hello and welcome back to another video today I'm gonna show you six recipe / kind of meal ideas that are vegan healthy and cheap to make and they're basically what I eat on a weekly basis but I figured I would just put it all together for you and show you how I made them and just get you inspired to make some nice healthy vegan food a little display before we get started I'm not vegan but since the beginning of this year I have really tried to watch how much meat I eat and how much dairy I have predominantly because of how much better I feel on that diet I'm also aware of the art environmental impact that meat and animal produce creates but the main reason I do it it's my own health which is why I sometimes have dairy I have a bit of fish which I make sure I sustainably sourced and I have eggs quite regularly so I'm not vegan however all these meals I've tried to make very vegan friendly I would like to call it plant-based because labeling myself is we cannot own as I hover a negative connotation and still to this a day but also ever look is quite misleading because the vegan promotes almost like a lifestyle whereas plant-based is more about your diet so may I label this is a plant-based recipes well you'll see because you're watching the video if anything I have used isn't then please cut me some sadness it's just some vegan ideas but as far as I'm aware everything is vegan so also you'll find with a lot of the meals that I make I make enough for two portions when I can have that night and then when I can have the next day's leftovers it saves so much money and it's just like a top life hack if you want to save money on meals making enough for the next day before we get started make sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoy it or you are enjoying it so far and make sure to subscribe and join that fam if you want to of course so without further ado let's get on into the video so the first meal that I'm showing you today is fajitas I thought you just can't go wrong with the heaters and ever since I stopped having meat I haven't noticed a difference with just swapping out the meat for kidney beans basically um so first of all I will cut up an onion and fry that off and cut up a whole pepper and slice it up and put that in also a clove of garlic and whilst that's all cooking which will be for about 10 minutes or so I will get my can of kidney beans I will drain it and then put some water in a mug with the beans pop it in the microwave for about a minute and a half and then it all sip it and pop that in with the rest of the ingredients oh then pop some sweet corn some spinach and teaspoon of paprika in there and just wait for that all to cook and then heated up some wraps I'm using two and they are vegan friendly and they're from Sainsbury's and I'm just popping that all and I've also got enough for the next day so the second meal idea is something that I kind of had made up along the way and it's basically kind of like a roasted cauliflower tomato baked but it's not baked I can't really think of any other way to phrase it but basically it's just roasted cauliflower with chopped tomatoes and quinoa and then some other bench it's really easy to make start off by cutting out probably back half a medium-sized cauliflower just into cubes and popping that in the oven in a tray with some oil and a bit of salt then I will cook my quinoa which normally takes about 25 minutes this one that might get the mixed quinoa because it has lots more vitamins and nutrients in it and then I pop in my chopped tomatoes probably a quarter of a vegetable stock cube because I don't want to taste too strong and then I'm putting in my butter beans my sweet corn my peas once that is all heated up I will then dish it up again with a bowl and a tough way as well and then I will sprinkle the roasted cauliflower on top and it is amazing cannot rate it enough of course this would not be complete if I did not include a vegan curry recipe I've absolutely been loving this chickpea korma curry and it actually made me realize that I didn't wasn't going to miss me to talk because I actually enjoyed having chickpeas in my carry more than I enjoyed having chicken so so I start off by using two shallots they are like a sweet small onion I have onions quite a lot so I like to have like a variation of like red white onions and shallots as well but you can use any type of onion I just wanted to use shallots and then I have drained it kind of chickpeas and added that in once the shallots have kind of browned off a little bit and then I'm adding about 2 teaspoons of korma curry paste can make it from scratch but I'm a bit lazy I just get the paste but that is dairy-free and then I would add coconut milk to it and it probably will look a bit runny at first but then it will thicken up you can use coconut you can use creamed coconut I think that's what it's called and it gets in like the tins but I always have coconut milk on my fridge close it's my porridge so I kind of just use that and because what I have and I wait for that to thicken up a little bit and then I will plate everything up and I'm having one Papa John with it as well because you can't have a curry without proper Tom I've had problems our vegan I need to check that the next one it's very unoriginal however I feel like it is obligatory in this video and it is avocado toast so I'm using rye bread I don't have much gluten in my diet because I feel like it makes me feel really sluggish but I do still have a little bit just to make sure that I'm not developing an intolerance to it and this stuff is amazing so I'm using what type is it the village bakery village break we try rye bread and I'm just having one slice of that I'm putting that in the toaster and then I'm cutting up half an avocado and then I'll use my vitelline spread and I will put that on my total and then mash up my avocado put a few crushed chili flakes on top bit of salt and that is a lunch salted and then I might occasionally add like a poached egg on top or a fried egg but I figured for this video just keep it all as vegan as possible so I have this meal every Sunday because I am such a creature of habit and it is a vegan roast there's probably so many more inventive ways that you could have a vegan roast but this is what I do because I find that it's easy and cheap and I really enjoy it so I start off by cutting up two potatoes and I will bore them for about ten minutes and then I would drain them and pop them with some oil and some vital life maybe like a teaspoon of vitae life in the oven for about half an hour forty minutes and then I'll cut up some veg I'm using courgette Long's sprout like the long broccoli this time I try and mix up my veg as much as possible and beans and baby corn and I put the courgettes in first cause in order to take longer and then I will soak some currants I'm using I think those red currants sultanas I think and I'm just gonna soak them in hot water for about 5-10 minutes and then I'll add kidney beans and soak them for another fine and it's maybe and then I will drain them and fry them off in some oil a bit of salt and that is my protein done and I have recently discovered a love for tofu I went to buy one with the other day I haven't absolutely loved it so I need to stop cooking uh cuz I did cook it once I didn't enjoy it I mean I'm cooking it wrong so I need to give that a try because I'm very aware that my protein I'm getting a lot from pulses and beans and stuff so I need to make sure that I'm not having a protein deficiency so yeah just a little FYI sidebar for you there and and then I will plate it all up and as you can see again I've got a Tupperware which I will have for the next day and my plate and that was amazing and the last thing that I wanted to show you was my berries and granola dessert or snack idea and it is amazing I do make a really epic vegan crumble but I didn't include this because it's not difficult but it takes a lot longer I mean it doesn't take that long but I didn't want to clear it cuz I wanted this to be really simple and easy but if you want to see my vegan crumble recipe that I will definitely do a video or even just put it up in my head stir gram if you don't follow me make sure to follow me on rosy sugar on Instagram because it is amazing and it's like this but just a little bit more complex but this one is my berries and granola and basically I will just put in a handful of frozen berries in the microwave for about two minutes and then I will take it out and pop some of this Lizzie's granola on there which is amazing it's really low in sugar and it's got really simple ingredients and I love it and then I will stir that all up and then I will add some of this Swedish glass glass Swedish glass ice cream which is incredible if you have not tried it you are missing out because it tastes you would be as tell the difference like my whole family eat it and they're not dairy-free look it's amazing and I will put about spoonful of that in and then I will put a bit more granola and that is like an amazing fast dessert and then if I have more time and I'll make my crumble because I am literally a massive crumble fan also I've recently discovered the out Pro custard which is incredible look you need to try that as well so that is all for today's video I hope you've enjoyed these meal slash recipe ideas and if you want to see more make sure to comment below because I love cooking and I have loved cooking even more since I have started developing more of like a vegan root in my diet I hope you've been doing this video and I will see you in the next one bye


  1. I don’t want to sound completely stupid but as a Coeliac I was told that wheat, barley and rye are all gluten so rye bread isn’t gluten free! I loved this video though, thanks for making it!! xxx

  2. Really interesting and tasty recipes πŸ˜‰

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