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in today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you three vegan recipes that we love in our home we have been making these recipes for about three years now we absolutely love them and I'm excited to share some of our favorites with you guys if you're new I'm Micah super nice to meet you and if you like what you see definitely subscribe this video is also a collaboration with Nicole from Health Net nutrition she has some of the best recipes ever I love her channel she is such a kind and generous person and she is all about healthy food that tastes amazing when you go into her channel you are going to see the most beautiful edits you've ever seen in your entire life with the most delicious looking food so if you are a mama that sometimes in a rut you're not quite sure what to make for dinner you're not quite sure what to make definitely pop on over to her channel because she's a medium in 3 easy recipes on her channel as well whenever I go over to her channel I literally been to watch her content I cannot go with just watching one video guys are going to love her I encourage you to go check her out and show her some love and tell her that I sent you and without further ado let's dive in to some of my favorite recipes first you're gonna need some garlic powder then add 1 TSP of ginger powder and then I like to use 2 tablespoons of tamari sauce next add 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and the juice of an entire lime a dash of chili powder and peanut butter of your choice 1/3 cup I use jiff you could use a healthier version if you would like and 1/3 cup water then add this to your food processor it's really hard to blend on your own so it's much easier to use in the food processor then you are gonna have this creamy amazing sauce and I like to put that to the side next we're gonna soak rice paper wraps for about 90 seconds it could be a little bit less it depends on how quickly it starts to mold but once it gets soft that's when you know you're gonna go ahead and get it out you don't want to leave it in there too long or it will tear then add some of your favorite veggies we added carrots cucumbers avocados zucchini pepper and kale I also sometimes like to add basil in there it is so delicious and to top it off I like to add black sesame seeds and then you can either dip your spring rolls into the sauce or you can drizzle it on top we just loaded on top it made it extra fun extra messy and so delicious I'm so excited to dive into these spring rolls me and my husband this was one of our all-time favorites when we first got married we made it and we were like this is amazing and let's see what it tastes like Oh see if it's as good as I remember I made all this for myself next for raw vegan pad thai this is one of my all-time favorites go ahead and grab some almond butter you'll need 1/4 cup and then you're gonna need some sesame oil about 1 tablespoon then add tamari sauce yes one of my favorites and that add one tablespoon of rice vinegar then we're gonna be adding Blue Agave you can use traditional Java if you would like ginger root powder garlic powder and then you're gonna blend that all together in your food processor to get the perfect consistency for the sauce after that you're gonna grab some spiralized zucchini noodles juice an entire lime on top then add your sauce that you just made and then mix that sauce really well so all the noodles are well coated and then for the fun part adding all of the toppings add whatever toppings you like we like to do carrot sticks and green onions and cashews and poppy seeds and it tastes so good when you're finished this is a perfect way to get your kids to eat their veggies and it tastes so delicious you can also use an erase noodle if you'd like to or a different type of noodle I like the zucchini noodles quite a bit I needed to cut them let's go ahead and give it a bite mmm you're gonna love it you're literally gonna love it first thing you're gonna go ahead and grab one red bell pepper put that into the blender a 1 teaspoon of salt garlic powder 2 tablespoons of salsa of your choice and then you're gonna need about a half a cup of nutritional yeast if you want it to be extra cheesy I would definitely go for a cup and then we are gonna cook and boil 3 potatoes and white onions in a pot and once those are done go ahead and add them to the blender then you need 1/4 cup of the cooking water from the onions then go ahead and blend that all together and this is how you're gonna get your cheesy nacho sauce next we're gonna make the aioli that goes on top and we're gonna need about 1/4 cup of mayo and a little bit of taco seasoning for the top mix that together then we're going to juice half a lemon and pour that into your a lowly sauce I'm also gonna add half of a lime because I really like that little kick of flavor stir that all together and add a little bit of salt and pepper then lay out your chips and then for the fun part obviously you know how I like to fully load my nachos I like to load them up with quinoa so that we have a little bit of protein and then I'm going to load all of the vegan cheese all over top of the chips I'm gonna add some fresh avocados some green onions then I'm gonna add some tomatoes and red peppers and then I'm also gonna add some roasted corn I love corn I'm a nachos and then to top it off I'm gonna add the zesty aioli sauce sorry the lighting is a little bit bad but this turned out so delicious it's super messy and super gooey but the flavors were on point promises I am ordering red box and I'm putting my feet up on the couch and I'm eating this for the rest of the night because I am checking out oh my god you have to try that seriously it is so delicious and insanely good joe's extra messy nachos that are gonna make your day if you end up trying any of these recipes tag me on social media hashtag Micah's meals and let me know what you think and be sure to check out Nicole you guys are gonna love her she has incredible content and she is worth the subscription she gives you such good information and such healthy delicious meals that I know you are gonna like have a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye guys


  1. Sorry but peanut butter is not vegan. It has mono and diglycerides, which is made from pork. So that meal is really not vegan at all.

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