Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss | Excellent Effect 5 Tasty Fat Burning Soup

Excellent effect 5 tasty fat burning soup. Do not you think that soup is high calorie
food? This time we will introduce a fat burning
soup – using material with weight reduction effect. Soup is a popular food – that you can delicious
throughout the year. Soup is delicious – even on hot summer days,
but there are many people – who are looking forward to the warm soup of the coldest season,
no matter what. The soup turns into a tasty – and ideal fat
burning soup depending on the ingredients you add . In this video I will introduce tasty – and
effective fat burning soup recipe. Fat burning soup with weight reduction effect:
It is not good to diet only in spring and summer – when it becomes light clothes. Cold winter is actually an effective season
for diet and exercise. As the temperature drops, it tends to stay
tightly in the room, but autumn and winter also actively move, let’s keep health by ingesting
healthy nutrition with fat burning soup. I will introduce fat burning soup. Reiki Soup: Leishy (Polonegi) called Seiyonagi is a delicious
vegetable – that fills your stomach very much. Add nutrients effective to individual flavor
and fat burning to the soup. Material: 1 leek of green onions,
1 onion, 1 piece of garlic,
1 carrot , Vegetable broth (vegetable soup),
Small amount of olive oil, Salt and pepper, How to make: Cut the leeks, onions, garlic as finely as
possible. Put a small amount of olive oil in the pot,
stir fry, leek, onion and garlic until slightly brown. Add peeled corn cut carrots to the pan. Add vegetable broth, season with salt and
pepper according to your preference, and simmer for 20 minutes. Please drop it from the fire and put it on
a pudding processor or blender to make it creamy. Please warm it again before eating. Cabbage, tomato, celery soup:
The material of this soup is very healthy, not only has a fat burning effect – but also
fills the stomach – so that you will not get hungry at eating snackly between horses. It is recommended that you make it a little
more, save it in small pieces, and eat it throughout the week. Material: 1/2 cabbage,
6 onions, 6 tomatoes,
Three celery stalks, 2 green peppers (large),
Water or vegetable broth (no vegetables), How to make: Cut the cabbage as small as possible. Cut the onions and tomatoes cut. Slice slices of celery and green peppers. Put the vegetables in an enamel saucepan or
your pot, add water or vegetable broth until 3/4 of the pot. If you adjust the flavor with salt and pepper,
simmer for 30 minutes or until vegetables become soft. If you stop the fire, please enjoy it before
it cools down. If you decide to divide, please warm again
before eating. Asparagus soup: Asparagus soup can be deliciously – eaten
all year round. And it is a delicious soup rich in flavor
– than you think. It is a low-calorie soup with a feeling of
fullness – and weight reduction effect. It is a soup you would like to try by all
means using materials – that promote weight loss during the cold season. Material: A bunch of asparagus,
1 potato, 1 leek of green onions,
Vegetable broth (vegetables are gone) 1/2 liter,
Salt and pepper, How to make: Peel off the potatoes and cut into smaller
cuts. Boil the potatoes at low temperature by putting
potatoes in a pan containing water with slightly added salt. Put the chopped green onion in a pan. Cut off the roots of asparagus and prepare
it, add it to the pot after slicing. Add water or vegetable broth, then season
with salt and pepper until boiled until all ingredients are soft. When you drop it from the fire put it in a
pudding processor or a blender to make it creamy. Please warm it before eating. Pumpkin soup:
Pumpkin, a rich vegetable, is a low-calorie soup effective for fat burning. Please try the pumpkin soup which is easy
to make, has a feeling of fullness, rich in nutrients. Material: 1 pumpkin,
1 piece of garlic, Water or vegetable broth (no vegetables),
1 tablespoon cottage cheese, Small amount of oil,
Salt and pepper, How to make: Peel the pumpkin and cut it into corners. Cut the garlic in half and crush it. Put a small amount of olive oil in a saucepan
and fry the garlic. Then add squash and then season the soup. When all the ingredients are softened, remove
them from the fire and put them in a blender or food processor together with the cottage
cheese to make it creamy. Please try it immediately! Broccoli cream soup: Broccoli is a superior vegetable – that contains
a lot of nutrients and ingredients, but has a low calorie feeling fullness. Besides this cream soup recipe, there are
countless recipes of broccoli. Material: Broccoli (450 g),
1 potato, 1 cup of skim milk (or your favorite milk
or fresh cream), 2 cups of vegetable broth (vegetables are
served), Salt and pepper, How to make: After washing broccoli, cut off the flower
bud, boil it with a small amount of salt. Cut the potatoes when peeled , add to the
broccoli . When broccoli and potatoes are boiled, cut
off the water and put it in the blender. Add skim milk or cream and vegetable broth. If you like it with your choice, put it on
a blender. When it becomes creamy, return it to the pot
and boil. Add water or milk as necessary to make it
your desired hardness.

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