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hey and welcome back to my channel I'm Mariah your dairy state vegan and today we're doing another week's worth of meal preps for two adults for under $30 stay tuned alright so if you've been watching my meal preps you know that they're super simple super fast and super affordable so for today's meal prep we're gonna do an Italian sausage and peppers meal over rice and then we're gonna do a roasted veggie and garbanzo bean with a maple tahini dressing and I'm gonna show you how to make this in about one hour so let's get cooking okay first things first let's go over the ingredients you're gonna need we did buy a splurge item this week with the beyond meat sausages everything else I got from Aldi already had on the fridge but we picked these up for our Italian sausage dish and then for that you're also going to need three bell peppers some portobello mushrooms I got the baby Bella's from Aldi this is optional it says spicy pizza topping it's just chard Inara my husband likes things spicy so I'm gonna add this to that you don't have to use it about 1/3 of an onion and then you're gonna need rice or the starch of your choice if you've been watching my meal prep so you know I use rice a lot it's really affordable and it's really filling we're on a budget and my husband has a pretty physical job and I am almost seven months pregnant so we both need something that will fill our bellies on an affordable price point and then for a roasted veggie and bean dish again you're gonna use the rice I had some leftover green beans in my fridge so I'm going to use those just that they don't go bad and then I've also got two sweet potatoes some brussel sprouts some broccoli and a can of garbanzo beans we're gonna roast those up and then for the dressing I'm going to use tahini you can also use peanut butter if you are I'm you can see we use and love this it's almost gone some maple syrup and then some cayenne pepper for that and then just for some extra seasonings we have salt pepper garlic and then olive oil for cooking and that is all you're gonna need for both of these dishes so let's get the veggies prepped our oven preheated to 400 degrees and we'll get cooking all right so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna take our broccoli onions Brussels sprouts sweet potatoes cut them into bite-sized pieces and get them on our foil lined plant pan to bake in the oven these will take the longest to roast up so this is our first step while we're doing this I also started six cups of rice on the stove I like to cook a lot of rice if there's any left over I use it for breakfast or just for snacks throughout the day so I always cook my rice in big batches you'll notice I did not peel my sweet potatoes I never do I just give them a good clean if you prefer them peeled by all means peel em I just prefer not you you [Applause] all right we have our veg chopped we are not going to roast the garbanzo beans with these because this is a meal we're going to reheat we'll just put the garbanzo beans in our containers we're gonna drizzle this with olive oil salt pepper and garlic and we're gonna put it in the oven to roast and then we're gonna work on our Italian sausage and peppers all right into the end amigo and I'll be back to show you how we're gonna get our Italian sausages going okay so if you have not tried these yet these beyond sausages are amazing I'm using the hot Italians and just one package one package has four sausages and when we add the peppers on the end of mushrooms that will be plenty for five meals made out of this so before we do anything I'm just gonna slice up the sausages I have a skillet with some olive oil warming up because I'm gonna saute and brown these and then we'll take these out of the pan and cook our peppers onions and mushrooms in the oil with the flavoring from the sausages so it's really really really easy and really flavorful I find that because the casings on here are so soft they actually cut best with just a decently serrated butter knife and we're just gonna pop these and our heated up Pam to kind of start cooking and browning and we'll get to cleaning and cutting up our veg over here okay so if you are new to my channel you don't know this trick but with mushrooms you really should not clean them by running them under water they will absorb all that water so all you need is a paper towel and you just thoroughly wipe them down okay so we are going to take our sausages out of here and just move them to the side and all those juices you see in there are what we're gonna cook our veggies down in that's gonna add a ton of flavor if you really wanted you could add a marinara sauce to this I'm not going to we're kind of just going for some really yummy sautéed veggies and sausage but you could definitely add it if you felt like it so I'm gonna put my veggies in here you're gonna let these cook low for about 15 minutes or so during them occasionally and while this is cooking and veggies are finishing roasting in the oven we're gonna rinse our chickpeas and make our dressing for a roasted veggie dish okay / – keenie maple dressing we're gonna use the last of this tahini it's maybe about 1/2 of a cup to 3/4 of a cup again you can use peanut butter if you have that in your house instead tahini is a really affordable sesame seed paste you can get in the ethnic food aisle of your local grocery store to this I'm going to add about 4 or 5 tablespoons of grade a maple syrup I'm just gonna use the last of what I have in this bottle we're gonna crack in some Himalayan pink salt and I'll put in about an eighth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and then we're going to whisk this together give it a taste you can adjust any of those seasonings to taste to your flavor preference but that is all you need for this dressing and then we're just going to set this to the side rinse our garbanzo beans and then we're just waiting for our veg to be done and we can plate y'all and I started this meal prep at 4:05 as you can see it's now 456 it's been one hour and I will tell you it takes significantly longer to meal prep when you're filming it so by the time this is all said and done it should take you about an hour tops and you'll be ready for a week of lunches so I'll come back when it's time to put everything together and show you the final touches all right veggies are roasted our assembly line is set up and ready to go I already have the rice pre-portioned 1 and 1/4 cups cooked rice per container and now we're going to assemble so let's do our sausage and pepper bowls first and then we'll move on to our roasted veggie garbanzo Bowls all right so those are our sausage and veggie bowls and now we're going to move on to our roasted veggie and garbanzo bean both now this is totally optional but I know my husband's gonna want it so I'm just gonna do it for him I'm gonna put a little sriracha on the garbanzo bean bowls and there you have it 10 meals for less than $30 and we are set for a week of lunches I hope you liked this video if you liked it make sure to give it a thumbs up let me know in the comments down below what you think of these meal prep ideas don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any of my videos and I'll talk to you all in the next one thanks


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  4. Wow! You really stretched those ingredients! I spend so much money on my family (4) groceries so I’m glad that I saw this to give me ideas. We love sausage and peppers! We actually had that last week and my 2 year old even cleared her plate. Lol! Sriracha is a staple in my house as well.

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