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we're starting a new series called healthy salad recipes and we're kicking it off today with our vegan chopped salad it's big it's beautiful and you're gonna love it today on plant-based ads Rowley intro welcome back to another episode of plant-based ads I'm Joey today we have one of my favorite salads the chopped salad this specific salad is one that's pretty famous here in the Phoenix Scottsdale area in Arizona there's a restaurant called cowboy Chow in Old Town Scottsdale they have the salad called the Stetson salad the Stetson salad is a bunch of fresh ingredients with salmon on it and they have a vegetarian version where they substitute the salmon for avocado so we are doing that but we're gonna change the other ingredients the buttermilk the mayonnaise the basil pesto we're gonna change those to whole food plant-based ingredients so the whole thing is gonna be whole food plant-based this salad is a really hearty meal for two people and to me it's like a reward for all the time you put into making it so let's get started and I'll show you how it's done all right the first thing we're gonna do is make our dressing this little jar is my own basil pesto recipe the reason I make my own is I don't want oil in this recipe you can absolutely use jarred basil pesto just check to make sure it doesn't have Parmesan cheese in it and I'll put the recipe that I used in the link below we're gonna attempt to make this in the Vitamix dressing attachment here I don't know what to expect I've never used this little one before you've seen me use the bigger ones this is made for like smaller dressings I think we'll be able to get it in here but this is the first time I'm using this attachment so let's see what happens all right we've got our quarter cup of basil pesto now we need a half a cup of mayonnaise all right same story you can absolutely use vegan mayonnaise for this I'm not going to do that because mayonnaise is made with oil this is a cashew based mayonnaise so I'll leave this recipe in the notes below the video all right so the next ingredient is going to be a tablespoon of shout you don't have to chop them really fine cuz it's gonna be blended up so I've just got a you know a tablespoon of roughly chopped shallots all right so I could already tell this is not going to work I'm gonna switch this to the bigger blender here alright now that we have our blender issues resolved the next ingredient on this is going to be a half a cup of buttermilk I just took some almond milk a half a cup of it and put in a half a tablespoon apple cider vinegar and mix it up a little bit and just let it start doing its thing right letting it start curdling that's vegan buttermilk okay and I'm gonna put in the juice of one lemon I've told you guys this before I juice all my lemons at once I throw them in ice cube trays I throw them in the freezer let them freeze and I take them out take the cubes out throw them all in like a reusable ziploc bag type of thing they'll leave in the freezer when I need one take the tube out throw it in here throw in the microwave I've got lemon juice so we've got the juice of one lemon right here now we're gonna add a little salt and pepper I'm not sure how much to add because it's really not dressing just yet so just gonna sprinkle a little bit in and we can always taste it after it's all mixed up you can probably leave the salt out I'm just gonna sprinkle a little bit in that's some sea salt here I'm using all right so I picked at this point I want to blend this all together and then I got a taste to see if I need more pepper all right guys it's done blending and it's looking really good it should be a nice horrible consistency but not too thin but you can see it's a little thick that's just exactly what we want here pour some of it out there so you can see all right so dressing done right are we ready to make the salad this salad when you get it in the restaurant it's all about the presentation it comes in rows of ingredients and then they kind of mix it all together right there at your table and then they serve it to you that's how we're gonna do it get yourself a nice big round Bowl okay and then we're just gonna start layering the ingredients in it doesn't really matter what you start with but the very first agreement we're gonna put in is our avocado this is a whole avocado diced up right you're going to lay it in here and just kind of put it all in a row here okay because we're gonna put each one of these things in its own little row so get a whole lot mikado right there next we're gonna put in 1 cup of cooked quinoa now in the restaurant they use Israeli couscous right you can absolutely use couscous for this that's how I've always eaten it we're gonna try it with the quinoa here but if we put the couscous in couscous is made from wheat flour right and it wouldn't be gluten free I'm not intolerant to gluten but I really don't eat it I try and keep it out of my life because it has so many bad I saw this movie what's wit we what's wit every time I say the name of this movie I get tongue-tied what with wheat you know that you love watching those movies on Netflix what's with wheat talks about how everyone is gluten intolerant now we just don't always know it because sometimes we're so used to it so because of that I'm not using the Israeli couscous I'm using the quinoa alright alright so after the quinoa we're gonna put in 1 cup of chopped arugula you have to point that when you put the arugula in it is all chopped up into pieces because this salad all gets mixed together and if their rule is really leafy it just kind of stands out alright so we're gonna put our arugula right here next to the quinoa you can start seeing it's really starting to look like a nice salad some great colors alright then we're gonna put in 1/2 a cup of dried corn when it comes to stuff like dried corn I keep those in my little bulk bins that I keep because where I keep like you know my buckwheat and all my grain and this kind of stuff and then I guess when I need it I just scoop it out and it's done right I mean it's just cheaper to buy it that way from the store alright so we're gonna put in our corn right here and you still got a lot of stuff to get in here so I want to make room for all this alright it's looking pretty good right next we're gonna put in 1/2 a cup of diced tomatoes right in on the side here it looks really nice right well grata rule but we're not out of ingredients 1/4 cup a toasted pepitas and poppy toss is a fun word to say but all you're really putting in is toasted pumpkin seeds and that's what these are so I've got my quarter a cup measure here what I'm gonna do with these is since I already take it all my room here I'm just gonna lay them on the front or the back ok right along this the edge here alright alright so there is one more ingredient we need to get on here 1/4 of a cup of currants now currants currants whatever you want to call them they're just little raisins I'm just gonna put these right in the front on the opposite side of the the pepitas right and you go alright so now we've got a beautiful display of colors we've got the avocado we got the quinoa we've got the arugula he's got the corne you've got the tomatoes the pepitas love saying that and the cart let's put our dressing right here and there guys there's an absolutely beautiful chopped salad that's vegan and whole food plant-based all about you but I'm ready to dig in let's give it a taste and see what we got all right guys this looks so good I can't wait to try it in the restaurant a cowboy shower they they sell this salad this is kind of how they serve it it's all in pieces like this and then they would come to your table and then kind of mix it all up and put it in your bowl so that's we're going to do here let's pour our dressing over it and then I'm gonna taste two spoons and mix it up look so good it's a lot happening in this salad whoa look at that coming together that looks delicious look at that guys that looks amazing all of those colors all of that flavor all mixed together now I can't wait to try this out all right it's time for the fork and let's dig in mmm Wow so good I haven't had this dressing in my mind I prepared this with like a cilantro lime dressing right I would never have thought to a pesto in here but the pesto kind of just brings it all together one of the best things about the salad is all the different textures you've got the chewiness of the current you've got the dryness of the the corn right you've got the the peppery taste of the arugula the avocado the softness of that the pepitas the whole thing just works so well together I absolutely recommend that you make this salad you know what this now that really goes well with Berkey Walter all right guys so there you have it my favorite vegan chopped salad if you like this video what's not to like hit the like button and show me some love please leave a comment below what your thoughts are on this have you ever been in this restaurant cowboy chal have you had the salad the 11d hate it let me know what you think please if you haven't subscribed yet click on that subscribe button right now as soon as you click on it a little bell will appear click on that little bell and some little lines around it will appear that'll let you know that you're gonna get notified every time I have a new video up which is usually every Friday so that's a wrap we'll see you next time bye bye


  1. Thanks for watching our Vegan Chopped Salad Recipe video. What do you want to see us cook in our next videos? Leave a comment down below and let us know your thoughts. The salad in this video is based on the Stetson Salad from Cowboy Ciao (which closed in October 2018). Have you ever had the Stetson Salad at Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale, AZ?

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