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  1. She has great F&B knowledge.

  2. I love u shilpa 😘

  3. Nw

  4. Shilpa Shetty is good enough of bollywood she is looking most beautiful in world l love you

  5. Shilpa you are The Best

  6. Love her…but why her hands give look of old age lady

  7. She is lovely,honest,no fakeness,completely natural….

  8. Nice video. Thnx Shilpa useful video. I like all videos for Shilpa

  9. Please next time try to make it in Hindi or nhi tow please kisise dubbing karva diya Karo

  10. matlab agar koi poor man inn vedios se kuch seekhna tow its impossible for him or her to understood Wat are they talking about

  11. Please try to make it in Hindi too afterall its our national language

  12. Our English is that Gud mam

  13. ye vedios kiske liye banate hain aap log khudke liye yaa hum logon ke liye

  14. I am a big fan of this lady …love love ☺☺

  15. Which suger you eat

  16. Hy shilpa can you guide me how to use coconut oil as a mouth wash

  17. Very healthy her cooking shows

  18. She looks good . It's a shame she is not working in movies or in western media

  19. Please upload new video of workout

  20. हैलो दोस्त, मैं हूँ मस्त कहानियों का लेखक, शब्दों का जादूगर रवी, फीमेल गरमा गर्म बातें करने के लिए या मेरे साथ वटस्प पे रिप्लाई करें, आपका नंबर पूरी तरह गुप्त रहेगा| +91-82-8-90-21-4-66 No call

  21. 😊😊

  22. U can make this drink only if u r rich. It's not for middle class family ppl.

  23. Shilpa itni zyafa patli bhi acchi nhi lagti ho thoda toh haldi ho🙄😩

  24. is pinkvilla running out of good hosts?

  25. Shilpa shetty is my favourite❤️❤️😍😍😘😘😘u are my inspiration n thanx pink villa u did a great job👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  26. Thx mam ur so energetic farhana hamed

  27. Skin care with Shilpa Shetty pls!

  28. Fennel is saunf. Anise is not fennel. I’m wondering if Shilpa Shetty copied the recipes from elsewhere.

  29. Wooow thank you so much for this pyara video I love shilpa ma'am.well done job keep it up

  30. I will definitely by her book for sure .

  31. very nice.. she is always positive.. good to see u…ur evergreen shilpa maam

  32. Shilpa shetty you are really gorgeous and you look very fit and charming always.

  33. Always fit & gorgeous ❤️

  34. What kind of sorcery is this? How can someone over 40 look not a day older than 25? 😮

  35. What syrup?

  36. What is the last thing in smoothie..?

  37. Sweetie pie

  38. What drink is ‘chass’ that Shilpa mentions? Thank you 😊

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