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what's up guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to one of my favorite videos to make all all-time so I really tried to think outside the box and I didn't want to do anything too hard I wanted to do something that was simple but still different and doesn't include a lot of ingredients you want something quick simple minimal ingredients that you can just whip together before school or before work when I was working in retail I just couldn't be bothered to come home and cook but I knew that I wanted to eat healthy this is my crunchy chickpea variation so I'm gonna do one savory and one sweet somedays I want like salty chips and then other days I want like chocolate and candies so all I've done so far is drained two cans of organic chickpea and then rinsed it in some morning then this is the tip to get it crunchy so spread them out over a tea towel and then all you're going to do is slowly massage it and here we are trying to get the skins off so the skin is kind of this section of the chickpea that keeps it moist and it's actually a little bit harder for us to digest so I find that if you get a little bit gassy or bloated after eating beans and chickpeas I recommend trying to put the skins off because I really feel like it helps my digestion and then all you're going to do is try to grab the ones that have the skin removed and then place them onto a baking tray so everyone does this differently but from my experience I find it better to free roast them in the oven and then add your spices or your sweetness to it it makes it a lot more crunchy and like a chips pretty good Smee believe me that is the most hideous element of this whole video so if you can get through that you'll be sweet and I'm like the most impatient person ever so just make sure it's a nice flat layer chuck it in your oven on around 180 degrees fan-forced until it's nice and golden brown oh so it's going to have the mixture into two separate bowls and then get creative grab a piece of foil put it down the middle like that's like a little fairy oh well all you want to do is half a tablespoon of coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt but one of my favorite spices of all time is paprika but in this one smoked paprika is like so good a teaspoon actually I'm gonna do it with my pants just so both of my hands liquefies that coconut oil fully sweet time I'm gonna keep this one vegan so let's go for coconut nectar 1/2 a sprinkling of cinnamon I love cinnamon I think you either love it or hate it in our house we add it to everything a little crack of salt again cuz I like salty and sweet a little sprinkle of coconut sugar because I feel like this helps crisping it up you know when you bite candied nuts it's kind of like God puts like a layer on top or our savory version and then our sweet version here and then that's quite a goes back in the oven for around half an hour because I never measure things I just wing it it's always a little bit different my next healthy snack is like an afternoon snack so around 3 p.m. I always crave sugar and while I go for healthy sugar I want something that tastes really deserty and super sweet so if you love Snickers bars or peanut brittle or just anything kind of like salted caramel you will love this snack idea don't you hate when you put like honey in a spoon and you try to get it out and it's like all gooey so I always like to grease it with some coconut oil and then when you put the honey or whatever sweetener you're using in there it just like glides up like a slippery slug that sounds really unappetizing just glides out easily I'm putting my finger in it I don't really care my house my rules my food my rocks half a cup of any kind of liquid sweetener you want I would recommend too honey but if you are vegan or if you don't have honey or if you can't eat honey then I would maybe go for like an agave syrup whatever all of my recipes are very flexible and I never measure so this is like very different for me but I'm just measuring for you guys for the sake of the bed oh my god look at that just climbing out like a honey slug and then you're going to grease up a quarter cup again at any sweetie you want I'm going to add coconut nectar today pour that in there a heat tablespoon of coconut sugar a tablespoon coconut oil and then I'm gonna heat that over the stove until it's like a lightly bubbly any kind of nut of your choosing just from my experience I feel like these flaked almonds work a lot better 3/4 of a cup punch and then combine our sweet honey glaze smells so good and that is literally the recipe like it's so simple you could even make this for like a dinner party or for Christmas just like make it for yourself you know who cares and plate with some baking paper on there and then we're just gonna chuck it in the fridge until it sets but once it's said all you have to do is break it apart oh it's so so yummy so it's healthy fats but it's also quite high in sugar so just enjoy in moderation oh I'm gonna chalk this in the fridge and I cannot wait for it I have a rough idea of the videos I'm gonna do roughly what I'm gonna talk about but I never fully plan anything I kind of just wing it and the same goes with recipe number three I just love making granola it changes every time and today is exactly that but I also hope that gives you guys the confidence to just totally wing it like you have some nuts you have some fruit you have a liquid sweetener you'll be fine so just listen to your tastebuds grab what everything your cupboard so just let me grab my materials yeah okay hey the base of our granola is going to be a mixture between two things activated bikinis I don't have a lot left okay I've got half a cup this was called organic puffed quinoa let's do a whole cup of that and then this is where you can get creative and fun and anything you want I'm just gonna literally add handfuls of random thing handful of coconut sprinkling of cacao nibs a large handful of that cranberries roasted nuts just top it off let's just add a cup roughly chop it until it's like in quarters or halves add that in to our mixture let's sleep pretty and colorful one a tablespoon of coconut oil this just helps it crisp up in the oven so let's just start with half a cup of coconut nectar okay I'm definitely gonna need some more maybe like a quarter cup more I'm gonna add a little bit of pink a Malayan salt I'll add a tiny bit of cinnamon Ernie because I know Kurt's gonna love this and Kurt love cinnamon see a little bit of coconut sugar do a taste test mmm that's so good okay usually I do just add baking paper to my tray but I'm gonna try some coconut oil so we'll know later if I regret this I probably will add that to the pan 180 degrees in the fanpost oven I'm having so much fun you guys have no idea now I'm gonna chop that in the oven really really delicious snacks don't have to be super complex I don't have to take your ages in the kitchen this is like my go-to beach snack I chopped it up at home I pack it in the little glass container and I take it to the beach with me and I usually share with my friends if they're lucky chop up the watermelon into like decent sized chunks it's like we're not actually gonna read but you just feel like chewing on something and sucking on something this is my go-to summer jam a lemon in half I love sour things I'm going to use the juice of half a lemon listen to your own sour threshold but I can like eat lemon so this is child's play to me I'm pretty sure in different countries they don't call it passion fruit they call it like I have no idea skip that on top and then get your little mint leaves off chop them as finely as you can sprinkle that on top and then before we add the rest of the passion for it I decide to mix it together massage it in and then just so it looks pretty put the rest of the passion fruit on top mmm I can I can never go back to eating normal watermelon because this is like unbeatable sadly I'm definitely gonna run out of light so unfortunately this is going to be my final recipe over the video but if you guys like these kind of videos please give it a thumbs up give it a like it supports my channel and I also love to know what kind of videos you guys want to see before I go I want to show you a little tip on a really popular healthy snack which is nut butter and apples so I know a lot of people love like peanut butter and apples personally I'm an almond butter girl but I feel like when you see the ones on Instagram it's like they have the chopped up apple and the almond butter is like glazed across the top like honey and my just never looks like that I feel like when I tried to glaze this on top it just comes out like this just like a pile of almond butter my little hack is to add a teaspoon a heaped teaspoon of almond butter to a little bowl with a tiny dash of almond milk some cinnamon or some coconut sugar or whatever you want to it and then mix it together up so for me when I'm having an apple an almond butter I can literally like down a whole jar of almond butter with one Apple so this just like stretches it out and makes one teaspoon of nut butter last your whole Apple now I'm all assuming they know how to cut an apple in two slices so I'm not going to demonstrate that I never really like to chop my apples up before I go somewhere because they do go a little bit Brown I don't think it's cool you're allowed to take a knife I don't really know but if you're going to work I would suggest bringing your Apple hull and then chopping it up on your break up and then drizzling this on top so you can just put it in that little snap container or even better if you can farm a little glass containers so that is my little hack when it comes to nut butter and for it like I said I know this is like a very generic unoriginal snack but I just wanted to help you out with that whole glazing technique I had such a fun time making this not only because now I have a house full of delicious healthy treats but I really do love helping you guys in regards to your healthy eating and your healthy snacking when I was on my fitness journey when I was starting out my fitness journey that's one thing I really struggled with because I loved candy and chocolate bars and chips and I just thought the only thing to snack on was plain nuts and playing fruit and while I do love to snack on that stuff I do think it's fun to just mix it up every now and then and show yourself that eating healthy is super fun and enjoyable again if you enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up because it really supports my channel make sure you subscribe because they upload new videos every three days it smells good doesn't it I made that one for you cuz it's cinnamon hashtag milk black press my kids is just gonna be decked out they're not even gonna know what roll-ups and Doritos and like chocolate you see you guys in my next video see ya you


  1. Please make more videos like this. Thank you for sharing 💚. Did the coconut oil work for the granola would not stick??

  2. Need more videos like this!!!

  3. If u soak chick peas for about 10 min the will peel them selves

  4. This was so helpful!!!

  5. If something burns or sticks to a tray soak in water for 12 hours. The remaining food will be so easy to get out of the tray.

  6. Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "homemade paleo snack bars" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Diyarter Benaylee Cure – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.


  8. We call it passion fruit in Trinidad too

  9. Macro info?

  10. omg thanks so much sezzy this is like exactly what I needed to watch because I always snack xx

  11. Anyone know where I can find the jeans in the thumbnail?

  12. we call the passionfruit Maracuja

  13. Sezzy! These look so delicious but I am allergic to nuts so I was wondering if you could make a video showing some good healthy snacks nut free for those of us who love being healthy but have a nut allergy!! Love you babe❤️❤️😘😀 keep up the good work!

  14. For all those school kids if you want to take an apple to school let your mom cut it at home and put a rubber band around it . Then put it into a bag and take the band of at lunch so it will be fresh and not brown !!!!!!! You can thank me later

  15. Those toffee things look delicious 😋

  16. Love this type of video!!💜

  17. I’ve already watched this vid but I had to revisit bc I’ve been on the hunt for an oat-free granola recipe and I knew you’d be my gal! You didn’t disappoint! I’m on the way to the store to get the extra ingredients that I need. Thanks for being the healthy snack kween for girls like me! 😍🙌🏻

  18. i love how positive and happy you are. i don’t know why but you just kinda make me happy. thanks for that 🙂

  19. Amazing recipes! I have a question though. I made the toffee one, but it kept sticking to the baking paper and I didn't know what to do. Do you guys have suggestions? should I keep it cold longer? is there a way to not make it sticky? Thanks, everything else was delicious!

  20. I like your cocine chef jaja😘

  21. @ Sarah; Hint; put hot water (just beneath boiling point) in your baking tray if you forgot the baking paper.

  22. Hi Sarah! I was wondering if you could please make a video with all your 'staple' foods you have in your pantry (eg: coconut flour, coconut sugar, rice malt syrup, etc.). I loved your grocery haul video but I'd love a bit more insight in all the dry foods and items you have just in your cupboard? Thanks xxx

  23. A small helpful tip for pre cutting an apple. If you cut it, put it back together in its form, and wrap a rubber band around it, or a hair bow, it keeps it from browning!

  24. Ugh I love you! And loveee watching you cook so inspirational to me and my boyfriend!!!

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