[Applause] hey guys and welcome back to my channel if you are new here welcome my name is Becca I am a registered dietician and I make lots of nutrition and lifestyle and wellness videos here on my channel and in today's video I decided to go back to basics and just do a quick and easy grocery haul I've been sharing a lot of grocery hauls over on my insta stories recently but I decided why not make it a youtube video this time around so that way it can just kind of live forever here on my channel so I just got back from Trader Joe's which is one of my favorite grocery stores in the area my other absolute favorite is Wegmans I would say I'd probably go back and forth between those two as far as my grocery shopping so I just got back and I'm gonna share with you guys everything that I just got how much I spent and then also a few of the meal ideas that I plan on making this week with a lot of this food so I have already done a video here on my channel about how I plan out our meals and grocery shop and do all of that so you can go check out that video if you're curious I pretty much still do the same process and typically I like to find recipes on Pinterest I don't necessarily follow them to a tee but it's just a good way for me to like switch it up and just try new recipes I typically like to keep it simple and straightforward I don't like a lot of fancy ingredients so I just really like to keep it easy especially for weeknight meals so for this week I have four dinners planned out I typically usually plan five dinners and then all the weekends we just kind of figure it out but we are going to be out of the house one night this week we're going to the Eagles game so I'm just planning for meals for this week and then for lunch Matt will typically just take leftovers and like a bunch of snacks to work with him and then I just kind of eat whatever I don't necessarily plan out lunches but will also eat leftovers or roast veggies and or have like tuna or whatever I just kind of throw easy lunches together but for our for meal ideas three of them I got off Pinterest and I'm just gonna go ahead and link those down below so you can just go directly to those recipes so you can see what I'm planning on making or at least what I'm planning on like kind of loosely going off recipe wise so the first one is a quinoa chili one it is like fall in winter we have a pot of chili like literally every single week but I do try and switch it up and try a new recipe so it's not like the same thing all the time which is nice I'm also going to be making a pesto pasta with Brussels sprouts and chicken sausage looks like such a mouthful but I'll also link that recipe down below as well and then lastly the third Pinterest inspired recipe is like lemon chicken with potatoes and zucchini I'm just gonna be like roasting that up one night I mean the other fourth meal that I have planned is one of my favorite just easy weeknight meals that's so good and satisfying and also very healthy and that is a baked spaghetti squash with a ground turkey and just some marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese you literally just slice the spaghetti squash in half roast it and then I just cooked the turkey throw it on top and throw the sauce on top and we literally just eat it out of the squash like a big bowl so very easy weeknight meal we absolutely love that but yeah so let me show you everything that I just got from Trader Joe's okay so the first thing I got was some apples I've got five Honey Crisp apples in here I've been on like such an apple carrot kick lately especially cuz they're in season oh they're just so good next I just got a bag of lettuce I have even more of this in the fridge because I go through this so quickly I eat it all the time in my lunches or I'll throw it in smoothies and sometimes I'll like sautee it and add it to whatever we're having for dinner so we go through a lot of spinach next I got a spaghetti squash like I said we just have this roast it and then have it with ground turkey and sauce and some Parmesan cheese for an easy dinner and it's so good also picked up some Brussels sprouts for that dinner that I was just mentioning with the pasta and the sausage sounds so good also got some zucchini for that like lemon chicken meal that I'm gonna make also got some pineapple because it just looked so good and I can say no so that's it for the produce this week not that much I already have some though like I already have like I said more spinach I have a ton of avocados I have cauliflower already in the fridge I like roasting that up and have me out with lunch especially with hot sauce on it god I also have a bunch of sweet potatoes which I use to roast throughout the week as well we both eat those so not a whole lot of produce this week but I already kind of have a lot in my fridge next I have a bag of raisins we go through this pretty quickly because we like spending them in our oatmeal and then I also got some quinoa or that quinoa chili this is their organic sprouted tricolor quinoa this is a little bit cheaper than the other one so I figured why not go over the tricolor and get fancy and then I also just got a bag of whole wheat penne for that sausage Brussels sprout pasta just realized that I didn't get pissed oh nope didn't just didn't pick it up so I'm gonna have to go back that's annoying I feel like that always happens but that's real life right I got a jar of their organic tomato basil marinara sauce typically I like to make my own sauce I've kind of been out of the habit of making it recently but it's so easy and I honestly think it tastes better than any jar sauce I've ever had but some weeks you just have to get the dark wine so that's what I got I also got two cans of diced tomatoes and then also a can of tomato paste which is for that chili also got black beans and corn which is also for the chili I got a box of these crackers because they are really good I bought these last week and we're just kind of snacking when we were watching like football on Sunday and I really want to get another box because they are so good I also got a carton of organic eggs I typically only really like to buy pasteurized eggs but fortunately share goes it's not carrying them so sometimes you just got to work with what they have okay got some ground turkey which will be for our spaghetti squash dinner got some organic chicken thighs for that lemon chicken meal and then also some sausage for the pasta dish got a container of Parmesan cheese we like to sprinkle this on like the spaghetti squash meal we can also sprinkle this on that pasta dish so I'm gonna make and then also just got some shredded cheddar cheese to put on top of chili also got a half gallon of milk and a lot of you guys have asked me before why I buy whole milk and it's mainly for my husband not so much for me he consumes way more milk or much more milk then I do and he is a really big guy he is six six and he's very active so he needs a lot of calories so this is just one way that I some kind of boosts is calorie intake and we honestly don't have like a whole lot of saturated fat in our like typical diet anyway so not really that concerned about it it's all about balance also got some yogurt these are for Matt takes your work they're just their vanilla yogurt I also got some rustico multigrain bread this is pretty good I like using this for avocado toast Matt makes sandwiches or like with eggs while you ate that too the ingredients are okay they're not the best I like to get I typically like to buy bread that is very just like pure normal bread but you know balanced and I've dabbled in making my own bread and I kind of want to get back into that so if you guys have any tips or like favorite recipes on how you bake your own bread like sandwich bread in particular let me know and then of course I got my favorite dark chocolate omits ever these are seriously so good they are the sea salt and turbinado sugar ones they're delicious they're like just like the perfect little sweet salty creamy crunchy oh my god they're just so good and as far as all of our dark chocolate almonds they're these are like the cleanest ingredients so I love love these and then the very last item I got was just kind of a fun item and I picked up this shelter water I've never had this but I always see it all over social media and people rave about it so I'm excited to try this and I got the orange mango flavor so we'll see how we like it so that is it for my grocery haul is everything that I just picked up from Trader Joe's as far as what I spent I spent just about $85 which is pretty good I think for all that food especially because a lot of it was organic so make sure to follow me on Instagram if you're happy if you aren't following me already because I will definitely be sharing how these meals turn out on my Instagram stories and don't forget I will link down below the meals that I found on Pinterest and I can also link like a blog post how to make spaghetti squash in case you guys want to make that as well but that is all I have for this video guys I hope you enjoyed this grocery haul let me know if you want to see it more in the future and of course make sure to subscribe so you are always in the loop when those new videos go up but thank you guys so much for hanging out today and I'll see you in the next video bye just a younger with the quick fuse I was uptight wanna then lose I was dreaming a bigger things II wanna leave my old life behind not a yes sir not a follower the box the mode have a seat in the foyer taken um


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