Healthy v/s Unhealthy Food – Learning Food – Educational Video For Kids

what is it if broccoli yay its holy what is it its logo its unhealthy what is it it's tomato yay it's holy what is it it's me it's unholy what is it it's banana yay it's holy what is it it's beaver what is it it's ceramic yay it's selling what is it it's ice cream what is it it's orange juice yay it's holding what is it it's soft drink tell me by choice think before you eat kids these are jumping it's a term for food containing high levels of calories from sugar and fat with less protein vitamins or minerals excess calories from fast food meals can cause weight gain this may lead towards obesity so kids think before you eat kids these are healthy food having a healthy lifestyle eating well and being physically active helps you to build strong bones grow and develop healthy improves your concentration at school maintain a healthy weight helps you to be alert and active so kids eating these food will make you strong and ten videos you


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  6. Why meat is unhealthy. Meat is healthy.

  7. i could have used this video for kids at school but the videos i have watched have the pronunciation of word Healthy is wrong.

  8. Video seems to be by vegetarians.


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  12. Why meat is unhealthy 😑!?

  13. 0:52 wrong meat is healthy it contains protein

  14. Very gd video

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