Healthy Potato Chips made in the Power Air Fryer Oven | Easy Snack Recipes👍

in today's video I'm gonna show you how to make one of my favorite snack meals potato chips we're gonna be using these russet potatoes to make potato chips in the power airfryer oven so come back okay we're going to be using the this mandolin I love this little tool for making thin slices whether you're slicing zucchini potatoes carrots onions this thing's fantastic and if you take a look at this it's good it's got settings it's got settings on here you've got zero 1/32 one-sixteenth one-eighth 3/8 and 1/4 what I like to use for full of potato chips especially is I like to use the 1/8 it's thick enough where when it when it dries out they're gonna get nice and crunchy and it won't be so thick that it's gonna take too long and they're gonna be soft on the inside so we're gonna stop because now be very careful these blades here especially this v1 very very shot that like razor blades so be very careful if you're gonna use it use the guard when using it I like to start it without the guard because it's just it's just easier to hold and you get plenty of space so again be very careful with this so I like to take it I'm gonna slice it in in a 45-degree angle you can go circles I feel like that's fine I like to go here you get a little bit wider slices so let's start here and these these tops and bottoms I don't I don't use it you can put them in there it's probably going to take a little bit longer to cook but I don't generally use those so I'm just gonna slide it right down nice and easy when it gets to a point where you get a little nervous then you can use the guard and you can see how how this comes up it come up nice and perfectly you know about 1/8 inch thick here and I'm going to throw them in some water just so they don't change color and also we're gonna need to wash the the starches off of them so I'm gonna use the guard here and it's got a little teeth in it so it's gonna bite into it and again you want to keep it nice and smooth nice and easy and just press a little bit and slide it back and forth okay we have the little end cap and take like these pop these in water take the second one again 45-degree angle take the top off and I'm holding this as you can see in about a 45 you know 50 degree angle 60 degree angle just so I innocent like this way they just kind of stack up and it probably getting the white here and again as you start getting about half way down until you start getting nervous and you'll know when you get a little nervous things go well pipe with the put the guard on okay and and and again you know these these are different sizes different sizes I love the skin on it sound like the flavor of the skin also has extra nutrients in it and I don't want to get rid of it all so it's less work you don't have to worry about peeling them so I'm just kind of put them in in the water here and we're gonna give them a little bit of a rinse I'm gonna do it two rinses on this and you'll see as the as I clean them out here a little bit you see the water turns kind of a murky color I just want to make sure that I wash them all down now you can add some salt the water I don't like to salt them at the end just so I can control the sodium content and you can use other potatoes you can use sweet potatoes I know potato I'm using russet potatoes just those the ones I had on hand so I'm just gonna give this so rinse now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to I'm gonna pull this out I'm going to pour out this water add more water give it a second rinse and then we'll come back and start stacking in here now that I've washed them all up I'm gonna layer them on some paper towels just so I can dry them out I don't want to have them too wet going into the oven at just take too long at that point and also it'll drip all over the place and we want to keep it a little near a little nicer cleaner so and just put the paper towels on and continue along I'm just going to set them all up real quick here and you want to make one layer when when you lay them all out whether on the rack right here just make one layer so it's easier to control and once I get these all it's right up we're going to take the racks and I'm gonna spray the racks with some nonstick spray on there and again you just want to Pat them dry just so they're not soaking wet thing here all right now I'm just gonna move these over so I can work the rack a little bit I'm gonna take the rack here give it a little nonstick spray you can use any kind you want you can use the mist go spray if you like I just happen to have this one here spray the rack it'll keep them from sticking and lay them out they don't need to be too tight together you want to leave enough space because we're gonna use multiple multiple layers so you want to make sure that the air passes through from one side to the other and then I give it a little bit of the nonstick spray that adds a little flavor and also helps to toast them up a little bit the next one again just a light spread and lay them lay them across again and make sure you're keeping them staggered you let the air pass through and with my unit I've got five racks probably going to need four I'm not going to use all five the fifth one I'm going to keep at the top to help help keep the air from blowing them all over the place as they dry out actually this one here will probably be the bottom one down there we're not gonna be too concerned with having the airflow across and get this one little piece okay spray now at this point you can add your salt your flavoring anything you want I'm going to keep it pretty simple just a little bit of salt when I take them up so now I'm going to take them to the RAF fry oven I'm gonna lay them all in I'm gonna show you how we how they look before I close it up as you can see I layered them all in I use the all five racks if you do have the five or actually you can do more obviously so I started at the bottom and went up the most full one is at the bottom I left that top one empty just so it keeps the the air blowing from the top here coming down it keeps them from blowing all over the place kind of breaks up the the wind tunnel so to speak and I also took the door off which makes things a lot easier to to set up so I'm gonna put the door back in okay clip that in okay we're going to turn that on I'm gonna set it for 300 300 for about thirty minutes because I have a full rack I might go about 35 minutes or so so actually I am set it for 35 minutes had had 300 degrees turn that light on and you can see as they're starting to cook here and we'll come back after about 30 minutes and I'll show you what they look like okay there's down there about 35 minutes let's open that up take a look at them they look good dry it up nicely now so I'm gonna take these to the counter they look great so I'm gonna get these to the counter we're gonna let them cool for a couple minutes and and then we'll plate them up and eating potato chips so now is usually a good time to put the salt on it prick a little salt on them while there's still a little little damp that that'll help the salt to adhere to it okay hey these are all the racks you can see I didn't have to swap them out and have to rotate the racks they all cook nicely I'm gonna let them cool and then we'll come back alright now we've let them cool for a few minutes I'm just gonna throw them in a bowl I'm going to show you how crispy these things that now all four of these I'll pull these racks all they all toasted up fine the bottom ones a little bit less than the top ones but you know sometimes you want a little bit more toasty sometimes not me it's all the same and I did salt them already so as you can see I'm going to take one from the rack yeah crispy crunchy now these things and they taste fantastic it takes better than store-bought chips a lot less calories and you get to control the salt you get to control the oils that you use in the flavors that you use so much better for you oh these things are great I can eat these all day long we're going to put them in a bowl here and get ready for the game we're gonna watch the game a little later and come lunch down on some of these potato chips and I won't feel so guilty about it just hear how crispy they are there look at this this is fantastic look another one hmm very addictive if you like this kind of video and want to see more of these get in subscribe I hit the light share it if you have any comments or if you have any suggestions well if there's anything else that you you use your air pie oven boy to pop a pie of them just go ahead and listed in the comment section below I'll also add the links for the mandolin or anything I use in my videos I'll add some links at the bottom in the description so you can check them out if you want so I'll see you in the next video


  1. Awesome! Will try it!! I just got the Elite version..

  2. so u spent half an hour to make 20 chips. thats just very great. if u want to make a portion large enough for two people, thats 1 hour and a lot of work. but what if u are going to have a few friends over? is it even worth it then?

  3. Best part of an hour to make something that’ll take 5 minutes to eat! 😂

  4. I believe you have just sold me on getting an air fryer. I don't know about this model because it is so small. I would have to make your recipe 3 times over. Have you ever tried storing the chips?

  5. You say this is easy? 🙂 Well, I guess it is EASY, but man…making a little bag's worth of chips seems to take forever! Your recipe (not the video)
    is as long as others, but I sure wish I could find a faster way.

  6. Looking forward to making chips soon in my air fryer

  7. Awesome presentation, very thorough!

  8. Great presentation.

  9. Trying these today for my kids thanks for this easy way to make healthier potato chips

  10. Thanks made me hungry now I need more potatoes

  11. So far it works very well.>>> bought it to cook fish and it has done a great job at that, havent used it for anything else

  12. Oooh thank u! I will be trying these tonight! I am watching my sodium content so I may sprinkle on some Mrs dash salt free seasoning. Yay! TFS!!

  13. making me drool

  14. These Chips are delicious! Can't wait to make them again!

  15. Give this recipe a try and post your comments and result here and stay tuned for more great recipes.

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