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Hardly any subject on the planet arouses more controversy shame and confusion than sexuality. This presents a bit of a predicament when people want to understand what healthy sexuality is because quite frankly no one freaking agrees. The reason that they don`t agree is because their opinions are totally shaped by their experience, and by their families, and by their societies, and by their religions and by their cultures. So what the hell are we supposed to do if what we wanna do
is to have healthy sex and a healthy sexuality? What is healthy sexuality? Before we go any further it must be established that there is a huge difference between healing and healthy. Healthy implies that you are completely healed. Healthy implies that the way that your sexuality is and that your sex, as an act itself, is a reflection of your perfectly integrated self in your state of utmost human potential. If we wanna practice healthy sexuality we`ve got to let go of the idea
of healthy. The reason we have to let go of it is because we`re skipping the steps
necessary to even get to healthy sexuality by doing this. Also we will not find out what true healthy sexuality is for us specifically if we approach it from the outside in, instead of the inside out. The outside in approach, which is what we so commonly do, is to decide upon what healthy sex should look like and then we hold that over our heads like this bar that is invisible, that we have to reach this is not the way to go about it. The way to go about it is from the inside out. The inside out approach is that we keep taking steps in the direction of what feels more healing and more healing, until we eventually arrive at whatever healthy sexuality looks like for us as unique individuals. It’s the difference between having some destination in mind and then heading there and going on this journey in the direction of
what’s more healing and more healing to arrive ultimately to the destination. We need to commit to healing sexuality not healthy sexuality. On an energetic level during healing sex what happens is that energy is sped up within the body. There’s alignment that
is being experienced between your physical embodiment and your non physical embodiment. This allows all your chakras and meridians to open so that energy is flowing freely and you`re coming into a state of integration between your physical and non physical embodiment, as well as coming into alignment and integration with another person. Life on earth creation itself is the byproduct of sexual energy. Sexual energy and conception/ creation go hand in hand and so you can see that sex and orgasm has an element of extreme creative force to it. The question is, what are you conceiving or creating? What does this mean for those of you who are practicing the art
of manifestation ? It means that sexual focus is one of the most powerful tools
for manifestation, that you can possibly imagine. To understand more about this watch my video on youtube titled: “How to use an orgasm to manifest” What you focus on, especially on a feeling based level, is what you`re trying to conceive and manifest into your reality. In the minute of orgasm that energy is accumulated and then is sent out in a massive burst and we can actually use that outburst, that supernova of creative energy, to lend to whatever it is we`re trying to create. Now, even the most basic people on the planet, the
people who aren’t really into self awareness, the people who have no idea about all this energetic component to life have a subconscious understanding of the creative energy behind sexuality and this is a reason they have fetishes. People have fetishes because there is an undeniable link between desire and sex. The reality though is that most people don’t have conscious awareness of what their actual desires are. They feel a desire
towards something or somebody but
they dont really have conscious understanding
as to why they have that particular desire. This is what’s going
on behind all fetishes The secret behind all fetishes is that behind of each one of them is something that the person wants to
experience, usually an emotional state that they feel utterly deprived of and desperate to experience
i.e. create. But that person believes they can’t create directly So peoples fetishes suggest what they need in order to heal. They suggest what is healing for someone Healing happens in a progression. It’s obvious that somebody
who is really really angry is not in a perfect state of what we would call `health` because they`re not in a space of joy they are not in a space of internal peace, it’s obvious. But if somebody is in powerlessness, getting angry is absolutely necessary for their healing progression. In fact they can’t get to a state of joy and internal peace without first being able to feel that anger. Without fail the people who wanna talk to me about what healthy sex is, have questions primarily
around the concept of power play in sex. Things like domination and submission. So for the context of this video so you understand what i mean by healthy sexuality I’m gonna be using this example of domination with sex often. So let’s take a look
at domination sex, shall we? With domination sex what one person actually needs in order to heal because they felt powerless is to be able to be in the controlling power position during the
sexual interaction. Now, it’s quite common that the other person, who is consensually engaging in that power play sex being in a submissive role, is usually when you look at their life they`ve been overly responsible for things they felt that pressure for leadership and that pressure to do things
on their own to such an extreme degree that it is an incredibly relief and a deep need to be able to let go of all that responsibility and basically be bossed around. If these two people engage in this conscious act of sexual domination and submission It’s actually healing for
both parties involved Now obviously, those of us who are into
this whole spiritual world we understand that power play comes from ego. It comes from a need to control things So we’ve made an enemy of ego and so we look at somebody who needs domination sex with an attitude like `thats not completely healthy` in the same way that
we look at somebody who is angry. in terms of thats not completely healthy. We need to be looking at in terms of its actually healing and therfor it is a necessary step for them to do that in order to move into a healthy space and there`s nothing wrong or less about that state Anymore than there`s something wrong about crawling before you`re
walking and running So now, that you understand that point lets take a deep look at what healing sexuality is all about. 1. Healing sexuality is just that,
it`s healing. To heal is to experience the opposite To understand entirely about this concept I want you to watch
my video titled: “What is healing” Healing sexuality is gonna bring us closer to integration, rather than further apart from it and this is why healing sexuality is going to look different for all people and all couples. For one person its maybe healing to engage in domination sex for another maybe the opposite of healing. So we need to become really aware of whether something
is healing for us or detrimental for us specifically. To discover what’s healing we need to let go of the idea of what type of sex we should be having. These standards are about an idea of right and wrong. Here is the thing about
our assessment of right and wrong It so rarely comes from an
authentic assessment about what’s right for us personally and in alignment for us personally all too often, I’m talking like most of the time, it’s the result of us being influenced by all kinds of people circumstances cultures, everything to arrive at an idea of
right and wrong that’s not even authentic to us Our sexuality needs to come from our unique authentic being. 2. Healing sexuality has to be healing for both parties or all parties, involved and this includes our own internal parts. For those of you that didn’t translate
that correctly, it means that healing sexuality is consensual. Many of the fetishes that don’t involve consensual sex have nothing to do with sex at all, what they have to do with is something different. Here`s an example: Necrophilia is not really about having sex with dead people It’s about having there’ll be no option for rejection in any way. It’s about being completely and totally received. So for this person healing means finding situations where they can be completely received with no possibility of rejection. For people who are pedophiles, that’s another non-consensual interaction, it’s not about having sex with a child, it’s about needing desperately to reconnect with one’s own innocence, one’s own essence and therefor one’s own internal child. So what one needs to do is not to have sex with the child but to reconnect with one’s
essence innocence and inner child. Healing sex should not heal one part of ourselves while hurting another part
of ourselves either. For example For one person all parts of themselves might be in perfectly alignment in a given scenario with unprotected sex, meaning no condoms, or preventative measures. For another person one part of them may want the intimacy of no condom whereas another part of them may be completely damaged by taking the risk of an unplanned pregnancy or an STD and when that’s the case it’s actually still non-consensual sex. The part that’s not consenting is a part within us though. Safe and healthy sex regarding things like protection from STD`s and pregnancy
etc., etc., is really about this item on the list. 3. We must accept that we are sexual beings, this is natural to us. We can’t keep denying this. And sex involves far more than just the act of sex itself. Healing sexuality means embracing and enjoying your sexuality throughout the course of your lives and it’s an important
part of your emotional, mental and physical health. So to heal your sexuality you must face the aspects within you that resist and oppose sexuality, as well as the traumas that created that resistance. We must become aware of whatever
within us opposes sexuality and sex. The parts that do not have or associate pleasure with sex or intimacy with sex and we must begin to dissolve that resistance. I present a technique for doing this in my video titled: “Fragmentation the worldwide disease” and when you run into these traumas you consult them with the completion process. Which is detailed in my book that’s literally titled “The Completion Process” We must be open to the idea also that for one person maybe the healing step regarding sexuality , having said everything
I’ve just said, is to not have sex at all. This is often the case when people experienced
non-consensual sex too often, especially when that sexuality was introduced in childhood. Usually one of the very critical steps that a person can make on the healing path of sexuality, is to say no to sex. That being said it’s part of the healing. If we spend our life saying no to sex and no to sexuality we’re not actually healing are we? We’re staying stuck! 4. We must accept that there is no contradiction between sexuality and spirituality, sexuality and morality, sexuality and goodness. So much about what messes us up around sex is this concept of shame and I gotta be honest spirituality is a real culprit
for this idea We have this idea that sexuality which is related to physicality and carnal lust and urges is somehow not Ok and it’s really time for this to end this idea that we need to transcend our humanity, transcend our physicality and use spirituality to escape all things that make us human. That means part of healing sexuality is to realize that embracing
sexuality and sex should be part of our spiritual path. 5. Experimentation For most people the path of healing sex and sexuality isn’t just about finding the parts in you that are opposing sexuality and
dealing with those It’s also about breaking out of the confines of your limitations regarding sexuality and sexual experiences. We need to experiment in a way that feels safe to us, which is in alignment with our
best interests We need to research and try new things as well as put energy in discovering what sexual pleasure it is for us
specifically. Here’s the thing You don’t necessarily have to try every single food that’s
available on the planet but you can’t really consider yourself in a healthy space relative to food if all you have ever eaten is one type of food on the planet. 6. We need to be having sex with people from a space of love. Now hold the phone because I know when I just said
that statement the image you had in your head was the love making scenes you see in a hallmark movie, that is not what I am saying. To love is to take something
as part of yourself When you do that their best interests become part of
your best interests and this is where healing sexuality can really take place. To understand more about this concept
of love watch my video titled: “What is love?” Using this previous scenario that I’ve given you with the domination sex as a theme for this video Lets look at in this way If I love a person therefor I’m taking their best interests as part of my best interests and am really attuned to
their best interests. Maybe their best interests at this time is to be in a submissive role,
therefor I can be loving and dominate the hell out of them but if I am tuned in to somebody else i’m really attuned to where they are and their best interests are and it’s obvious without my projection that that person would not be
in an alignment state or would not be healing for them to be in a submissive role, I do not get to dominate that person. We must be attuned enough to feel and see and hear and understand the other persons best interests instead of project our ideas of what their best interests
should be on to them. Which believe me is about our
own prerogative 7. We have to allow sexuality and the way that we engage in sex to mutate and to flow and to evolve over the course
of our lives and our relationships. Our sex that we are engaging is going to be completely different, when we first meet someone versus on our 10 years anniversary. It’s going to be completely different our sexuality and our relationships to sex and the sex that we are having When we’re toddler, say, and we’re just barely noticing I am a girl, that’s a boy when were seven and we’re starting to form
our first attractions to the opposite sex, or even understand what our
gender preferences in terms of sexuality are, that’s going to be different from where we were 17. Which is going to be different from one where we were 30. Which is going to be different from we were when we’re 60. If we commit to healing sexuality, our sexuality will mutate and become more and more in alignment with our highest potential, as well as a more genuine expression of our truest selves, our sexuality will become more and more integrated. Healing sexuality is a flowing and flexible process and practice not a rigid one. Sexual energy is creative energy therefor sexuality and sex is a creative process. 8. We have got to join the movement to no longer make sex and sexuality
taboo. The fact that sexuality and sex is a taboo subject within society, is to blame for so much
of the unhealthiness around sexuality in general. Along with that, the shame we have around nudity and the taboo of our nudity is the same thing, it turns us against ourselves. It makes a part of ourselves bad and shameful, this has got to change. Our sexuality is so split about sex and this is across the globe, this is a human condition and this split that we have relative to sexuality is harming us mentally, its harming us emotionally, its harming us physically, its harming our relationships too, in a big way. Here is the thing Sex sells everywhere you look especially in media, its sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, right? So we’re being told that sex makes you valuable. You have to be sexy, Sex is important, Sex is everything, at the same time we’re receiving the exact opposite message. We’re receiving the message that our bodies, that are naked, are totally to be covered because its a shame if you expose them in any way. We’re being told that sexuality is dirty, that its sinful, that it makes you not an up standing citizen, that it makes you a castaway, I mean the list goes on and on What the hell are people supposed to do with this mixed message? You’re in a double bind, everyone is. Sex and Sexuality should not be taboo neither should our naked bodies. This taboo nature of sex leads to suppression and suppression leads to unconsciousness Unconscious Sex is the real thing causing sexual damage on the planet today. You cannot suppress energy it will build up
until the energy has to go somewhere, but if that energy comes up in an unconscious way it will lead to pain. And let me tell you this is exactly why priests are abusing their altar boys. Whenever you get into a society that suppresses Sex, the sexual deviance in that culture, will blow your freaking mind. So we have got to stop making sex taboo. The fact that we don’t talk about Sex and sexuality in an open and a conscious way is the reason for all this confusion is the reason for all this pain and all this unhealthy sexuality. And I also have to say, bringing this taboo off of sexuality also involves talking to our children as parents and as educators about sex. So that we don’t turn a person against their own body, so that we don’t turn a person against their own sexuality and so that we can teach them to embrace this natural aspect
of themselves without moving into a place of pain about it and
so that they can make choices, sexually for themselves that are in alignment for themselves, specifically. Sexuality bottom line is a part of who you are. It is time to start embracing it. It is a life that is half lived if you spend your life resisting
your sexuality and resisting sex along with that
sexuality. So the time has come, you guys, it is time to embrace sexuality and the way to do this is not to hold yourself up to some ridiculously weird standard, that somebody else set up for you that you tried figure out from
the outside in of what healthy sexuality looks like instead commit yourself to
healing sexuality. Have a good week Subtitles by the community


  1. I've had a lot of issues with sex addiction and using sex as a form of self harm, due to traumas in my past, which gave me a nasty social reputation of being a prostitute which made my sexual behaviour and self-image even worse… I'm sure you can imagine that's not a positive cycle. However I started to find ways to heal, about a couple of years ago, through masturbation and truly listening to my body. It has helped me connect with my body and loving it, instead of rejecting it and feeling shame about it. When it comes to sex with others I still have a lot to work on but I've noticed a lot of very important progress with that too. It is very much a process, but I've gone from being a sex-repulsed addict to self-loving and proud of my sexuality, as well as embracing that I'm bi, and that is my progress.

    Also, I used to think I was transgender, and lived as a man for a decade. But when my sexual healing really started to have powerful results, it unexpectedly also healed my gender dysphoria (or what I thought was that). And I realised that me thinking I was a man and changing my body, was a result of wanting to escape my sexual traumas. Nowadays, I still struggle with my traumas and how I feel about my body, but I know I've come very far with my healing. I now embrace being a woman despite having rejected it my entire life, I'm finding strength and love within myself – and for myself, and am able to be honest to myself; learning to better communicate my needs, feelings and boundaries to others; allowing myself to feel and be vulnerable; being self-caring instead of self-harming, etc.

    I keep unlocking previously hidden (or stuffed away) aspects of my mind, understanding them, embracing them. My mind is starting to integrate, and that is a beautiful process to be a part of. My sexuality is really just one of very many aspects I've been working on to heal, but it is still a very important aspect, because it was/is an especially damaged aspect within myself. My goal is to just keep healing, improving and surprising myself. But mostly, being myself.

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  58. What really blows my mind is that one of the many reasons I left religion was because of its strictness around sex, but I was still a spiritual person so then I eventually come into a bit of the new age type stuff and long and behold the anti sex messages are still there as well. All that changed was the story, instead of it being a bearded old man telling you sex is bad it is now instead gurus telling you that you won't reach enlightenment if you indulge in your lower animal natures. I have listened to so many spiritual type people with so many positive messages but then always like clockwork when it comes to sex the vast majority loose the plot. Sex really does seem to be the end all be all when it comes to ignorance, shame and control. It really does boggle the mind, but even with how open I am about sex I to even still find my self struggling sometimes with residual shame or doubt that maybe I am holding my self back spiritually in some way. That just goes to show you how deeply rooted this anti sex programming goes.

    And dear god I can imagine how hard it must be for really religious folks considering I know first hand how all that goes. My heart is honestly broken for those people still trapped inside their false shame, not to mention the majority of my pretty religiously conservative family who I just know must be so balled up inside that god knows how much negative energy is eating away at them. It really is tragic. But at least I feel some comfort in knowing that should I ever have a family of my own I will finally be one of if not the first one to break the cycle of passing down this cursed sexual shame. Honestly if thats all I ever accomplish in my life then I can die/reincarnate/what ever happens happy.

  59. Could you talk about bisexual person?

  60. I love you lady
    Keep fighting those nasties
    I think what you are is strength for women
    I'll flight with you as I know how it feels to be ostacized
    Love to you
    Pardon the pun but keep it up

  61. Its actually opposite… You seek the dominant man because you have given up this aspect of yourself … Actually theres a deep need to Be In Control Of Oneself .

    While the other partner who loves to dominate… Is actually seeking parts of himself… His feminine aspects who are able to surrender . When this kind of sex is had… Polarised Energies Are Neutralised . Both come into a more balanced state .

    The above concept is partly correct …

    The person … Who is always controlling everything… Yes he/she does seek the relief of submission… But HE SEEKS IT UNCONSCIOUSLY BY SEEKING A SUBMISSIVE WOMAN .

    Same way…

    A woman who is all the time overly surrendered… Not in control… Seeks to be controlled unconsciously and indirectly by trying to absorb the masculine energy patterns of the dominating man .

  62. Uau Teal! You are an amazing Women! Loved to listen to you today. Very.muxh on point. Gratefulness for your perspective!
    Much Love, Karsten

  63. Love it

  64. I strongly recommend looking up Layla Martin for tips on reclaiming healthy sexuality!

  65. Hi Teal, I have a lot of trouble when it comes to intimacy and sexuality. I believe something may have happened to me as a very young child (before the age of 5 or around there) because I have struggled with many mental illnesses with no obvious cause and lately strange memories have become conscious in my brain when for most of my life I remembered nothing about my childhood. These memories, though not harmful in nature, are accompanied with intense anxiety that makes me physically sick. I believe sexual abuse may be involved…It's been very difficult for me

  66. You have such a great sense of humor. You are so caring and compassionate. Such a beautiful, pure heart. Love your laugh. Love you!!

  67. i love you, i honor you, but i reeeeallyyyyyy wanna give ya a hair clip

  68. Fix your hair sweetie

  69. Healthy sex life = cumming on each other's mouth from 69

  70. All jokes aside you're beautiful teal. and I love your name

  71. Beacon of light.

  72. A healthy and healing sexuality with the person u love is amazing…best ever.

  73. Am trying to beat the shame of being a pedophile. Is worse than being gay.

  74. Well spoken Teal

  75. I stopped wanting to have sex a year after my boyfriend dumped me. My sexual desire just turned off. I just felt like the door of love got closed for me. So I feel like because I gave my heart away I am in a space of wanting my virginity back…. because years of being in relationships with people, they all ended. So I wish I had not had sex with any of them because I didn’t want to give my heart for being returned with the gift of tragedy.

  76. hm…..if there is no 'ownership of one another'….then this idea will blossom naturally.


  78. Thank you for this video x

  79. teal is a fucking genius

  80. I've learned way more from a handful of Teal Swan videos than my lifetime at church and school… damn.

  81. Beautiful

  82. How would you explain bestiality, then, Miss Swan?

  83. The strong energy and bravery to speak the truth at min 18 made electricity run through my body and tears to my eyes.

  84. Interesting. That is why I don't like the man on top of me. I have to be on top. Haha. I felt overpowered by the men who molested me as a child.

  85. Ok now I understand why so many men in chat rooms hate me so much to the point where they threatened to kill me. They felt threatened by what I said when I talked about making the world better and safer for all living beings equally much. This must be triggering some enormous pain in them. It goes against their religion, identity, status, idea of their manliness etc. And they were not able to refute anything I had to say which adds even more to them not being able to act out, escape and play dominant. Those men would not be the right partners for me. :0) I would not be giving them the push over personality they are looking for in a woman. I am not being sarcastic although it easily appears that way. I don't use sarcasm. This video in particular is vital for me to understand those men.

  86. What about teaching our children entering puberty about healthy sexuality? Especially when the child has their cards stacked against them, and is acting out? Please make a video on this, please please please

  87. Thank you so much Teal Swan. You are a very brave and strong open heart and open mind. So very sensitive and intelligent. I am glad you are with us in this time of great need of healing every soul and planet Earth!

  88. I would be interested to hear her view regarding sexual lifestyle: sex in polyamory, poligamy, sexual abstinence, etc… some people have more sexual partners than others, how does all this fit in with the idea of healing sexuality?


  90. *Shakes head while uncontrollably laughing*

  91. I feel like most of the things you've stated is why I've only really ever enjoyed sex once or twice in my life.

  92. What about when you're spiritual and a woman expects you to be this perfect messiah or spiritual being and treats you like you're wicked or not spiritual as you are or are striving to be because you desire cosmic spiritual healing or natural sex?

  93. This so true! She speaks the truth y'all! Why just this morning I dropped several meridians out of my chakra; it was glorious!

  94. Then it is healthy to be naked as much as possible (when not being illegal or offensive)?

  95. you are all diseased with sheep mentality.

  96. So does that healing sexuality support pedophilia?

  97. That’s so twisted

  98. Teal your the smartest woman I've heard your the most attractive aswell. But I don't quite agree with this video teal. The spirituality point of view is THE HEALTHY WAY TO GO THERE IS NO HEALING SEX THERE IS ONLY SEX WITH YOUR WIFE TO INCREASE LOVE AND PASSION AND HAVE KIDS. SEX WITHOUT THE INTENT TO IMPREGNATE IS A SIN….I LOVE U TEAL UR BEAUTIFUL

  99. Teal Swan for president

  100. DOPE. Even the slight explanation of the psychopathology of sexuality was insightful. As a culture, as a nation, we definitely need to commit to healing sexuality

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