Healthy Recipe by Nutri Ninja® | Ginger Greens Drink


  1. I just return my nutribullet 900 cuz it suddenly stop working after 30 days.Gonna try this one.

  2. To those of you asking… We have this one… it's great! We are going to get the blender too! Works very well, cleans easy!

  3. Do u even lift?

  4. Blender porn!

  5. Love it! Thanks!

  6. I just got one for Christmas and i'm looking forward to using it and i find this site awesome for great, healthy recipes.

  7. Where do you get your coconut water? All the coconut water I see in the store has sooo much sodium

  8. Very nice

  9. here is my green recipe

    1/2 cup coconut water
    5 ice cubes
    1 cup kale- no stems
    1 cup spinach-no stems
    1 kiwi peeled
    1/2 banana
    1/4 pineapple

  10. I got a ninja blender for Christmas. I had to strain the ginger out of my drink. Maybe cause its not a nutra. Its the IQ one. Leaves chunks and doesn't do nice cream as well as the original ninja. I had that for 5 years before I worked it to death. Lol

  11. She did such a good job!!

  12. looks good

  13. my greens smoothie, no measuring. just add apples, cucumber, kiwi, kale/spinach, banana, fitbit protein powder, almond milk/coconut water & some ice cubes. delicious!!!

  14. she ruled it

  15. I cannot eat green smoothies they make me sick but I'd make everything super unhealthy lmao

  16. I tried this and it didn't come out the way it looks here

  17. I like the vitamix I give it 5 stars because i love the revolutionary blades it makes a powerful vortex

  18. I just baught it on amazon very pleased heres the link:

  19. You shouldnt eat Kale raw apparently …
    boil it for 7 minutes first.

  20. basos de ninlla

  21. I LOVE MY NUTRI NINJA!!!!!!!

  22. No thanks! I don't like cilantro

  23. Equal amounts of spinach, kale, kiwi, apple, pineapple, pear, nettle tea and just bit of lemongrass. It gives you energy and flushes you out at the end of the day.

  24. Kale is also a good source of calcium.

  25. I like thicker juices. What are healthy ways to thicken them?

  26. Can it chop coconuts in it too?

  27. I also find adding 1/2 box of pitted prunes and a can of chile beans and watch what happens next?

  28. Love my Nutri Ninja but I purchased the stainless steel travel mug to transport my smoothies. Saves wear and tear on the plastic jars. I love this device and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to add more good stuff to their diet.

  29. Cilantro…? Oh, you mean coriander! Sorry, I don't live in the US.

  30. What a sexy presentation, love it!


  32. We call this drink as kichdi

  33. Its dam nice in night drink all bad alcohol and in morning u can have this mix green shit

  34. Obnoxious .

  35. This blender is awesome I have one myself and make sooo many things with it from smoothies, salsa, pasta sauce etc…. Got mine from amazon and it arrived pretty quick this is the model I have

  36. My doesn’t work refurbished ninja 900 no good !

  37. I just purchased the nutri ninja auto iq and used it for the first time. I tried to make a green smoothie similar to this and added a similar amount of ginger… and my god, it totally spoilt the taste!! It was very peppery and had a burnt taste to it. When I removed the blade the juice smelt absolutely disgusting.. I’m really disappointed in my first attempt. Has anyone had any experience with a burnt taste from these units?

  38. She almost gagged on it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Why people gotta be so fake

  40. Can you make peanut butter in this gadget?

  41. I can't find the blender recipes anywhere on the site.

  42. It almost killed her

  43. Murica commercial

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