Healthy Paleo Diet Food List – Part 2

healthy Paleo diet food list part 2
Paleo diet foods with dairy dairy as mentioned before is one of those foods
which is debated regularly by nutritionists including proponents of
the Paleo diet foods a lot of people are lactose intolerant after the age of four
but a lot of people also aren’t and while Palaeolithic people didn’t have a
lot of common dairy products we have today they certainly still fed their
babies breast milk so milk has always been a part of our diet in some form
dairy products have been cited as both carcinogens and anti-cancer agents and
this hotly contested issue is still inconclusive it does seem to be
indicated that whole milk may actually have anti-cancer properties and that
reduced fat milk may be carcinogenic whether you drink whole milk or not
should depend on whether your own digestive system can handle it and if
you are lactose intolerant clearly you should just avoid dairy for your own
good unless you can handle it in smaller mass if you aren’t lactose intolerant
and you feel the same whether you consume dairy or not go ahead and make
your own choice about it legumes like beans and peanuts are also
argued about this can also be a matter of your personal judgement whole grains
brown rice and dark bread are fine in small doses these can be good after
workout if you’re trying to build muscle or if you’re prepping for a race but
they should be avoided later in the day there are really no hard and fast rules
on any of this stuff eat nutritious natural foods use your own common sense
and listen to what your body tells you it’s best for you everyone is different
and there’s no one-size-fits-all this is a lifestyle not a diet and that means it
should be tailored to your life and your style as you can see the list of paleo
foods is actually most foods in any quantity and some foods in moderate to
reduced quantities and a few foods not at all most of which aren’t even
properly foods the paleo foods list has something for everyone
fully Olympic diet foods are diverse delicious foods which you probably
already enjoy making this a relatively

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