HEALTHY SINGLE SERVE DESSERTS Part 3: paleo dessert recipes

so if you want to serve but only want to
make a single serving then watch this video because I am sharing with you
three healthy single serve desserts that tastes delicious and are the perfect
paleo dessert recipes subscribe if you are new and let’s go ahead and get into
it so to start off we are making a deep-dish cookie
I’m starting off by making a mini flax egg with a little bit of ground flax and
a little bit of water so this deep-dish cookie will be completely vegan and
plant-based in a separate bowl I’m going to add in some almond flour baking soda
and a little bit of coconut sugar to that I’m gonna add in a little bit of
vanilla for some flavor as well as a tablespoon of almond butter but you can
do any kind of nut or seed butter that you have it’s just something that’s
gonna help really bind this this is different than the original chocolate
chip cookie I made in one of my other single serve desserts because this is
gonna be a deep dish one so it’s gonna be really decadent really yummy and
really easy to make so go ahead and fold all of the gradients together until you
get your nice dough I’m adding in about a tablespoon a little less of some dairy
free chocolate chips and just folding those in then I’m putting the dough into
a greased ramekin so that it has enough room to rise a little bit and cook so
you want to make sure there’s enough room and whatever you’re putting it in
for it to cook and rise a little bit so I’m pressing that down and then we just
have to bake it off and all of the instructions and measurements will be
left in the description box below but you get this warm decadent single serve
deep-dish chocolate cookie that would even taste amazing with a little bit of
dairy free ice cream on the top next we are making a single serving of fudge
cups fudge cups are really good because they have lots of healthy fats in them
so we’re gonna be using almond butter we’re also gonna be using some coconut
oil and it’s these healthy fats that really helped to make this satisfying so
you don’t need to eat a million fudge cups because you get that satisfying
from a healthy fats and just one a little bit of maple syrup as well as
some raw cacao and because we aren’t cooking this we actually get all the
amazing it’s from the raw cacao Rocco Chi was
full of antioxidants really good for your body it’s also full of something
called Theo bromine which is really good for your heart but can also be a little
bit stimulating so if you find you are sensitive to chocolate at night you
might find this recipe a little bit stimulating so I’m putting that into a
little silicone mold and then we are going to be popping it in the freezer
for about 15 minutes to harden the sea salt on top is optional but I love a
little bit of salty and sweet find it brings it all together and once it’s
hard and you have this perfect little fudge cup good to go
single serving rich decadent so chocolatey and it honestly melts in your
mouth and that little bit of sea salt just it’s perfect it puts it over the
edge and then we are making a berries and cream dessert this is really yummy
and it’s a really good way to use some frozen berries so I’m combining some
frozen berries I have a mix of raspberries and blueberries but you can
do honestly whatever barriers or even whatever fruit that you want I’m adding
in half of a juice of a lemon for some flavor along with some vanilla and it’s
the juice of the lemon and the vanilla when it cooks with the berries that
gives it so much flavor it’s insane and as you can see it gets really runny
and soupy which I like because the berries taste very decadent I’m
finishing off with just like a dollop of a dairy-free coconut yogurt on the top
which kinda just makes it really nice and creamy but you can definitely do
this the opposite way too and just pour the berries on top of coconut yogurt or
dairy-free ice cream so now you have three healthy single-serve dessert
recipes that you can whip up if you’re looking for more healthy single-serve
desserts I do have two other videos so this is part three and I’m gonna leave
those here we make things like vanilla cake chocolate chip cookies double
chocolate cookies the fruit crisp everything like that so I am gonna leave
those here and if you want my free healthy dessert ebook where I share my
top healthy desserts my tried-and-true is that I’ve made for years
crowd-pleasers so much yumminess I will leave a link for that down below so that
you can pick that up like I said it’s free they’re healthy they’re delicious
and make sure you grab that if you enjoyed this video let me know
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  1. Enjoy this healthy single serve desserts video! And don't forget to download my FREE Healthy dessert EBOOK: πŸ™‚ Thanks for watching!

  2. Love your channel and you inspire me so much to eat healthy

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