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ah hey guys things in as you guys know I always only go traveling a lot but when I'm in New York I got my routine might go to healthy things that are easy to make as I very lazy and I want to share them with you I'm going to be sharing with you my recipe for oatmeal my recipe for a smoothie that I usually have after workout and a recipe for a chia seed pudding so let's get cooking so the first step of making my famous meal is I take 1 cup of water and a little pinch salt and I'm going to bring this to a boil I'm not going to have anything else now that we have a boil going I'm going to dump the oats in and I'm using half a cup of Bob's Red Mill whole grain roll oats old-fashioned so half a cup I'm actually going to lower the flame a little bit and the first thing I like to dump in is one sliced banana and I always putting the banana in now because it almost melts a little bit and makes the oatmeal a bit sweeter and they're like mush here I'm going to add one spoonful of peanut butter and this peanut butter is my favorite peanut butter on earth it's from Hawaii from North Shore goodies and it's all natural coconut peanut butter and it's the healthiest peanut butter I found it has very low in fat and carbs which is not typical for peanut butter but it makes the oatmeal a bit creamier and sweeter and it's good source of protein now the dots starting to melt and get in there I'm going to add a little bit of sweetness this is just like a little squeeze of honey it looks like a lot because it's been sitting in the spoon just a little a little bit of honey and now I'm gonna add a spoonful of chia seeds and I might add chia seeds because it fills me up quite honestly and keeps me going throughout the day and it's also a good source of protein cinnamons I got a little sprinkle to enhance the flavor and depending on how you like your oatmeal if you like it a little bit warrior we like it thicker is how long you just depends on how long you keep it on the eye but I like mine and voila a healthy snack or breakfast or whatever it's easy to make literally took me all the five minutes it's full protein it's healthy and it keeps me full until the next meal so next on the list is my smoothie which I'd love to have after a workout it's full of really good stuff that I'm going to be showing you the base of this movie is actually really interesting this company is based out of Charleston my hometown and it's called blender bombs and it's a really cool concept it's basically these basically these balls he's first offical but essentially I think of them as like a protein ball but they're like this and they come in different flavors and you can literally eat them as a snack on for on-the-go or you can throw them into a blender and they're the base of the blender and this one is the coffee almond butter and cacao flavor and it has almonds coffee cacao dates pecans flaxseed Hintze chia seeds walnuts Romany vanilla pecan and cinnamon so instead of having all these ingredients that you have to buy to make your smoothies it's all this one although she's throw it in and then I'm going to add a bit of ice and I view one banana I already froze my banana because it makes this movie bit thicker which I like then I'm gonna add a scoop of collagen protein from wild pass just add one scoop and then for a little bit of greens I'm going to add a scoop of fresh greens and it's an alkalizing superfood and it has three to four servings of my daily greens already in the smoothie just very scoop and I know that already has and my mom already fgt I'm just gonna add just a little bit more so it keeps me full and I want to use unsweetened vanilla almond milk the vanilla adds a little bit of flavor as well don't know how much I'm going to need I like to add a bit and then if it's too thick add a little bit more so I go along the way make sure this is almost hey add a little bit more and there we go a green so my next healthy easy snack actually inspired by Irishmen burned herself she taught me this one and it's so easy and so good all it is is almond milk and chia seeds and then whatever toppings you want to put on top so here she take the almond milk again I like to use unsweetened vanilla next just chia seeds and it doesn't really matter how much of are there you put just however much you want to bake but I like to load a lot and that's it all you do is put it in the fridge for two or three hours the longer it's in the fridge thicker it will be so it's up to you but you can totally leave it in there overnight or again just for a couple hours so I'm gonna throw this in the fridge I already have one on the fridge and setting so I'm going to show you the toppings that I like to put it so be right back it's like one of those cake shows you know you're watching it puts it in the freezer comes out it's already ready this is what it should look like after a couple of hours this is only after two hours and you can see it's like very pudding consistency it's nice and thick I'm just going to add a couple drops of vanilla like seriously the tangy stick the little goes a long way next I'm going to sprinkle in a little bit of cinnamon next a little bit of honey and last but not least I'm going to add a bit of unsweetened coconut flakes on top and we'll a very very very easy snack that's healthy infiltrating that's it for all of my snacks please guys try them out if you do comment below let me know like it and yeah thanks for tuning it


  1. Thank you for the ideas! If possible can you make a "what you eat in a day? " Or ideas for lunch/ dinner! Please 🙂

  2. Yes! Definitely trying all of these for a pre workout meal.

  3. First time I see the chia pudding. Will definitely try that!!! Thank you 😘

  4. Chia pudding yaaaaaas queen

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