Healthy Oats for Breakfast – Mrs Vahchef

hi welcome to quick and easy cooking I’m mrs. vahchef Ragini Thumma
today I’m going to show you a healthy breakfast this healthy breakfast pretty much
everybody makes in their house but this I make it only once in a week to feed my
husband and my son to cut down their calories so this is nothing but oats so first we’ll take some water to cook
the oats you all know how to cook oats but still
i’m going to show you once the water comes to a boil add the oats this takes a minute to cook now the oats
is ready so just switch off the flame and directly into the serving bowl or
you can serve it in a plate then milk a little bit of honey because i have not
added any sugar I feed this to my husband so I don’t add
any calories once in a while I get to feed my husband
such type of food here some dates to give a little bit of
sweetness in between and then nice banana at last to give a little bit
of crunchiness i add this cornflakes and a little bit of a dates on top and the
healthy breakfast for vahchef is all ready for vahchef I top it off with cornflakes
but for my son you know kids love chocolate so I put
some chocolate on top of it so that he get nice sweetness nice crunchy while
eating the oats he love this oats so why don’t we
combine all together with some nice fruits in it and some dry fruits in it
and feed them they’re going to enjoy it so I’m going to feed this right away to
my husband so see you in another interesting recipes


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  8. Ragini garu ru newly married? how many times will you say ur husband ur husband..u want to show us how to cook not to tell about ur husband ur husband

  9. Title: how to make 10rs breakfast convert to 50rs one.

  10. If we just add oats and sugar to boiling milk …..Will it work out ……

  11. thanks mam.

  12. She sounds like sridevi , specially when she said banana

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  14. Wow …. That was definitely short and sweet thank you so much…..
    Thanks again for starting it right from how to cook oats with the help of water that was definitely needed…..

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  16. I tried this before and this is delicious. Fast and easy. Thanks for the great recipes.

  17. How much water for what quantity of oats?? No mention. What kind of a tutorial is this where one has to guess on our own.

  18. Thank you. Keep it up.

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  22. Thank you for this video really helpful for bachelor's like me

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  24. We feed animals not human beings…Tried this recipe..You are right u need to feed it because it's too poor in taste

  25. Thank you so much

  26. uh r a sweet person I Don't know why i feel so

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  28. super super, the way u explained shows ur humbleness and homeliness

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  42. Very good recipe

  43. Love the way u explain while cookin .. u make cookin look so easy n healthy .. Subscribed ..

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  56. Is this a family show or cooking show?

  57. Is this a family show or cooking show?

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  61. Stop being so mean people…,
    She is just saying about her family
    Focus on the recipe that's why you are watching it

  62. Love you ur recipes are awesome.thank u


    Try this recipe with oats, very tasty as regular utappam and healthy too.

  64. I love you and your husband vah chef! Very nice people with a love for cooking and inspiring others to cook.

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  76. Is this about oats or about your husband…Ur husband is small baby?He don't have hands?

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  80. Thnx mam….I tried it! It tastes shit!!

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    Your channel is cool!
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