up the little splash cos I'm pretending it didn't happen let's give this a taste that is really really good it's surprising when you taste it because you don't expect the quinoa to sort of take on those sweet flavors but it really really does make sure you try that make sure you get lots of mint in there as well it works good on top the only thing is after a few days it may go slightly dark so what I recommend is adding it sort of before you take your breakfast out each day I'm gonna try the lunch now this it's really light and refreshing mmm that is really really light refreshing got her mrs. work this magic got a little kick from the chili and it's still got a nice bite to it the courgette and the butternut squash really really tasty I'm my favorite I know I'm gonna like this my stew so warm in so hearty that it's excellent I still love smoked paprika so much if anyone wants to get me a birthday present when my birthday can't just get me loads of smoked paprika I love it and finally our little energy date balls chocolate orange flavor with a coconut on the outside so let's give this a taste it reminds me of a chocolate that we have that in the UK that often comes out at Christmas time called Terry's chocolate eyes but obviously is not vegan but it literally tastes exactly the same it's amazing mmm that is wicked mmm thank you so much for watching please like share and comment hit the BAL if you want to be part of the notification gang my book is out now you got it thank you so much please subscribe to the channel and see you next time


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